Lady Portia and Count St. Germain
With an Introduction by The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2018

Channel’s Note: 

Lady Portia and Count St. Germain often work very closely with the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light while accomplishing their activities designed to benefit planet Earth.  Therefore, we have this perspective from the Pleiadians as an Introduction to Lady Portia and Count St. Germain’s message, which is to follow.

An Introduction by the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light:


This is a challenging time for the Lightworkers on Earth, with so many loud voices talking! Much of the information is of a very polarized nature with much political dissent and social unrest.

Know that we in the ascended realms rely on you – the Lightworkers, to keep your spiritual focus and your personal balance in your thoughts and emotions, so that you can continue to do your spiritual work – which is designed to bring the highest light, truth, healing, and love to this planet, which so much needs these energies of “ministering grace” in order to heal the divisions in your populations – which many times seem so polarized and divided by the energies of hatred, as your society works through the many divisions which have been created through racial and political division and negativity.

We in the spiritual realms are relying on you to BE a force for peace, love, and equilibrium in these times of great healing, change, and transformation for your planet! Know that important work is being done through the all-encompassing and nonjudgmental acceptance and love which you bring to bear on all these divisions and polarizations, which many people are now experiencing in your society.

You are the forces of balance and positive change – as your society moves toward acceptance and inclusivity in your population, so that one day people may unite in the energies of LOVE! This is what will heal your planet and move you through this time of division into the great new Golden Age of Peace, Love, and unification!

It will not be easy – we recognize that! And that is why we have sent in our “best and brightest Lights” to stabilize the population through this time of healing for many of the old wounds and remembered pains and traumas. Know that YOU are the “saviors of earth!” You are the ones who will stem the tide of hatred and apply the balm of love to many old wounds and divisions in your society to stabilize the current energies of division and hatred, as many people move through the current polarization – when much healing is now occurring.

There is an important prophecy regarding these times of such challenge which you are all experiencing. It states that, “All that is hidden will now be revealed – for healing.” What this means is that all of these long-buried hurts, pains, lies, and deceptions will now come to light so that they will be recognized, healed, and transformed into something which will serve you much better in the new energies of peace which you are now creating.

Stay the course! Do not be distracted by the loud voices of hatred! You are here to hold the energies of love while many work out these old energies of hurt and pain – for YOU are the healers during this process. You are destined to do great things on earth through your patience and perseverance during this difficult period.

We know that you have the strength to persevere through this challenge, and that, ultimately, you WILL be successful! You are the last, best hope for earth! Go forward with courage – knowing that you are constantly surrounded in our love and guidance. You DO know what to do! This is encoded in your very genetics. You are the Emissaries of Love!  And we are the Pleiadians.


Lady Portia and Count St. Germain’s Message
Regarding the Transformative Energies of 2018 to 2038
And the “Triple Eclipse” Sequence

(the three eclipses of July 12th, July 27th, and August 11th, 2018)

Live channeling at an event:

Greetings my dears,

We are very much enjoying being with you this evening, and we want to say that these energies of the “Triple Eclipse” have been very spectacular lately! We are sure that you, and many Lightworkers across the earth, have been making the highest and best use of them. We have so many spiritual beings here with you this evening to continue this work that you are doing with these energies, and to assist many on the earth as they are integrating these energies and using them for the highest and the best, including making changes in the physical body and, indeed, in the four lower bodies.

We are well aware of all of the wishes and requests in regard to this by many on the earth, and I just want to say that you have all been doing a very good job of aligning with the highest and the best of these energies. What I can say to you is simply to continue everything that you have been doing because nothing is lacking in any of your routines or methodology in the way that you are working with these energies. And, indeed, all that is required of humanity is, in wisdom and grace, simply to surrender control somewhat and to allow these changes to be made in the four lower bodies.  The Lightworkers in physical embodiment on earth are doing a remarkable job with this, and we are very pleased with the progress that you are all making. I want to tell you that this progress will continue for some time after your astrological information has said that this period of time has ended because these energies will continue for a time on the earth.

So just be prepared for this as well, and know that the work that is going on in your bodies will continue for a time.  So don’t think that everything will be ending, necessarily, at the dates that are listed on your calendar, because this will not be accurate as far as the further work that will be done, and that we are able to do with you, using these energies, because I will tell you that these energies have made some remarkable changes already in the finer essences of your four lower bodies. And this is where all work begins, it is in the finer essence of the energies, because that is what your bodies can most easily partake of, in order to begin integration of this level of the energies. And then, perhaps at a later date, you will all take on other energies from this spectrum.  But for right now, that is sufficient for what we wish to see people accomplish as you are taking in and receiving these energies.

