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Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
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Channel’s Note

Even though the event described below has already occurred in Earthly timeframes, it is important for us to realize that we may continue to access and receive these higher levels of energy and light-encoded information, such as the ones which were downloaded to Earth during this year’s Wesak Festival of April 29th, 2018.  And this information, of course, may be employed during future Wesak Festival events, which occur annually during the time of the first full moon of Taurus in the mystical month of May, since this process is able to enhance our abilities to fully receive and absorb these divine energies.

The energies which were received during the Wesak Festival are now a permanent part of the Earth’s energy field, and so we are continually receiving the new, higher frequencies of these energies in our lives.  This has affected the Earth and all her life, by providing a level of higher divine frequencies that are contributing to and supporting our continuing ascension into fifth dimensional consciousness.  It is not necessary for us to do any special meditations in order to facilitate this process, however, if one wishes to meditate in order to more fully receive and integrate these energies, this may enhance and facilitate our connection with these energies.

One way to accomplish this goal would be to use a meditation such as the one provided below, where you are consciously connecting with divine source energies through through the “Light of a Thousand Suns” meditation.  This is continually effective in the process of receiving these divine energies, since the original download of these frequencies to Earth at the Wesak Festival was accomplished, as Lady Portia describes here, by a similar process, “the download of what is basically light frequency energies from the divine source energies which of course come from what is often referred to as The Great Sun, or The One Sun – and they are speaking of the original source of creation when it is spoken of in this way.”

Therefore, we are able to connect with this “energy stream” at any time through the use of a meditation such as the one provided here, or you can use your own wording to express this intention:

By Star Hinman and The Beings of Light

As I come into the Stillness of this Sacred Moment, I begin to quiet my mind and emotions, and I release all my thoughts into the Great Silence.

I AM lifted into the consciousness of the Divinity which is within my sacred Heart Center, and I join in the Oneness of this Light, feeling myself immediately lifted into Union with my Divine Presence.

Within the Sacred Oneness of this place, I am joined with the All-That-Is, and I consciously experience my Oneness with All Creation.  From this vantage point, I begin to experience a Radiant Spiritual Light from our Sun, and the Spiritual Beings who stand within, and have created our solar system’s Sun — Helios and Vesta.  I also invoke the Light and assistance of Alpha and Omega, the Divine Beings who stand within and have created the Central Sun of our Galaxy, and I invoke the Light of Suns beyond Suns throughout the infinity of the Cosmos.  (If you wish, you may also call upon the Spiritual Beings who stand within and have created the Great Central Sun, Beloved Elohae and Eloha, and the Spiritual Beings of the Great, Great Central Sun, Beloved El and Ela.)

These Illumined Beings at once project their most potent Love and Healing energies to me, to surround me in this Light – and I feel myself NOW lifted another OCTAVE higher into the Divine frequencies of their Presence.

(Now, if you wish, you may say this invocation aloud.)  “Beautiful Beings of the Light — Come Forth Now!  Beloved Ones!  Helios and Vesta!  Alpha and Omega! (Elohae and Eloha, El and Ela) and surround me in the Radiance of Your Healing and Uplifting Presence!”

This Radiant Light surrounds me, in an instant, and penetrates through to the very core of my Being!  And I am Illumined by this Light — held within the Divine Oneness of their Presence, in this Sacred Moment.

Enfolded in the Radiance of their Light, I begin to experience Oneness with all Creation, Oneness with the Divinity within my Heartflame, and I am lifted from the consciousness of sickness, disease, or suffering — into the Divine Truth of my Immortal Perfection.  This Eternal Truth NOW blazes through every cell, atom, and electron of my Being – carrying the Message of ONENESS AND DIVINE PERFECTION in the Light of the All-That-Is!

And this Truth, this Light, is anchored NOW in the core of every cell of my physical body, and radiates throughout my mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  I am resplendent in this Light!  Shining like a Thousand Suns, through the Immortal Truth of my Illumined Presence on this Shining Star, which is OUR EARTH!

Thank you, Radiant Ones!  For your Love, your Power, and your Presence!

It is Done!  So be it.  I AM.

Om                              Om                              Om

Live Channeling at an Event:
Regarding the Wesak Festival of April 29th, 2018

Greetings dearest ones,

We are with you this evening to bring you some very important information on coming events for the Earth, because there are many things that are going to be happening that you might benefit from knowing ahead of time, and one of these, of course, is the energy download which will be happening tomorrow on the anniversary of the Wesak Festival, because this is such a huge event of light!

