Published in the April 2012 electronic issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!

Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc).

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2012 by Star Hinman

Dear ones,

The time is NOW!!!

With these heightened energies of your year of 2012 now coming upon each of you — I, Jeanne, wish to bring you this message that the time has never been more perfect for the return to Earth — in all her full beauty and power — of what you refer to as the energies of the Goddess!

I was the embodiment, while on Earth, of exactly these energies as you are all wishing to contact, and so I speak to you now, in all humility, as a servant of the Most High — once again allowed to communicate with, and hopefully to inspire, those of you on Earth.  You are doing important work for Earth, all of you, the Lightworkers, and it is now my intention to bring you the highest perspective on how to work with the energies of the Goddess, in order to have the full use of, and the anchoring of these majestic energies into Earth — for the benefit of the women, certainly, but this is not limited to women.   You will be discovering, ultimately, that this will find its way into being as much of a benefit for the men who are now on the planet!

Why is this so?  Let me tell you!  The Earth is so out of balance now, with masculine energies being very much in the forefront of your consciousness, that what is needed is the increase of the feminine energies in order to take some of this burden off of your men.  They have carried the burden of embodying “strength” for Earth for so long that they are becoming quite tired under the great weight of all of this.  As you, the women of Earth, by aligning with the energies of the Goddess, become aware of your strength as well as your love nature, you will become balanced within who you are, and you will then be able to work in the true nature of partnership with those who have come to embody as male on the planet.  This will balance the energies of Earth herself, and you will feel the difference that this makes in many things, but mainly you will experience a huge change in your abilities to relate to one another in peace, friendship, as well as in the loving relationships which you have.  This will come about because you – men and women — will now be working as equals, and you, women, will feel it and know that this is so.  It will make huge changes in society, in your norms, as well as your relationships.

Everything will change, because you will no longer be dependent on men, subconsciously considering yourselves to be somewhat the “weaker” or “lesser” sex.  You are every bit as powerful as men, but it is so important that you keep the perspective of always working to keep this balanced with your strong love nature.  This is what will tip the scales on Earth, and bring her into fifth dimensional frequencies, quicker than anything else that you can do!  It will improve all the conditions that you are now finding in your society, which so stress many of you at the present time.  This will revitalize YOU, as well as your society!  It will give you the strength, both men and women, to be effective co-creators of change in this present society, which is in such need of a major overhaul in all of the systems which exist now.


This is what will bring about peace for Earth!  When men and women end this competition to see who is the strongest.  It is not needed!  There is no benefit to it!  You only weaken yourselves, and your society by the pursuit of this game, which has gone on long enough, and now must end — for the good of all!  This also will encourage your men to integrate fully into their consciousness the beautiful loving nature which exists within each person who has embodied in the male form on Earth – for as women integrate their strengths, you will find that the men will instinctively be encouraged to bring forth their love nature – to create the balance that you all desire – deep within yourselves.

It is very exciting for those of us in spirit to see how fast those of you on Earth are now able to change – and to fully integrate all of the energies that we, and many other spiritual and cosmic beings, are bringing to Earth!  We work constantly for your benefit — to bring you the upgrades — in order that you may BE the CHANGE that is necessary for Humanity, so that the Earth and all her life forms can move into the New Age.

It is such a change!  Such an immense shift that we are asking you to complete in such a short time!  But you have volunteered!  You have offered to be the ones to upgrade the human bodies, to run these new energies, and to EMBODY the necessary changes in energy frequencies to fully usher in the major changes for your pivotal year of 2012.

So you must continue, with courage, on your path, even as I continued on mine.  You must break the bonds which would deny you full access to the truth of who you are, and ascend to the “Throne Room of Your Own Divinity,” even as I restored sovereignty to the people of France and placed Charles VII, the rightful king, on the throne of France.


There are many in Spirit who assist you now!  Even as the energies of the Goddess are being returned to Earth, to resurrect the “fallen female” archetype, and everything that she represents within your consciousness!  It is time for the full resurrection of the female consciousness into her full stature, as a Being of Light, able to walk upon Earth in all her dignity and strength – the full outpicturing of the completeness of her Divinity.  You are all Gods and Goddesses, walking on the Earth now, many of you do not have the conscious knowledge of this at this time, but you will!  After the events of 2012 you will all be much closer to claiming the entire Truth of your Divine Being, and walking in the conscious knowledge of this daily.  We are waiting to see you wake up!  The times are becoming very exciting and challenging.  We hope that you will meet these challenges with resilience and strength, but, most of all, with your Trust in Spirit, and determination to perceive the larger Divine plan for Earth.

The women of Earth are being empowered now through the energies of the Goddess, which are returning to Earth!  You are being healed, daily!  Do you feel it!  It is real, it is tangible, and it is changing your lives!  You are needed NOW, to take your rightful place on the Earth as empowered women.  Why is this so?  Because, then you will then have your full power and strength, and the wisdom to know how to use these energies in order to protect and heal the spirit of the men who, for so long, have carried the burden of expressing strength on Earth.  You will learn to use your true power to benefit not only yourselves, but the ones whom you love, even as I used my God-given power on the battlefields of France to protect, and, yes, even many times to heal the fallen, who were my soldiers.  Tremendous healings occurred there, not by my ability alone, but by the grace, love, and power of the God and Goddess presence, as channeled to and through me by the ones known as Jesus and Mary.  Their miraculous presence saved us many times from what was a sure death at the hands of our enemies!  They encircled us with their love, and empowered us with their strength, and we were saved!  And it shall be the same for you, Dear Ones!  When the days look the darkest, that is when you must remember to call upon their Light and their Presence, and their Protection, and nothing can touch you from that point onwards!

Yes, there shall be the challenges during your Year of 2012!  But to the courageous goes the Victory!  Your spiritual victory will be to exceed all expectations for you, both personally, and as a people – to forge the New Way, and the New Path, surely, with your strength and love, into the unknown realms which now are existing only in the etheric realms, as potentials for Earth, and the potential that Humanity – both men and women, working together in love and in strength – will forge the way into new dimensions, new realities, and anchor, firmly into Earth, the dawning of the New Day of Enlightenment upon Earth!

My blessings to each of you!  Carry your Light proudly!  It is your gift from All That Is Divine!
I am Jeanne!

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