And so, that is all I have to say about that part of it, but there will be a few surprises along the way for many people, because these energies are making significant changes – not only in your bodies, but also in other things within your environment. There are many changes going on in the entire spectrum of physicality upon earth.  That is a good way to say this, because soon you will be saying, “My goodness, is nothing left untouched by this energy!” Indeed, that is what is happening. It is revamping the spectrum of energy as it appears in material form upon the earth! And, this is quite extensive!

Many people have not realized the full extent of what is possible in the way of change as these energies are downloaded.  The earth and all her life are absorbing more and more of this energy. The changes that we are noticing for all life forms on earth are becoming quite extensive, and this extends through the animal and plant kingdoms as well as the changes which you are so well acquainted with that are happening within the physicality, as well as, of course, the finer bodies in regard to human beings.

Some people are going to be quite “taken by surprise” by the extensive nature of this process and how pervasive these energies have become in revamping your entire world, as it is manifesting now in form. And this is what is needed at this point on earth, I will say quite directly, because, as you are all so aware, many changes need to be constantly made on earth in order for her to “move into her full potential,” shall we say.  The changes that have been made on earth during the extremely intense period of these eclipses, and the energies which they bring, are accomplishing this purpose very well, indeed!

This process has made changes in the earth which we did not think would be possible to happen for another fifty years in your timeframe, and so this is exceptional news for us to be able to deliver to those of you on earth!  And I’m sure this is very good news to all of you, that you are making such progress!  And there will be this continued progress, I am sure. I can promise you that this exceptional level of what is being done now is going to continue at the rate of increase in these energies which you are experiencing and enjoying at the present time.

I can tell you that within the next approximately twenty-year period, if you think these changes have been exceptional and these energies have been unusual, then brace yourselves — because this is only the beginning of, I would say, roughly a twenty-year period of this upshift in energies of the earth in very dramatic fashion.  And I’m sorry to have to say this so abruptly, but humanity will just have to adapt to this, there is no other alternative!

Yes, you will all have to get used to this rate of change, because you see, this is only the beginning stage of this dramatic upshift in the intensity of these energies. This is occurring due to the fact that, as I’m sure all of you are aware, one thing does build on another, and especially when we are quantifying energy in this way and describing it, these upshifts are of a geometric nature, as your mathematicians would say. It is not an arithmetic progression, because you are dealing with crystalline energies, and the special properties which they bring.

It has moved into what is called a geometric progression, which means that the increase in intensity, to put this in very simple terms, can be very dramatic. And so, yes, if you feel that you need rest or your body needs more sleep, or perhaps you need to change your diet in some way to accommodate these rarefied energies which are now, of course, coming into the body, then by all means make whatever adaptations and changes you feel that you need to make in order to keep your body balanced and “in sync” with the dynamics that are, of course, going on within your nervous system, and all the systems of the body.  This is necessary because these sharp increases in the energy do tend sometimes to throw the various systems of the body out of alignment, and the best remedy for this, as I believe many people have discovered, is often to allow the body to sleep, because this does give the body a chance to reset these finer brain functions which are the controlling factors for many of these endocrine functions and all such related issues going on within the body.

There will be many adaptations which will be necessary, and human beings will be having to make many of these types of adaptations during this period of many years when you will be constantly experiencing things of the magnitude which you have experienced for the first time during this “triple eclipse” anomaly which has come upon the earth.  But this is merely the first of many of these occurrences which are going to be taking many people quite by surprise, I’m afraid, because many people will not know what to make of this! They will be taken aback! They are not used to this level of rapid change. Their bodies are not used to it; they are not prepared for this. And so, you will be seeing a lot of people having a lot of difficulty keeping pace with what is happening “within and without.” Within the physical vehicle, and “without,” in the outer world, because this is going to cause so many abrupt changes and reorganizations in all of the circumstances in your outer world scenarios that many people will be quite taken aback by this as well – at the sheer rate of change, as this increases, in what is often called a geometric progression.

And so, I will tell you, you are in for a wild ride on earth here in the coming decades, and there will have to be intense shifts and adaptations made by the human beings that continue to live on earth and to progress with her as she evolves into what are, as you know, higher and higher levels of herself – even as you evolve into higher and higher levels of your being, your psyche, your physical body.  You see, everything is changing! Every level of yourselves is updating constantly, and with every heartbeat you are significantly different from the “you” that existed even a few seconds before! And this is what many people do not recognize and will not be able to process or understand, so this is going to cause a lot of difficulty for many people, I’m afraid, and we don’t enjoy seeing this type of thing happening, where things are thrown into such a state of disarray for many people. But, that is why I am giving this warning now, so that those of you who hear this message will be able to adapt – and because you have learned this information, you will not be so taken by surprise as many who did not hear it, you see.