We are all very glad to see you here this evening, preparing for this event by taking in the energies that you will receive here tonight.  These will begin to prepare your bodies to integrate with the very high-frequency light energies which are going to be penetrating the body of Mother Earth and all her life tomorrow.  By the grace of Divine Intelligence, this is taking place, and by the dedicated assistance of many in the Ascended Realms who have been preparing for this event for quite some time, you might say, because they have been working on this project to get everything in place so that this will be a successful event in bringing forward enough light energy to significantly change the body of Mother Earth’s frequencies, and this is going to take Earth to a new stage in her evolutionary pattern, you might say.

This is a very important event!  It is a galactic event, because this is not just happening on Earth.  This is something that is happening in your galaxy as well, because there have been many adjustments, you might say, of many things being brought into synchronization — so that the immense effect of this will not only be felt on Earth, but it goes far beyond Earth, and your entire galaxy is taking part in a “reorganization,” you might say.  Occasionally these things happen when the entire galaxy is able to move to a higher frequency of light as a whole.  And, this is the date when this event has been chosen to happen on your Earth.

Because this infusion of light is coming from these very high sources of energy, it is not simply affecting the Earth – but, as I have said, it will be affecting many places in your galaxy that are set to be the download points for this energy from Divine Source.  And so, you see, it is very easy to organize an event such as this, of this magnitude, when the energies are emanating from Divine Source, because, of course, you are all connected in oneness.  You know this on an intellectual level, but now you are going to experience this as far as your feeling nature, your sensing of these extremely high frequencies of light energy – which will be like a huge shower of light for your planet.

You have never experienced anything like this before!  Many people will not be ready for this, and they are going to be very surprised by the energies that they are experiencing, because this has been set up by many intelligences far beyond this planet who work with Divine Source energy.  And so, this is a very big event that many Masters far beyond your solar system have coordinated to be on this scale, because where there is opportunity then there can be execution of a planned event such as this, you see, for a very unique anniversary of the Wesak Festival.

We are all very excited about this, of course, because we have known about this for some time, although we have not previously had opportunity to mention this to you.  Yet, you are finding out about it in plenty of time to prepare yourselves, in whatever way you feel is most beneficial to you, to align yourselves with higher frequencies and to allow your physical bodies to be somewhat at rest in order to receive these energies.

We are not saying you have be perfectly still and go to bed in order to successfully receive the energies, but we are not going to suggest that you are out running a marathon on that day either!  So, try to reach a happy medium with this!  You do not have to rest all day, but you will have to take certain amounts of time as you feel the waves of energy coming towards you, and then perhaps you will sit down and relax for a few minutes, you see.  It will be something like this.  And do enjoy yourselves tomorrow because that raises your energy frequencies, and it does open the body to receive the beneficial energies when you are doing something that you find enjoyable.  So don’t feel as though you have to just sit completely in meditation for the entire day.  Sometimes this is not beneficial for events such as this.  It is much better to be relaxed and to be in a receptive state, but to be doing something you enjoy, because that keeps the mind occupied on something that keeps it from being too concerned about whether or not you are doing the “right thing” to receive these energies.

Worrying about it is never beneficial, because that does tend to lower your energy frequencies, you see.  And so, we wanted to give you a little advanced information on this because it is going to take some people by surprise tomorrow.  Some people will not be prepared for this, and some people will miss this event entirely – because perhaps they will be doing something which precludes their being open to these energies fully and effectively.

We do have plans to assist you with all of this tomorrow, and we will be assisting our students with this wherever they are located all over the globe because we have ways of assisting you to align with these higher energies at times such as this and to be very effective in assisting you to receive the highest frequencies of this event.  So, if you feel us around tomorrow, that would be what is happening.  We are just paying you a visit in order to help you to align with the highest levels of this energy, because that is what is most beneficial for human beings when something like this is happening.

If you raise your vibration as high as you can, you see, then you are all aligning with this energy at a much higher level, and that is something that we would recommend to all of you – to have an uplifting thought about this, and to perhaps join with us in the ascended realms in consciousness in order to form this chalice of energy which is going to be formed tomorrow, and it will be for the entire planet, but it will be individual as well, if that makes any sense to you, because as you join your energies and consciousness into this larger field, that is the most effective way to go about this process.

