The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
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The “time of powerful transformation” has now arrived for all of you on Earth!

As the Earth undergoes huge changes within herself – so do you!  Your bodies even now mirror the circumstances occurring deep within Earth’s core – as you both experience changes in this powerful process of evolution which has overtaken your planet and all her life.

Many people are feeling quite confused by the extreme inner and outer events which you are experiencing.  As you look outside yourselves to witness the spectacular changes occurring in your outer world, know that immense physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes are even now transforming humanity!

There is no “cure,” no antidote for this occurrence – or indeed anything which is capable of stopping or even slowing this process.  You only need to witness the dramatic volcanic eruptions which have recently occurred on your planet to know that, even now, you witness the outer manifestation and mirroring of what is taking place within!

A Time of Fear and Confusion for Many

Many people have found this process to be so threatening, confusing, and intolerable that they would consider suicide in order to put an end to what has become, for them, an exceedingly painful and unbearable process.  Others endure this experience in a state of mental and emotional anguish and confusion.

We are the Pleiadians, and we bring all of you this message so that we may clarify for you the causative factors that are, even now, at work – albeit behind the scenes — where it is not so easy for you to discern the actual causes which are involved in, and stimulating, this process.

Do Not Fear!  All Is Well!

Do not be dismayed by what you see occurring all around you – and do not lose hope that all is actually well, in a larger sense, for this process has happened many times on your planet, but perhaps not recently enough so that you remember witnessing this pattern.  An event such as this may occur roughly once in every hundred-year period – so most people on Earth today do not recognize this as a repeatable pattern or experience.  Nevertheless, know that this IS a repeating pattern in Earth’s geologic and atmospheric history – when great changes are going on within the Earth – and she shakes and spews lava and gaseous materials into the air.

Some people would be extremely surprised to learn the true cause of these events!  The Earth is gradually releasing waves of powerful transformative energies which radiate out from her core, and this contributes to events which stimulate tectonic and volcanic changes in the higher, outer layers of Earth – so that, gradually, there must be these periods of “re-adjustment” in the upper layers of her mantle and crust, in order to “stay in balance.”

The Transformation of Human Consciousness

As these events are taking place deep within the Earth, this activity often causes the release of many types of energetic frequencies which can be can be experienced as being very disruptive to human consciousness, as they often stimulate dramatic periods of transformation within the four lower bodies (physical, etheric or spiritual, mental, and emotional).  And this is precisely the circumstance that is taking place at the present time – although many people have identified other possible circumstances which they believe are also causative factors here.

We bring you this information to quiet the mental and emotional distress which many people are experiencing at the present time — not knowing, indeed, what are the true causes of all the symptomatology and the reactions that they are experiencing to what is a completely natural process – though, indeed, it is a very dramatic and often jarring one – especially to those who prefer routine and predictable events and behavior.  Therefore, do not allow your fears, and the imaginary images they often may generate, to “get the better of you” and exert undue control within your consciousness.

The Contagious Nature of Fear

Instead, we would suggest that all of you begin to quiet your consciousness and delay or eliminate your fearful reactions to the outer events that you are witnessing – precisely since these types of reactions are most certainly not helpful and do tend to have the effect of de-stabilizing your consciousness — as well as having negative effects upon the constitution of your body.

Please do not think that we are minimizing in any way the challenging nature of all that you see happening around you — or the circumstances that you are experiencing within yourselves!  The purpose of this message is to bring equilibrium to your system by bringing rational, and therefore understandable, explanations and a logical rationale for all that is occurring.

Due to the unpredictable nature of much of what you see occurring on Earth, many people have reacted to these circumstances by going into states of fear – reacting to fear with fear, and this is never helpful.  Therefore, we caution people not to allow their emotions to be overpowered by states of fear in the general population – due to the often “contagious” nature of your experience of the emotion and energies of fear.  Do not personalize this — but realize that this is an energy – not a person!

We have witnessed many events such as this on the Earth – and many of these ended badly for the inhabitants of Earth – simply because they did not pay the necessary attention to their own inner guidance and information, which could have easily explained and described the true nature of these many inner and outer events, particularly the deep causative nature of this type of activity within your Earthly experience.

Your Connection with Gaia/Earth

As humanity learns to have a closer connection, and as a result, clearer communication with your planet – then events such as these will no longer take you by surprise or seem to be such frightening, “out of control” occurrences.

We hope that you will take the necessary time to re-establish your deep connections with the intelligence of Gaia/Earth – as you previously have experienced – in earlier times when you did not live in such a “civilized,” and many times, mind-controlling society, which sees information from your intuitive and spiritually-heightened senses and abilities as somehow “dangerous” – or perhaps being of suspicious or malevolent causation.

The Dawning of a New Day!

We bring you this information in order to steer your abilities toward a positive direction, which will, hopefully, lead you to the experience of more peace and prosperity in all things.  This is our wish for you, the people of Earth, who are so desirous, as are we, of seeing a brighter day dawn upon your planet, the Earth.

Know that our blessings go with you in all that you do,

We are The Pleiadians


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