The Significance of Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc) In the Present Day
Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters

Channel’s Note:

This piece is a collaboration between myself and Jeanne d’Arc, who suggested that I research the historical records of her life in order to give a fuller account of her accomplishments – for the purpose of using this as an example to inspire those of us in the present day. She wishes to show that it is possible for us to succeed, even under the most trying conditions, such as the repression of women’s rights which she experienced. She is truly one of the most extraordinary people ever to live on Earth, as the events of her life illustrate.

The portions of the article detailing her military and personal achievements and her death by fire are drawn from my research in the books listed in the Bibliography. The portions that are quotations are Jeanne’s words given in channel – including the quote which begins the article, regarding her words when she first met the Dauphin, Charles VII.

*         *         *

“I am sent from God, the King of Heaven, to deliver France from her enemies and to see you crowned as the rightful King of her people!” These are the words Jeanne d’Arc tells us that she spoke to the Dauphin, Charles VII who had severe misgivings about his legitimacy as a son of the prior king, and, therefore, his lawful claim to the throne of France. By personal messages which she delivered to him privately, Jeanne both convinced Charles that she was sent from God, and that he was the legitimate heir to the throne.

He was persuaded to give her men-at-arms and to set her about her work, as she requested. In only nine days she and the French army were able to lift the English siege of the town of Orléans which had been under English control for seven months. Up to this point, the French had been universally judged to be defeated by their more powerful, and widely-believed to be unconquerable, English invaders. This one act had a huge emotional effect on both the English and the French – and it was sufficient to have her recognized by the people of France as their deliverer – who was, indeed, sent from God for this task. She went on to escort Charles VII through the English-held territory of the Loire Valley to the Cathedral at Rheims and see him both anointed with the holy oil, the Sainte Ampoul, (which had anointed every French king for nine hundred years and was considered an essential element of the ceremony), and crowned there as the rightful King of France.

Jeanne was the youngest person of either sex to ever be given command of the army of a nation – at the age of 17 years. Prior to this amazing feat, she had no military background or training of any kind – having grown up on her parents’ farm in the rural countryside near the village of Domrémy in northeastern France — spending her days caring for the family’s sheep, cattle, and horses, and helping her Mother with the household duties.

Jeanne arrived on the scene after many years of the Hundred Years’ War had passed, and the English had already taken control of considerable areas within France. For many generations before her birth, the battles and the violence had raged through France. And then she arrived, bringing new hope to the French people, who had indeed lost all hope of reclaiming their freedom, their sovereignty, and their lands. She tells us that she was chosen for this task and constantly directed and instructed by Archangel Michael – who appeared to her in visions where she both saw him with her physical eyes and heard his words as he instructed her on what she must do for France. Perhaps because of this inspiration which she received from Archangel Michael, the military commanders who served alongside Jeanne were amazed at her knowledge of battle strategy and tactics – particularly her ability to make expert placement and use of her artillery. They said that she acted as though she had twenty-five to thirty years of military experience and easily equaled or surpassed the abilities of any of the other commanders in the field.

The English, who were in terror of her power and abilities, wanted to destroy her legacy in the minds and hearts of the French people and have her branded as a witch who was in league with the devil and a heretic of Roman Catholic doctrine. However, they only succeeded in creating the powerful and undying image which the world knows today as Joan of Arc, the Deliverer of France! But most people today probably know only a small part of the miracle which was Jeanne d’Arc and the many amazing events of her short life.

In order to accomplish what she did, Jeanne had to overcome many stereotypes and prejudices — hardships placed upon her because she lived in an age of severe disempowerment and disenfranchisement of women – where powerful women were suspected of being witches in league with satanic forces in order to obtain their power. And this is precisely why the symbol of female empowerment which she created is also a multidimensional image for our age which is struggling to come to terms with the appearance of the goddess energies – the symbol of the female which is both loving and fully empowered as a human being.

At a time when it was considered a mortal sin for a woman to wear male attire, she not only wore it, she also wore a sword and armor, and rode a horse into battle at the head of the army of a nation. And in an age of darkness and oppression such as this, she conversed daily with the angelic realms – both seeing them with her physical eyes and hearing the voices of St. Margaret, St. Catherine, and Archangel Michael, who was her source of information and inspiration in battle.

Her message for those of us on Earth at the present day is, as she says, “To reveal that this empowerment and inspiration is not only possible, but highly likely to occur, for those of you who focus upon angelic communication with purity of heart and purpose. Why would you believe that this type of experience is either impossible to you or a miracle? To me, it was accepted as gifts from God – and you may certainly do the same!”