I suppose that no one has previously given you such minute instructions on how to avail yourselves of the energies of the Wesak Festival, but this is, as you know, a yearly event which does become more powerful each year because of the increasing frequencies of everything that is happening on the Earth, I will say – all of you and all of the Earth.  As it has been said, Earth and all her life is constantly ascending in frequency, and so this annual event does evolve in its nature, its purpose, and its effectiveness as far as being a vehicle for raising frequencies of the entire planet and all life upon her, as I have said.

Many people do not realize this, they do not realize the evolution in the actual purpose and, you might say, the effectiveness of the Wesak Festival, because it is, in some ways, a function of Earth energy.  As your planet is evolving, the energies of the Wesak evolve as well.  Now this event that is going to take place tomorrow will be, I would estimate, somewhere in the range of roughly a hundred times stronger than the event that you experienced last year on the Earth.

Now I am not talking about the level of the channeled energy which was in that room last year (our event at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City to celebrate the 2017 Wesak Festival) – because you could not stand anything a hundred times stronger than that!  But I am speaking of the entire Earth energy and the effect of the energies which will be coming in to transform Earth.  The frequency and the effect of these particular energies which are coming in tomorrow, this overall effect on the Earth will be roughly one hundred times magnified from the effect that was felt last year.

And so, you see how far you have come as far as the Earth’s ability, for one thing, to be changed by events such as this.  She is learning to use energy events – global and galactic energy events such as this, to radically shift her frequencies more than anything that has happened in the past, I will say that.  And so, you can expect that these yearly events will continue to increase, you see, in their magnitude and effectiveness – which is very good news on a cosmic level as well as an earthly level – because we have learned to use events such as this to the maximum effect to raise the frequencies of Earth in order to hasten her development and evolution towards a planet of much more light and much more love on the human levels of who you are, I will say.

I am just giving you the larger picture of what is, and has become, a yearly worldwide event for the planet for the purpose of healing – but, more than that, to restore her to her divine state as a planet of light within this galaxy – not only within your solar system, you see, because that is where the galactic effect of all of this comes into the picture.  And it is very interesting to those of us who study this type of thing, to see what is happening this year as far as how this is all evolving from year to year as far as the work that can be done for Earth from a galactic standpoint using the download of what is basically light frequency energies from the divine source energies which of course come from what is often referred to as The Great Sun, or The One Sun – and they are speaking of the original source of creation when it is spoken of in this way.

This is a unique event in that there will be a huge burst of light energy from this original source, you see, and that is why it is considered to be a galactic event, and it always has been, it just perhaps has not been described this way to you previously.  But it is the consciousness of many from this planet who have long been involved with light work, shall we say, that they have been involved with this type of knowledge of these many events which have taken place upon this planet and in this solar system, and this is what is meant to affect evolution of intelligence throughout the galaxy.  And it is much larger, much broader than what many people thought of or recognized previously.  Many people have thought of this simply as an event that occurs on the Earth, and they have not really given it much further thought as to where the energies come from that are doing this work for Earth and the fact that this could be a much broader scale of activity then simply some light source that is affecting the Earth, you see.

So I am just telling you all this so you will truly understand what is the nature of this very important galactic event that you are all going to be experiencing tomorrow (April 29, 2018, at the Taurus Full Moon), perhaps you will enjoy it a little more having known exactly what is occurring, because this will help you to connect to the source of these energies and to receive from Divine Source, the source of all things, this transmission of very strong light frequency energies.

This is an event not to be missed for those of you who are “grooming your consciousness,” as it were, for ascension, I will say – because those who are wise will use such an event as this for the divine purpose for which it was intended – which is, of course, the raising of consciousness, but more than that, the evolution of species, the evolution of intelligence among species, the upgrading of genetic intelligence, as well.

I could go on and on, it never ends, you see, the effects of such bursts of light are extensive in their effects on all manifestation in the galaxy where this is occurring, and those who know about things such as this are one step ahead of the rest, because knowing about this will prepare your bodies in many ways that you do not know about or yet understand, to receive the highest frequencies of this light, you might say, but, more importantly, to put it to the uses that it was intended to accomplish.

We are “hooking you up,” you see – we are “attaching the wires” here so that, not only will you know what is happening on an intellectual level, but the intelligence of your body elemental is being fully informed as to the magnitude of what is getting ready to happen, so you will all be “prepped” for cooperating with the stages of the evolution of these energies tomorrow.  Because perhaps it will start out very slowly, you see, but then the energies will be building to a very high point before this event ends.

