By Star Hinman, Spiritual Channel & Messenger for the Ascended Realms

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Lady Portia, when she is invited to do so by your Higher Soul Presence, is able to establish communication lines with the individual who is having a private session with her, to afford the client further information and support as necessary.  This might come in the form of insights, epiphanies, or a flow of knowledge about a subject which is interesting or challenging for the client.  Portia can also “infuse” the client with beneficial, positive energies which can assist in lifting the body and emotions into a state of harmony.  In this way, the beneficial results of the sessions go far beyond the actual 1 ¼ hours of time that people spend talking with Portia during the private sessions.  Portia has said  “I do not understand the concept of being tired, I go from one to another” – speaking of the work that she does with all humanity that is open to her assistance.

We offer private sessions to our clients in all price ranges in order to accommodate your specific needs:

You can choose from 1 hour, or 1 ½ hour sessions. Your session includes an emailed MP3 Audio file as well.  Contact Star by email at  You can also use the Contact  Form by clicking HERE

“The channel was utterly amazing.  .  .  I was so blown away that afterwards I lay down to rest and fell into a deep sleep for several hours.  Thank you so much!  You have given me what I have longed for all my life, but never thought was possible.”

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Recent Testimonial: “My channeled reading with Star and her connection to Portia, was in a word, amazing.  It felt multi-dimensional – offering confirmation, information, psychic solace and healing.  The latter I did not expect.  I felt a warm, energetic blanket of love as she spoke.  Her words were nourishing from her first to her last.  This work is deep, soul level stuff.  I came from it with a solid sense of authenticity.  I was validated and understood to a level I’ve not felt before.  It was powerful while gentle and profound.  Another surprise is that each time I listen back to the reading, I get more…  I recommend Star’s gifts with enthusiasm and -0- hesitation. ”
Marsha Hultberg, Oakland, CA.

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About Lady Portia

People ask her everything!

“Why have I been faced with such difficulties in my life?  Is this some sort of punishment?”

“Why do I feel like I just don’t ‘belong’ or ‘fit in’ with everyone else?”

“What am I supposed to be learning and accomplishing in this lifetime?”

The questions range from the topic of difficulties in relationships to wondering about the soul’s purpose in this incarnation, and she carefully tailors her responses to the level of understanding of the person to whom she is speaking, so that it is all helpful and fully-understandable information.  She has a wonderful sense of humor, and this colors many of her responses to questions.  Lady Portia is delightful to talk with, never judgmental, and always ready to assist in every possible way.

Introduction by Star:

Lady Portia, as she prefers to be called, is a Goddess, which means that she holds the energies of the Divine Feminine, which include the qualities of Transfiguring Divine Love, one of the most transcendent and potent frequencies of the vibrational qualities of love now available to the planet Gaia, Earth.  This frequency alone is capable of stimulating and supporting great changes within each of us!

Those who contact Lady Portia in these sessions by raising their consciousness and vibrational level to blend with her energies, receive broad-ranging frequencies of assistance, including but not limited to, downloads of information and stimulation of the soul memory to assist you to access information  which will assist you in this life’s experience.  This level of awareness is the next step for Humanity, and is needed in our evolutionary journey through states of consciousness.

Lady Portia, in her own words:

She says, “The focus of my work is the elevation of consciousness among Humanity in order to accomplish the realization of potential, and the stimulation of memory of who you are, in reality, not simply who you might believe you are, so that you may have the conscious, present-time experience of all that you are, throughout multidimensional reality.

“After much observation of Humanity from the vantage point of my service on the Board of Karma, I have unique perspective and much useful information which I am able to draw upon to advise many, as they are coping with life’s challenges.

“It is my Honor to work with those who seek the Light!”


Lady Portia is not well-known, even throughout metaphysical communities, so I will give a little background of who she is:
Lady Portia has been known, traditionally, as the Goddess of Freedom, Justice, and Opportunity, the Twin-Flame of Beloved Saint Germain, and she states with some humor that this is a more-than-adequate title!  However, she would prefer to be thought of as a “Divine Assistant to Humanity,” as she brings her expertise into her communication with human beings in order to assist them on every level needed.

This knowledge has been gathered by observing humanity throughout countless ages and evolutionary patterns, as those of Earth have matured and grown in consciousness.  Her perspective is huge, since she has been able to observe the relationships of Earth-based humanity over the ages, and to learn, herself, of the “ways of men.”

Lady Portia has been the central figure on the Board of Karma where we have all presented ourselves, in Spirit, in order to gain the opportunity for incarnation on Earth, and our soul records were reviewed with us at that time.  Through this experience, she has gained unique information and perspective regarding how best to assist those that she speaks with now in the private sessions.  She says that most of the people she advises in the sessions have come before her on the Board of Karma, so she remembers you, though you may not consciously remember the experience.  With access to soul records, she has unique perspective and ability to assist and advise people in everything from the most mundane problems of everyday life, to circumstances requiring the highest Spiritual perspective.

“It is a very big picture that I am looking at,” she says, “and I have learned much of the ways of humanity and how they interact with one another!  It is my sincere wish to assist those of Earth, who are now facing, many of you, extreme challenges in your daily lives, and all of this, as Earth is inexorably being thrust into higher and higher levels of the fifth dimensional energies now coming upon the planet.  These are specifically designed to provide impetus for evolution and change in all things human!

“There  is a very big challenge facing many now on Earth to stay abreast of the changes, to upgrade their body’s energetic frequencies in a timely fashion, so that you do not ‘fall behind’ in adapting yourselves to all these new situations as are constantly being presented to you now!  It is a very big job!  But you have volunteered to be here NOW, to hold the LIGHT for Earth as she makes her transition into the higher states of energy, into fifth dimensional reality, into the realization and tangible experience for all of you, of Heaven on Earth!

“And we, many of us, are here in Spirit, not only to assist you, but to show you the way through the morass of changes; and, for many of you, we assist you to find your way through the many personal difficulties and extreme challenges which face you in your daily lives.

“It is our message to you that help is here!  Assistance may be had!  We are as near to you as your next breath.  And many of you are ready for the full, conscious realization of this fact!

“It is very exciting for us!  We journey with you, supporting you, as you make these changes in your lives, in yourselves, so that you may grow and become the full realization of your potential, and the expression, HERE AND NOW, of all the wisdom and knowledge that you have brought with you, from countless lifetimes throughout multidimensional reality.

“As you move, inexorably, into higher and higher states of multidimensional reality, into fifth dimensional frequencies, you are moving into a quantum state where you are no longer bound so tightly by the seeming confines of time and space, so that many of you are beginning to experience memory of other times and other places.  Formerly, these were referred to as ‘past’ or ‘future’ lives.  However, you are now ready to hear and know the truth of the statement that ALL is existing in what is known as ‘The Eternal Moment of NOW’!  This gives you tremendous power to move your consciousness as you will, and not be bound by limitations which are no longer necessary or beneficial in your experience of reality.

“We are here, many of us in Spirit, to support and guide you through what often seems, on the surface, to be confusing and difficult times.  In reality, everything is unfolding in the perfection of Divine Order, and we shall assist you to have full, conscious knowledge and, perhaps more importantly, the daily EXPERIENCE of this Truth in your Earthly lives!

“I am Portia, and I have given you this Truth,


Payment Information

WE OFFER TWO OPTIONS FOR SESSION TIMES: 1 hour, and 1 ½ hours.  Please contact us for rates at,.   You can also use the Session Intake Form by clicking HERE


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Your session must be paid for at the time the appointment is made in order to hold your appointment time.

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