You can prepare yourselves! You can brace yourselves for what you know is coming, because that is the “way of wisdom,” is it not? When you know what is going to happen, you can make your plans for how you will deal with it, and that is the way human beings like to work. You like to know what is coming so that you can plan for it and organize for it, and then you carry out your plans at the necessary time – and all goes well! And I’m sure that those of you who do receive this message will be much better prepared than those who did not have any forewarning of the intense shift that is coming for humanity – or any way of preparing for this, you see.

And so, I feel that it is only fair to give some warning about things like that, because human beings, I have found, are much more adaptable and willing to change, willing to adapt, when they have some foreknowledge about the possibilities of what is coming. Maybe they do not know exactly what is going to occur, but they do have this level of understanding about the rate of change that is going to occur.  And that is truly the main thing that you need to know in all of this – because human beings are amazingly adaptable when they have prepared themselves sufficiently for intense periods of shifts and change, whether this be on the earth, as a whole, or in some level of the human form, or in the entirety of the human form, you see.

It does not matter how you look at this, just so long as you recognize that you are entering an extensive and all-inclusive period of change which will leave no part unchanged – that is a good way to put it! Nothing will be the same as it was when this process is finished, I can promise you that! And, for many, this is extremely good news, because many of you are very tired and worn out with the status quo of the dull routine of things being so predictable and repetitive in this dysfunction upon earth! And so, I can tell you that any rate of change is going to happen, and most of you would welcome this very much, and it would have “rave reviews” in the press, because many people, honestly, are very sick and tired of the “same old, same old” – and the same repetition of dysfunction in your society and dysfunctional behavior on the part of many people.

And so, I do feel that any change is welcome, at this point! And that is very good news for us, as well, because we have been supporting you the best we can for a very long time in this process, and we have seen the suffering that has come about with humanity – as a result of all of this negativity and dysfunctional behavior on the earth. And so, we are equally as happy as you are to say, and to be able to promise you, that all of this is now entering a state of change where, in a relatively short time, things will be unrecognizable as to where they are now, and where they are moving toward being. And so, I hope that this is good news for people, and I hope that this information is received in the spirit in which it is intended – which is to say, we believe that we are delivering some very positive and beneficial news for humanity in these “forecasts” of what is coming – in the coming years, the coming decades, and all of this, and that this has smoothed the way somewhat before all of you, so that you will not be jolted into these new beginnings – but you will have the way smoothed before you, so that you know some of what you can expect in the coming decades.

This is going to be a wild ride for some people, I can tell you, because they have not been forewarned and they do not know that this is coming. And some people are very attached to the past and focused on keeping things as they were in the past. But I can tell you that this strategy is doomed to failure at the very beginning of the process, because the rate of change will be so fast that it will not take very long for people to understand that this approach and this strategy will not be sufficient to deal with the “new world reality” that they are constantly being faced with – day after day after day – as you move towards the new millennium, the new human form, all of the changes that are coming in your society and its norms, including new belief systems.

The rate of change is going to be quite extensive, and it is going to keep many people on their toes in order to keep up with this. Very few people will have the “normal wherewithal” to be able to ride through this “on an even keel,” so to speak. It is going to be extremely upsetting for many people, if not most people. But then, you see, you will have your leaders that will come forth and show others the way in adaptive strategies and techniques for evolving and gracefully adapting to change.

And so, there is going to be a lot of “new thought” coming forth from a lot of different, and some unexpected, places where you will have the necessary assistance to be able to adapt and evolve gracefully and, hopefully, with equanimity – and that you will become “the Masters of Change,” instead of the victims of change, because human beings are remarkably adaptable, when given the chance and the proper opportunity! Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be your opportunity to become “The Masters of Change” for your generation as well as the coming generations who will be following behind you through this extraordinary process of evolution and exceptional change which is now unfolding for its manifestation upon earth!

You have our best wishes with this – and our promise to walk beside you through this process and to smooth the way where we are able to do so – to smooth the way before your feet, and to present a wide and well-traveled road and path for you to be able to navigate all the changes that are coming — which are leading you to this expansive vista of the “New World” which is even now beginning to unfold before your eyes.

That is our message to you this evening. It has been our joy to be with you once again and to spend these few moments in your time, with you in physical reality. We are Lady Portia and Count St. Germain who are bringing you this message, with much love and encouragement to all of you on earth at the present time.

Good evening, dearest ones, and namaste

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