Those who are wise will be able to follow this process with your intention to stay in tune with it, which is very important for being able to take in and fully receive the very subtle higher, finer vibrations of these energies.  It does not come in one blast or in one frequency.  This will be spread out over many hours of your day, and it will occur over a very broad spectrum of frequencies.  And so, those who are attuning their consciousness to the higher levels of this energy will be receiving on those levels.  It is like tuning your radio or listening to a broadcast, and you will be able to, by your intention, raise your frequencies and tune into this download of energies, hopefully at the highest range of these energies that you are capable of doing.

And we mention all of this to you so that you will hopefully be fully empowered and prepared to make the highest and best use of what is, in some ways, a once in a lifetime opportunity, because you see, nothing is guaranteed!  Next year it may be very different!  I cannot say – because there are so many things that go into setting up an occurrence like this, and we could be here all night with me telling you many details and describing everything that goes into having an experience like this orchestrated and designed for a planet such as Earth.

This has been carefully thought out, I can tell you that!  And it has been most meticulously researched by many galactic intelligences who work upon things such as this, and that is largely what they do — it is to set up events such as this, not all exactly like this, it varies, but that is their focus.  It is to orchestrate these energy frequencies throughout the galaxy.

These are some very unique and very advanced intelligences, of course, and you would never meet them on an ordinary level, but you see, when the energies are opened tomorrow, you will have opportunity to have some connection to even these highest levels of galactic intelligence, because that is the way it is experienced when events such as this of an energy nature are taking place throughout the galaxy.  And this will be a very good opportunity for all of you to do any types of exploration, shall we say, explorations in consciousness which you wish to do on a day such as this – and during such a unique and powerful energy event such as this.

I’m just giving you a few hints about how you might wish to use the opportunities that this event is going to provide for humanity and, of course, all intelligence in this galaxy.  This is going to be a very interesting experience in many ways, because you might say the radio waves will be open for much communication which is not usually possible to happen between certain segments of the planets and some of these very high frequencies of unique levels of galactic intelligence.

And so that is just a very simple explanation of some very advanced techniques that you can use, and might use, tomorrow — if you wish to explore some levels of this galaxy which you have not previously contacted.  And we know that human beings very much like to do things such as this sometimes.  You are very much known to be explorers of the galaxy, and so that is an opportunity for all of you who consider yourselves to be these galactic explorers.  It will be, I would say, a very enjoyable experience perhaps to go into some deep levels of meditation tomorrow and to see what are the highest levels of galactic intelligence that you are able to contact.

You do not get to do this every day and so perhaps you might find it to be interesting to play with these energies and do some exploration so that you will be able to say that you have really taken advantage of the opportunities that this very unique experience is going to provide to vast numbers of humanity – the ones who are aware of what is happening, and who are able to tune into the opening of the ethers – or however you want to describe this.

The doors of consciousness will be thrown open for those who know how to walk through the doorways and to do a little exploring on your own — beyond the boundaries where you are usually able to go.  And so, I thought that you might find this to be interesting information and for those who are of an exploring nature, you will have an opportunity to do so in a way that you have never previously experienced, and I can tell you that.

We will be with you tomorrow, and we will be checking in on all of you just to see how you are doing with this and perhaps to give some encouragement here in the areas where we may, because Count St. Germain certainly likes to get involved in this type of thing with the students, and I expect you will be hearing quite a bit from him tomorrow if you are listening, and so he will be doing a lot of talking to all of you tomorrow.

You are certainly capable, all of you, of hearing what he has to say — so do not put too much doubt or worry into this process, and you will be hearing him quite clearly as he will be speaking with you tomorrow as well, and as I will also, but perhaps he may be doing more talking than I will — as this is usually what happens during events such as this!  But he is a very good sport about these things when I am pointing out matters such as this – and we do have a good time when we come to visit you, and things are never made overly serious.  We do like to enjoy our time with you and to answer your questions as we may, and to update you on the latest facts that will assist you in making the highest and best use of occurrence these such as this.

Very important events such as this, of course, do not happen every day.  In fact, for some this will be a once-in-a-lifetime event.  Not for you, but for some others that I am aware of, and so we will conclude this discussion here and you will have an opportunity to ask questions a little later.  But I did want to give you all the information available and to also have a question-and-answer period after this has finished.

We will stop here and say that we will be with you tomorrow, I can promise you that, and that you will very much enjoy this experience because you are all such “energy enthusiasts,” I will say — and you do enjoy the higher frequencies of the energies.  And you will certainly get your opportunity to explore some very high frequencies tomorrow!  So that is all from me this evening.

We have enjoyed very much sitting with you this evening, and so we will stop here and simply say good evening and namaste

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