Creating Change in Your Lives

Lady Portia and Count St. Germain

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2018


Live Channeling at an Event:

We are going to give you some very practical information here today, because that is what is needed at this moment on Earth – where you all find yourselves severely challenged in keeping your connection to your spiritual knowledge, your higher abilities, and your soul’s presence.  There is so much of what we would refer to as “distraction” occurring at the present moment on Earth, and we see many people being severely challenged by this, so that we have decided to bring you this message.

Know the Truth and Be Free!

First of all, know that nothing is more powerful than the light in your consciousness – but also know that you DO have to learn to successfully FOCUS your attention on the higher realms when there are so many “loud voices” competing for your attention – and we realize that this is not always easy!  But what I wish to say to you is that “practice makes perfect” in this regard.  When you feel your attention being distracted by disagreements or difficulties, simply return your mind to higher thought, where you are able to see the higher, divine plan and purpose in all that is occurring.  Then you will be able to achieve the higher learning from all your experiences.

All humanity is now beginning to recognize the important concept that what you focus upon is magnified and increased by your ATTENTION!  Yes, this simple act of placing your attention on negativity actually gives it power – your power – because, without fully realizing what you are doing, you are creating “lines of energy,” an actual energy transference, to whatever you are observing.  So be extremely careful with this process!

Disempowerment Breeds Destructive Thought

Many people today find themselves very caught up in the world of social media, which often creates these “fire storms” of negativity and hatred, and this is not helpful for anyone – not the sender and certainly not the recipient of these energies!  Realize that it is by your choice that you focus on these things and allow your “energy of consciousness” to be used in this way.  We bring you this message because we see so much of this activity occurring now.

Do you realize how much of your consciousness is focused and manipulated by television and all forms of social media?  This has become an epidemic in the present day, and it is very destructive when the energies of human consciousness are used and manipulated in this way to promote a negative agenda.  Your consciousness has tremendous creative power and ability!  And many people, unfortunately, do not realize or accept this idea.

Nevertheless, energy is energy.  It has tremendous creative potential when focused through a human being!  Your thoughts and your emotions are a source of tremendous energy which can be used either in a positive and constructive way to create good in your lives and in the world at large – or it can be turned to a negative and destructive purpose.

Many People Believe They Are Powerless

Many people feel disempowered today, and that is one of the main causes that we see in this destructive process – because, quite frankly, many people have lost hope of being able to create what they want to experience in their lives, and so they languish in this negativity – not knowing what else to do.

Dearest ones, the answers are within you!  Now we are not going to give you some “pie in the sky” remedies for this situation, but I will tell you that you must look within to find the answers to your dilemma.  Why do you believe that you are powerless to change the circumstances of your lives that you find so onerous or restrictive?  You must look within yourselves to find the beliefs that are holding you back and preventing you from creating what you want to experience in your lives.

This is a very powerful time on the Earth, and that is why we bring you this message AT THIS TIME.  You have the energies coming to you now to break through this “glass ceiling” of consciousness and erase the limiting beliefs that are holding you prisoner!  But this process DOES require a certain level of both courage and perseverance on your part.  Yes, it requires courage, as you know so well, to look in the mirror and see the truth about yourself, your beliefs, and your feelings!

You will need to look directly into the face of your worst fears about yourselves and know that they were NEVER TRUE!  In this sacred process, you will learn why you believe you are powerless or incapable of change, or unable to do the things you would like to do in your lives.

Release Your Creativity from the Bondage of Limiting Beliefs

Yes, this is difficult material!  It is difficult for everyone – and that is precisely why so few people actually do this work.  But what is your alternative?  To remain a “prisoner in consciousness,” a prisoner of old hurts and pains – when you can be free!  Look at this!  Look at your choice:  to remain a “prisoner of consciousness” in a prison of your own creation or to face the truth and be free!

Many are held in bondage by these old memories of being hurt or disempowered, because they are considered to be “too painful” to look at, too painful to remember – and so they remain in the subconscious mind where they can control your thoughts and feelings.  Yes, it IS painful to endure this experience of remembering hurtful events – and that is why so many “put it off” to another day, another time – but it does not go away, and the pain continues until one finds the strength to face what is “within.”

The good news is that these experiences of facing one’s truth – facing one’s “demons” of incorrect thought – can be amazingly brief!  The “dark night of the soul” does not last forever, as many people often fear it might.  When the light of truth begins to break through and illuminate the prisons of darkness (the lies about yourselves that hold you prisoner), this is the moment of ecstasy for many people – to feel the freedom of being released from the pain of old and controlling memories.  So tell yourself the truth about who you are!   Not the lies that you may have accepted as truth.

Claim the Higher Truth about Yourselves

As your strength and fortification grow in this process, see and know the truth of your Divine Presence!  This simple process has saved many from needless suffering in the realms of darkness and despair.  Where the light shines, there is truth – the truth about your divine self, your soul’s presence!  Claim the power and truth of the I AM presence within you – and cast all else into the Violet Flame for transmutation into light substance.  No lower thought has the power to control you when you realize that you come from Divine Source and that your nature and true identity is divine.  Claim this higher truth and banish all doubt and fear from your mind and emotions.

“I AM truth – I AM divine.”  Use the many affirmations which are available to you on this theme to steer your mind away from the lower energies and be free.  Your power is within your hands, dearest ones, as a divine being, if you will believe it.

We are Lady Portia and Count St. Germain, and in love we bring you this truth.
Be at peace

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