“A Call to Action” & “Visions of the Future”

GeronimoChief Geronimo has given us a vision of what the future can be like for those of us here on Earth, when humanity has learned to work together in what he calls “The Three C’s” – which are “Conservation, Community, and Cooperation,”  and “to walk with blessing on the Mother Earth.”  This refers to the conservation of the Earth’s natural resources, the protection and appreciation of animal populations and plants, the creation of communities of conscious individuals who wish to live in peace and unity in harmony with all life, and the awakening of mankind to the fact that war is not the answer.

As we learn how to work together, as a people, one people united on the Earth, THEN, and only then will we have the united strength as well as the VISION to bring about the huge changes that are necessary to begin to live together in peace on an Earth which we have learned to love, appreciate, and protect.

His vision for the conservation of Earth and the awakening of humankind to the fact that we can learn to “live in peace and abundance on the Earth” is best expressed in his article, channeled through Starla, “A Call to Action,” where he says,

“My Children,

“Awake from your slumber and come forth now as Sacred Warriors for the Light!  Even now you are remembering who you are and your Sacred Mission . . . know that you ARE guided Now —  not in some future time — for THIS IS THE HOUR when your Heart and Strength are necessary on the Earth to turn the tide of the destruction which is even now taking place on the beloved Mother Earth!

“Who DO YOU BELIEVE IT IS who clothes you and shelters you from the storm and furnishes the food that you would put into your mouths to sustain your Life?  It is the Mother . . . YOUR MOTHER, who gives all that you need to survive.  Now she calls to you — to ARISE and remember WHO YOU ARE and WHY YOU CAME — and to protect her from those who in their IGNORANCE and GREED would cause her DESTRUCTION.

“In the old way of my people, we knew these things and many others — we walked the Sacred Path upon the beating heart of our dear Mother’s breast — and we knew that ALL we had came from the bounty which she brought forth by her love for us.  But now you have the distortion of this sacred knowledge, and people no longer walk with Blessing on the Mother Earth.  There is greed and rapaciousness which threaten to destroy the very fabric of Life upon the Earth.

“Many are those who seek to profit in this way — caring nothing for the destruction they are even now causing to the Web of Life upon the Earth . . . for all is related, as you are learning . . . and the Mother, in her wisdom, caused all things to be linked together in this one, huge, fabric of inter-related life upon this planet.  For every ONE THING that you knowingly allow to be destroyed –countless others also are lost . . . but this is beyond the comprehension of many who carry out this destruction with no knowledge of, or regard for, the damage that they do!  So it is AT THIS TIME that I begin to speak and add my Voice to those who would save the Earth — and I urge you to do the same!

“While on the Earth, I watched the wholesale slaughter of my People and the destruction of all that we held Sacred . . . so it is I, Geronimo, who calls you to realize the MAGNITUDE of what is taking place before your very eyes — though much of this has been hidden from your sight by many who do not wish you to have full information on these things.  I call on you now, MY PEOPLE, to OPEN YOUR EYES and SEE what is happening. DO NOT WAIT for the powers-that-be to give you the TRUTH or to correct this situation . . . for the Balancing will come from the People — not from those who hold the power now.

“A new Light must shine in the consciousness of ALL — a fire must be kindled within the Spirit of Humanity that will burn so brightly that ALL will come to see it!  Then ALL WILL KNOW the Truth of what is occurring on the Earth and what must be done to change this present situation so that ALL PEOPLE may come to know the Peace and Abundance that is possible on the Earth — if mankind will but move into Harmony with the Sacred Spirit of Mother Earth!  You each have a part to play in this change — and no one is any more important than any other.  Do not WAIT for another to do what is yours to do — but align yourself with your Spiritual Guidance and DISCOVER what is yours to do, if you do not already know it.


“CHOOSE TO TAKE BACK THE EARTH, the Mother, your Mother, from the grasp of those who have stolen her from you — For Creator meant that you live in Beauty & Peace & Freedom upon this Star, the Earth — and do not allow your BIRTHRIGHT TO BE STOLEN from you!
“I was a fighter when I was on the Earth — a SACRED WARRIOR for my people –and I urge you to do no less for those who are now YOUR PEOPLE!

“Blessings to you, those who inhabit the Earth, and may you choose to live in Beauty, Peace, Abundance, and Freedom!

“I am Geronimo, Chief of my People”

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