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Live Channeling at an Event:

Good evening, my dears,

it is our joy to be with you this evening and to have an opportunity to review some of these concepts which you are so familiar with — from your classes [with us] in the higher realms — and to review this here when we have you in the physical form.  There are many, many beings who are with us here this evening from the far reaches of space, as it may be said, and we are very fortunate to have all of these dear ones join us here this evening, because they bring such energy with them when they travel these distances and encounter the energies of Earth.

They bring with them the star-based energies, which are very beneficial for all of you to encounter — since you are all becoming quite sensitive to this type of thing — and you are easily able to incorporate all of these finer “star-based essences,” shall we say, into who you are.  And for each one of you, this stretches and enlarges your consciousness.  If you could see what is going on [in the room] as a result of these energies!  It is like a light show!  It is like rainbows traversing through this room and moving through your auric fields and interpenetrating within the physical forms of who you are, so you are literally being bathed by these star-based energies.

Normally you would not come into contact with anything such as this unless you got into some spaceship and traveled far distances out into these realms where these energies exist.  So you see how fortunate an occurrence this is for you to be able to incorporate these energies, because I cannot even begin to tell you how this refines and polishes your energies – and it adds literally dimensions in consciousness to who you are, because these energies include many frequencies.  “Frequencies” is not quite the right word – it is a mathematical term, but I cannot find it in this brain here [referring to the channel], so we will not speak it at this point in time.  But suffice it to say that these are very, very fine essences of intelligent energy which you would normally not be able to access, living on this planet — unless you should come into contact with what are called extraterrestrial beings, and that is exactly who we have joining us here this evening.

And so, it is by the osmosis of consciousness, you see, that by being in their presence you are like a “sponge,” if you will excuse the use of this word in referring to you.  In this way, you can absorb these much higher frequencies than what you would normally encounter on the Earth, and these energies contain untold realms of knowledge.  This is star-based knowledge from the realms which these beings normally inhabit.  So, it is as though they have brought you great gifts of energy, just by being with us here in this room this evening, because it is like receiving an advanced college degree for a human being to be in the presence of these types of star-based intelligences.  Of course, by being star-based intelligence, they have encountered many realms, each containing energies and information specific to those realms.  And so, by traveling to be here with you this evening, they have brought potentially the information from many, many other systems of worlds.  And for those who know how to read these energies, it is an exquisite experience, I will tell you, for the human being to encounter these light beings who are so expanded in consciousness and hold such untold frequencies of knowledge – which is encoded in the light frequencies of who they are.

It is not something which is difficult to access!  And I want to tell you quite directly that it IS available to the human consciousness.  You do not have to be in an adept, you do not have to be a master, in order to partake of these sources of information.  This is energy-encoded information which they transmit.  They broadcast these frequencies, just by being in your proximity, you see.  And so, it is not a difficult thing to learn a great deal while one is in proximity to beings such as this – and that is why they are often sought out upon the Earth.

There are many people who go to great and unusual lengths to try to call these beings forth, hoping that they hear the call and answer, and come to the location.  There are many conferences such as these UFO meetings and conferences where they try to call forth these beings from the far reaches of the galaxy in order to have this experience of learning through osmosis.  It is a very easy form of learning, because one does not have to study for years and years to gather the information out of books.  It is something which is done, as I said, through a type of osmosis – by the melding and blending of the energy frequencies in this room where your energies are becoming quite expanded as we continue this discussion, and they are downloading their frequencies into the area of this room.

There is quite a bit of this blending and melding of many, many energy fields that is happening here.  And, as I said, you are all becoming quite expanded in your energy fields, so that it is an informational “soup” of energy – this star-based energy and the Earth energy of the consciousness of many of you.  So, this is what we thrive on doing!  It is Count St. Germain and myself creating these types of merging experiences for human beings with these star-based intelligences for the purpose of introducing into human genetics, and teaching in a certain way to the human mind, many of these advanced, universal concepts and energies — which are brought by these volunteers.

