“The Gift I Ask of You”

Jeshua (Lord Jesus), Prince of Peace
Star Hinman, Channel.  The Clearinghouse.
Copyright 2012


Dear Ones,

At this blessed time of the year – I come to you, who love me – with such a gift of my love!

However, this year, I am asking, in return, a gift from the Heart of each of you!

There is something I request from each one of you in embodiment on Earth – and this is that you now surrender to me all the stored-up records that you have ever collected over countless centuries of lifetimes, of the memories of every time someone has hurt, betrayed, ridiculed, or angered you.

You have stored all of this away – waiting for the Day of Judgment – when all may be balanced in The Scales of Justice!  I tell you that Day is here!  Now!  It has come upon the Earth!

But, instead of being a Day of Judgment, it has transcended, through the activities of The Heavenly Host, to become a Day of Blessing and Healing – a Day of Releasing and Forgiveness.  Why?  So that YOU can become whole!  In Oneness with me, the Christ Light upon the Earth!

So I ask each one of you, I humbly implore you, to release into my Hands of Light, all the memories, the pain, the anger, of the hurtful deeds that were ever done to you!

To release it NOW!

This is the Christmas Gift which I ask of each of you.  .  . That you release all of this to me, and allow me and The Angels of The Most High to take the weight of all of this from your shoulders, so that you can remember Peace and Wholeness at this sacred time of the Year!

It is my, our, prayer for you at Christmas, and always, that you be restored to Peace and Wholeness in the Light of your Spirit and through the Love of my Heart!

I Am, forever, your humble servant,

Jeshua, Prince of Peace

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