The Pleiadian Council of Light Addressing the Light Angels Class #62
Star Hinman, Channel.  The Clearinghouse.
Copyright 2012

Dear Ones of the Light,

We come before you now as humble servants of the Almighty — to bring you this knowledge and this perspective from realms beyond realms, and far beyond the perspective of your Earth — for we are those as have been spoken of, as from the Pleiades, and we are deeply attached to many of you who are in this room in ways that you do not yet comprehend or understand. We bring you this message that there is great energy connection between those of us who live upon this place, which you think of as the Pleiades, and yourselves — and we often travel to the realms of Earth to bring what benefit and perspective as we may, because the times of great change are coming for humanity!  And we wish you to know and to recognize the many benefits which you may gain by the recognition of the oneness which exists between your civilization and that which we have created among the stars.

We come to you as your brothers and sisters, for many times this is the truth of the connection between us. It is not only an energy connection!  It is not, as you would think of it, a spiritual connection. In many ways it is quite physical – it is genetics, it is the inner knowledge which is within the human parts of who you are, as this is transcendent, spiritual knowledge which has been made flesh.  It has taken root here in your physical reality, and it has been made into the fabric of your physical bodies!  It is intrinsic to who you are, it cannot be changed – though it needs to be recognized as existing within you in order to have this very important activation of the sacred knowledge which exists within physical form for many of you.

Now I’m not saying that everyone upon the Earth does possess this coding and this information, yet I would tell you!  For those that do, this will be a great benefit to you as you learn how to use this information because this, many times, will come into your consciousness as a starburst of energy and enlightenment!  It will change the way you view the Earth. This is not some outpost, some solitary place where you — and only you — exist and have consciousness!  And this is the great awakening which is even now being prepared for humanity:   it is how to have the benefit of the knowledge which will be sparked through the consciousness of many of you – that you are not alone in the universe — as so many on your planet have thought.

And the knowledge of this, I would say, is going to be coming rather quickly to many people upon the Earth. It is the “great awakening” which is preparing to happen upon your planet!  And this is precisely why we have been allowed to come forward to speak with you about this,  because it cannot be held back any longer by those who would deny you this information simply for selfish reasons and for the expressed attempt to hold you back in your spiritual growth and your spiritual knowledge – because it is the “spark of wisdom” which fires the codes within the cells, within the center of the cells, within your bodies — and the truth of this is coming into the knowledge for humanity at this precise time upon the Earth for a specific reason — and that is to carry you far beyond the grasp of those who would, for selfish ends, wish to control the consciousness of humanity. This glass ceiling, as has been spoken of – yes, it has been shattered!  It has been removed, and no longer exists as an energy barrier around the Earth — and that is why so much of this information is now able to come forward to humanity, to those of you who, through the love of your hearts, would assist humanity.
Many of you are of our DNA, you are our progeny upon the Earth – and the truth of this shall shortly be coming more into the knowledge, the common knowledge, of many people upon the Earth –because this is a foundation stone that is being laid now in the melding, the merging of many civilizations throughout the universe. This is not only happening upon your planet — because this type of knowledge is being brought forth to many, through many realms, through the expanded knowledge that is carried within the very cells of your bodies. And we have the capability to fire these codes when you are of our DNA.  We have the energetic connection with each of you, and we are able to come forward and to assist you in this very intimate and, what would be the word, “person-to-person way” is the closest I can come with this.  It is an energy connection between brothers and sisters, between members of far-flung star families. We are your brothers and sisters, we are your mothers and fathers, and we are your kin in many ways which you do not yet understand. It is more than genetics; it is a spiritual lineage which cannot be denied any longer upon the Earth — because this is too important to be held back.

Humanity must realize that you are deeply connected through your spiritual heritage to many other star systems, to many other beings — and this is where you are going to derive this spark of knowledge which is coming to each of you, which is going to expand your consciousness the maximum that you will allow, that you will be able to withstand. It is a huge expansion for humanity that is coming, and that is why we have been allowed to speak to you about this, to let you know that this is more than mere genetics, it is more than firing the codes of DNA coding. It is a remembrance of the deepest spiritual knowledge which is possible to come forward within each of you. It is the opening of the Stargate within your heart, to put it very simply, and to be the full statement of this truth. This is what will fully connect you to your divinity, dear ones. This is what is coming for you when you realize that you are much more than human – you are human, you are divine, and the knowledge of your divinity extends far beyond this room, far beyond this neighborhood, this state, this country, and this planet. You see you are not limited by the finite concepts of limitation as you have so often thought of this. And through the expansion of this knowledge, through your consciousness, you are going to be expanded into other realms of consciousness — into expanded states which you can only imagine at this point – into telepathic communication with your brothers and sisters throughout other star systems of reality. This is what we wish for you, it is to eradicate the limits, the artificial limits which have been placed upon your consciousness by those who wished, out of ignorance, to control you.