They have come from these far distances, and in your terms, it would be quite a distance, in order to encounter human beings — and they have enjoyed it very much.  They wish me to tell you that they are very much enjoying meeting human beings and having an opportunity to meld their consciousness with human beings, because for many of these ones here tonight, this is their first meeting with human beings.  They are overjoyed to have this opportunity to meet with representatives of humanity on the Earth and to have this exchange of consciousness and information through this melding process of energy and consciousness, which is happening here.

And they also wish me to say this to you, that they consider this meeting to be an invaluable experience for themselves, because they have this sacred opportunity to appreciate, in this encounter, the human energy field.  And, most importantly, in regard to each one of you individually, they have the opportunity to appreciate your “spiritual consciousness essence” — for this is the way they are terming it.  And they wish me to say this to you quite directly, that they are enjoying this very much – having the opportunity to appreciate who each of you is, and to have this interaction with your spirit.

They are saying that this will not be the last time that we meet in this way, because, you see, many of these star-based intelligences are coming forth to Earth quite a bit now in order to have these melding experiences with human consciousness, because this is “testing the waters” for further explorations into meetings with human beings.  They say that they are learning quite a bit about this process of meeting and merging consciousness with humanity, because, for many of these beings, that is something that they are very committed to pursuing – this path of communication with human beings.

And so, you might say that they are learning how to do this, this evening, here in this safe place, so that they will be able to try this process in other areas where, perhaps, they meet human beings under somewhat different circumstances.  And then they will have some parameters set up, so that they know how to approach human beings without being in any way upsetting or frightening to human beings, because that negatively affects the whole process when the ones that they are contacting feel threatened in any way or go into fear.  And they very much appreciate the openness of your hearts toward all of them, and the love that you are feeling toward these “wayshowers from other planetary systems.”

And this will not be the last of this process, I can promise you that, because we have quite a few volunteers who are constantly coming forth to us, myself and Count St. Germain, wishing to have these preliminary types of meetings with human beings for the purpose of setting up this program that they are interested in doing for the melding of consciousness between human beings and these star-based intelligences, you see, because I cannot tell you the many ramifications that may expand and occur from this type of meeting — when it is done in a safe and loving environment.

Fear is the enemy of learning and merging with other levels of consciousness.  And you see, all of you, in your trust of all of us, have opened your hearts, and also your levels of consciousness, to these beings who are — “advanced” is not the correct word — they are “super advanced” in their consciousness.  Because of this, the effect that they are able to have on human consciousness is what you would term “the process of ascension.”  In a nutshell, that is what happens when you are in an expanded state of consciousness – which you are all already in – and then you encounter beings of such great magnitude of energy and information, and there is a merging – “a melding of consciousness.”

You cannot imagine the benefit that is accruing to each of you through this merging process that you are allowing to happen here tonight.  And I will tell you that you are all light years further along in your consciousness now than you were when you came through that door earlier this evening!  And you cannot imagine the beneficial effect that this type of encounter has with human beings!  It is unfortunate that this type of meeting is relatively rare upon the Earth in this way, because if it were openly attempted, you see, human beings do tend to go into fear over these things, and so we do have a relatively difficult time in arranging these types of meetings, if you will, to have everyone in the proper spirit and in the proper frame of mind.

We are very fortunate here tonight!  Yes, we have all agreed that we are all very fortunate here tonight to have such a loving presence expressed towards all of us that are here.  And I will tell you that they are very moved by this, and some of them are becoming quite emotional over this because of the love that is being expressed by all of you here this evening.  They are quite touched by the way you are receiving and welcoming them.  This has been, I will tell you, their goal in many attempts to contact humanity in a beneficial way for advancing the consciousness on this planet — because, as you see, that is their agenda, if one can call it an “agenda.” It would be to facilitate the advancement in consciousness of humanity on this planet, and that is why they seek these encounters.  It is not done in any selfish way; it is purely an altruistic motive:  to seek out ways to better the circumstances of everyone who exists on this planet.