Jeanne was devoutly religious. Perhaps this characteristic is what gave her the ability to overcome fear and to maintain her trust in the divine beings who were assisting and guiding her. Courage and faith are precisely what lifted her from the life of a simple maiden destined to spend her entire life in the rural farming country near Domrémy, and transformed her into a Divine warrior for France! The world has never seen her like – and many people do not understand the process of her transformation. This is precisely why she brings us this message in the present day – where it is so needed – to inspire both the women and men of our age to fully accept and use what she describes as “the mantle of our own power.”

She says to us now, “I was able to do what I did because I knew that what I did was not by my power or my will alone, but also through the energies of the love and devotion that I felt for the people of France and for all those in the higher realms who inspired me constantly. I was never alone! I never felt that I must do all of this through only my power and abilities. And it is the same for each of you – once you realize and accept the immense power of the Divinity that is within you!”

There is evidence that Jeanne was not only spiritually, but also physically transformed by these great spiritual energies which were constantly within her, because when she was burned at the stake, the executioner, Geoffroy Therage, told Brother Isambart de la Pierre, who later made record of this conversation, that he was completely baffled by the fact that her heart was impervious to fire.1 He said that he used every means at his disposal to cause her heart to be consumed in the flames, but could not accomplish this – even after the use of the oil, sulfur, and charcoal which was applied in this attempt. He was so greatly disturbed by what he had witnessed at her execution, when she repeatedly called out the names of Jesus and the saints as she was encircled by the flames, and lastly by these futile attempts to have every trace of her consumed in fire, that he later told many people that he feared greatly for his soul and believed that he was eternally damned for burning a holy woman.

It was the intention of Jeanne’s English captors and executioners to completely reduce her body to ashes and cast them into the Seine in order to permanently obliterate any trace of her — so that she would not be made a martyr, and there would never be any memorial made to her by the people of France. However, even in this attempt, their purposes were thwarted, as there are statues and images of Jeanne d’Arc, the “Deliverer of France,” at many places in France to this day! It is clear that all of these attempts to destroy Jeanne physically, as well as to obliterate the memory of her, have only succeeded in making her stronger and creating a powerful and timeless image!

Who was Jeanne d’Arc? And what did she come to Earth to accomplish? She says that “It pleased God to send a simple maid to deliver France from her enemies.” She does not consider herself to be “special” or “above the abilities of other people” in any way. She speaks to those of us alive today to both inspire and educate us about the path she followed – so that we may have the ability to learn from the facts of her life – which she considers to be a testament to the ability of the divine forces to intervene in the affairs of human beings and to transform our bodies, our minds and emotions, as well is the circumstances of our lives.

“Let me be a symbol to the people alive on Earth today that nothing whatsoever is impossible to you – when you align your faith and trust with the higher realms, who constantly walk with humanity, waiting only for your acceptance and invitation in order to intervene in and transform the circumstances of your lives. What I did was certainly considered by many to be impossible – but bear witness to the facts of my life, and know and believe that nothing is impossible to you!

“It is all done through belief – and the understanding of how to align your will fully with higher divine will and power, and receive the love of these beautiful heavenly beings. It was not impossible to me, because I believed – and placed myself in their hands! And you may do the same, each of you. In this day and age of such turmoil and challenge, many lose hope and faith, yet I, Jeanne, say to you that the power of heaven is more powerful than any earthly power and can conquer and overcome all obstacles to faith. What is done through faith is permanent on the Earth – though all the world try to destroy it – and I am the living proof of that!

“My life and my mission still live in the hearts and minds of all of you – and I hope to inspire you to further greatness by my words to each of you now. You are not alone, dearest ones! The heavenly realms stand with each of you, always, to strengthen your resolve and lead you triumphantly in the paths you choose to travel. Go with God, beautiful ones, and fear not! For where this path leads, there is only the glory of God in fulfilling your divine purpose.”

Overcoming fear and doubt is the challenge to all of us – the Lightworkers on Earth now – because these are often the things which most hold us back from fulfilling our divine purpose on Earth. Jeanne is hoping that we will use the image that she created during her earthly life to find inspiration in the present day which seems many times so full of discord and the challenges which we must face. Hope, faith, and trust are the antidotes for the pain of these challenges in the present day where there is so much fear and doubt about finding our true identity, knowing our self-worth, and understanding and using the capabilities we possess.

And she says to us, “I am still here with you, dearest ones, Armies of the Light – to both inspire and strengthen you as I may. Let me walk with you NOW!”

Thus she still lives! A living “Beacon of Light” to all of us alive on Earth in the present day – challenging and guiding us – to find the greatness within ourselves and make use of this – to make this world, which still contains so much of fear and anger, a better place. And it is truly better because she lived! Let it also be made better through the lives of each of us!


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