And now all of this is gradually being reversed as the Divine Truth of your Being now begins to shine its light through your DNA structures, through the cellular reality of who you are, and ignites this spark of divinity so irrevocably within you, that then there is this igniting of the divinity throughout the Stargate of the Heart. And this is what will bring you home, dear ones, in your consciousness, in your great quest for knowledge, for the truth. You have all contacted us and wished for truth — to know the truth of your heritage, from whence you have come, and where, again, you will be going. And to answer your question, we have requested and received permission to contact you in this way — to let you know that your prayers have not only been heard, but now, in this way, are allowed to be answered with the knowledge which you have desired about what would be the path home –to what you can remember in the spiritual parts of who you are, and the longing that exists there for many people, to have the recognition of all that is familiar and truth,  and speaks to the full divinity of who you are — within each of you, within your heart, within your minds.

You are divine! There is no denying this!  And you are human.  And within the marriage of these parts of who you are, is the answer to all that you are seeking.  All that you would wish to know may now be revealed to each of you, as you wish.  As you call forth for the truth, so it must be revealed to you — as you ask us for truth so we must answer you, you see. It is the great law throughout the universe; the call must first go forth from you. And once this is done we are then free to answer you with the information which you would seek from us. And it has been done in this way, we have been spoken to by your hearts, by your minds, and now we have come before you to tell you that shortly the doors will be opened and there will be no more separation for those who desire this change — because the time has come, the wheels of time have turned – and all has come into preparation for what is about to happen upon the Earth. And you will be the forerunners of this. That is your job! That is what many of you have come here to do, and I speak to those who have the memory of this — to fire the codes within you now, to bring this forth into full flower – that you may have the full Light of your Consciousness available to you now within this moment.

We do much work with you this night, to free you from everything which would artificially hold you back from the recognition of who you are, what you have come here with – the sacred knowledge that you have brought – and to have this revealed to you now because this is the time that has been spoken of in the prophecies of old! This is the moment when the Star Beings come forth upon the Earth to begin the magic that only you can bring forth!  Only you know how to do what is necessary now to be done upon the Earth — if you will but trust! This is the key that opens the door to all that is within you. This is the key that unlocks your heart and allows the great truth and knowledge which is stored there to be released, yet to your conscious minds – that you may once again be One in this knowledge, and not to have the darkness of fear, or separation from us any longer.

We have been allowed to bring you this message out of great love and compassion for those of you who are on Earth, by the great Being whom you know as Jeshua, or Jesus. He is our benefactor in this quest of love, of Freedom for humanity. And as the blessing is allowed to come forth in your hearts, so it will ignite the heart flame reality through all people. This is non-denominational! This is not limited to those who have genetics from the Pleiades! There are no limits to this – it is the heart flame truth of the love which is possible between people — to break the bonds of the old ways which have held humanity in servitude too long!  And now this is about to be dispensed with — with your help, with your conscious participation, with your willingness to carry this Light, which has been activated this night within your heart center, that you may be a living torchbearer for this Light, and to carry it to all those that you encounter throughout the Earth!  That is our wish for you — that is our humble request for each of you!

As we give you the knowledge of this, then it is up to you what you will choose to do with it. But it is being given to many people throughout the Earth.  We speak to you because we have had the opportunity to do so, but this is being given to many – all those who are wishing to cooperate with this program are being approached and given the opportunity to know of this, to feel the huge activation which goes forth through your energy field once you allow this to happen.
We approach you with great love because we consider you one of us – though we may seem a little foreign to you, yet we know the truth of the connection between us, and so we think of you as family, as members of our extended family – on Earth, though you may be!

Greetings to our Brothers and Sisters of the Earth plane reality!  We wish you well. We send you much love, and we hold you eternally in this Light of Divine Perfection!  Know that it is yours, dear ones, and come before Creator with this knowledge and you shall be Divine — in full consciousness — before you leave this incarnation.

Our blessings to each of you, and good evening,

We are the Pleiadian Council of Light

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