You have taken a great step forward, all of you who are present in this room, to facilitate this type of meeting, because they are learning a great deal about how to approach humanity and to have a beneficial outcome of their overtures towards humanity.  And so, you might say there is a great deal of learning going on this evening – on both sides of this equation, the human and the star-based — as you learn much about each one communicating with the other.  This is one of the most beneficial ways that humanity can be contacted by other intelligences — in order to increase, by quantum leaps, the energy quotient of understanding and knowledge on this planet!  This can be done because these are beings of untold experience with other realms — which you have, as yet, not contacted — but they have!

As “star travelers,” they have been through many, many realms, learning and absorbing information.  So, when they come to Earth — to visit Earth, to visit humanity — they bring immense levels of star-based knowledge, not only from their home planets, but also from the many realms which they have contacted.  They are the “star travelers” of the universe!  This is what they DO!  They travel, they learn – through many realms.  They are purveyors of informational frequencies and also much energy which is encoded with informational frequencies.

And so, it is very much to the benefit of any human being who is allowed to be in the presence of ones such as this!  And we are delighted to have their presence here this evening, both from the standpoint of their learning from you, and your absorption of many levels of their intelligence and accumulated star-based knowledge — because you are all of the star realms, and you know this.  And so, this does not come as a shock to anyone in this room to realize that you have all previously had much star-based experience in various realms, each of you.  So, this is like “coming home” for many of you — to have this type of, shall we say, face-to-face encounter with otherworldly intelligence.

These meetings will be happening more and more, I feel, upon Earth because humanity is calling out for this type of experience – even if your governments are not allowing this activity to openly occur at this time, unfortunately.  The consciousness of humanity, as a whole, is reaching out – opening their hands – to these travelers from other realms!  They are reaching out for information and accurate knowledge of what IS beyond Earth – even though the governments of Earth prevent this as much as possible.  Fortunately, we are able to facilitate these types of meetings wherever we have the opportunity, all over the globe, and you would be surprised how many of these meetings we have been able to facilitate.  This is just one of many, because this is one of our goals at this point in time, myself and Count St. Germain — and the many other volunteers with whom we are working.

And so, I will tell you that this is a very happy encounter that we have had here this evening.  You are all deeply loved by all of us who have come to visit you this evening, as per your kind invitation to do so.  We only come where we are invited, in peace and in love.  You have done well!  You have merged with energies which are vast in their scope and intelligence, and I promise each one of you that you will see and experience an expansion in your consciousness as a direct result of what you have allowed to occur here this evening.

Let me see if any of these ones would like to speak to you while we have the channel here.  Just a moment:

(Note:  One of the extra-terrestrial guests speaks.)

Greetings, we are joyful to be here this evening, in your loving presence, human beings of the Earth.  We are from the star system “Explanchion” — [this] is the best I can say [the name].  We wish to tell you the name of our system, so that someday you may hear it more widely said upon your planet.  This is not our first encounter with human beings.  We have been coming to this planet from “biblical times,” in your words, and we have openly encountered many human beings on the Earth and much exchange of star-based and planetary knowledge has taken place – much to the benefit of our world and your world.  This is our goal on Earth:  It is to bring expansion of your concepts of what is truly an interplanetary society of consciousness.

We are not all like human beings, but we are all in the brotherhood of what you would say [is] “divine creation of living consciousness.”  So, “we are all brothers” is our concept.  We do not see ourselves as different from you.  You are beloved of us.  We come for love of your planet and your people to help Earth evolve.  That is our will:  to bless human consciousness with evolutionary information source.  We come often to Earth now in this way – to contact humanity and to teach – also to learn.  You teach us much in ways you do not yet understand.  We wish communication – open communication, exchange of information — for the benefit of our realm as well as yours.

We learn from each other in ways neither of us has known before.  When we come together, there is evolution of consciousness for all of us – Earth and ourselves.  We come, and we will continue to come – until Earth is free of this darkness and fear which has infected the populations of Earth since, “the fall of man” is what you term it.  We have been coming since that time to correct this infection in the planet.  We have made the promise to come as long as needed, and we will do this.

Blessings to all of you from all of us.  We are your brothers and sisters.  We may not look like you, but we are all from the same source.  Let it be this way, in peace and in beauty, and in love, for both of our cultures.  We need harmony and understanding across the dimensions of space-time reality.

I am through, Thank you.

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