Taking your place as Co-Creator with the Divine

Documents for Creating Sacred Ceremony

“Creating Your Sacred Space”
“The Light of A Thousand Suns Meditation”
 “The Invocation of the Violet Transmuting Flame”

It’s time for all of us to realize that we can make a big change for Earth now!

It’s up to all of us to have the conscious use of our thoughts and feelings — to begin to create what we WANT to experience on Earth now.  It’s not enough to accept the conditions that we find all around us on Earth — which are the remnants of the conditions which were created by mankind’s “Fall from Grace” aeons ago.

We now have the power to change all of that – to lift up into the Realms of Perfection that are being revealed to us now — as the veils between the dimensions are being drawn back, and we can see the Divine Perfection of the Heaven Realms — as we FINALLY have entrance into the accelerated frequencies of Fifth Dimensional reality and the EXPERIENCE of joy, peace, love, abundance and perfect health!

These documents for creating Sacred Ceremony are specifically designed to empower you to use your creative abilities of thought and feeling to “Co-create with the Divine,” as you are enfolded in the loving presence of Lady Portia, Saint Germain, and the many Beings of Light who will be assisting you as you open the Sacred Space there where you are and begin to work in concert with Angels to re-create the beauties that we knew in the Garden of Eden – when Earth was in her pristine state of Original Creation!

There is nothing stopping us from re-creating the Divine Perfection of the Garden of Eden on Earth at this moment, as we learn to release all our doubts and fears and to call forth the all-powerful Divine Presence within us now!  Sometimes all it takes is to simply surrender to the idea that we really don’t know what we are capable of accomplishing!  This attitude of surrender to the Divinity within us opens the door to our use of the encoded abilities and knowledge which lie deep within us — below the levels of doubt and fear and the limits which we have allowed to be programmed into our subconscious minds.

Rather than struggle to be free of this programming and these doubts and limitations, simply call forth the Truth of your Divine Presence within you and allow this to take precedence and control of your Divine Being, and to bring this sacred part of your nature forward to your conscious mind!  You will then realize the use of abilities which you never knew or believed that you possess!

These documents are specifically designed to encourage you and support you in this process, as you find your way back to the Divinity within yourself, and the space in which you have the experience of Being a Co-creator with the Divine!

Lady Portia and her Twin Flame, Count St. Germain, are the Co-Directors of the Seventh Ray of the Violet Flame Energies, which are the Keynote energies of the Age of Aquarius!  These tremendous energies of healing and restoration through the action of Transmutation by Sacred Fire are now being released to Earth as never before — to assist mankind to lift up out of the quagmire of pain and suffering into the Heaven Realms of Peace and Divinity!

We ARE THE CHANGE that is coming for Earth!

You can download, print or access the documents at the following links:

Using your Meditation Documents

Creating Your Sacred Space

The Light of A Thousand Suns Meditation

The Invocation of the Violet Transmuting Flame