A Soul Mythology Story
Including a Channeled Message from Lady Portia, Goddess of Freedom, Justice, & Opportunity

Star Hinman, Channel.  The Clearinghouse.
Copyright 2013

The Setting:  A beautiful home of long, low design, constructed of dark stone, set in the midst of a lush garden – complemented by a rock wall covered with hundreds of butterflies.  A group of approximately ten individuals are relaxing in an outdoor seating area of the garden in the late afternoon, discussing the completion phase of one of their Starfleet missions.

Butterfly Garden


We were happily minding our own business one afternoon in the Alcyone star system (which is in the Pleiades star cluster) on the planet Ozmond, when whose ship should appear over the distant horizon but the one carrying the beautiful Lady Portia and her entourage, who emerged from the ship to give us the glad news that she had devised yet another plan for the assistance of Earth.  We were all very pleased to hear this news because Lady Portia’s plans are always – though quite challenging to execute – a great benefit to the inhabitants of Earth.

“I would like for those of you who will volunteer for this mission — to go to Earth — of course, taking human form – so that we can have a representative party from this star system to carry out some very delicate maneuvers,” she said, looking straight at us, the small group that was gathered at my home on that fateful day.

We knew the importance of the mission – else she would not have approached us – a trained unit of the Special Forces Starfleet of the nebula Alcyone.  What could we do?  We were helpless under her expectant gaze!

“Of course, Portia, we’ll be glad to take this on,” we said.  All the while thinking to ourselves that we weren’t committed to doing anything that required immediate attention for some time anyway – and what’s one mission to Earth more or less?  In hindsight, I can only say, “How wrong can one possibly be?”

“This will require some background information,” she said — as she went on to describe certain activities which needed attention on Earth.  And, in that moment, our fate was set – those of us who volunteered to assist Lady Portia and her new plan for Earth.  It did involve, of course, actually incarnating onto the planet Earth in order to carry out these very delicate maneuvers.  After some negotiations, the deal was completed – the plans were made – and, of course, here we are – finding ourselves now on this distant and strange planet VERY far from home!

Happily, since coming to this planet I have reconnected with Lady Portia and my memory has been reawakened.  In one of our early meetings, referring to the difficulties I have encountered in this lifetime since coming to Earth, Portia gave me the explanation, “This is not a punishment, by any means – it is simply that YOU KEEP VOLUNTEERING!”

Great!  That explains everything.



Yes, Lady Portia had a definite plan in mind for Earth – where wars had raged for eons of time and the planet had nearly been destroyed in the process of all of this!

She knew that the “Time of Enlightenment” was at hand – but she needed representatives of the Star Nations to be willing to take embodiment on Earth to assist in lifting the energies into fifth dimensional frequencies.  Her plan involved having us take human form, but with advanced genetics – to be the pattern for the “New Earth” which was fast approaching.

By her design we were fitted with the advanced genetics necessary to be able to hold the “star codings” for the new millennium on Earth – genetic patterns which would allow us to embody these new energies which are now coming to Earth, in order to “enlighten” the population by the radiation of these energies which are necessary in order to break the bonds of tyranny which had previously been imposed on humanity by many who selfishly wished to control Earth and her many resources, in both human and nonhuman form.

It was a plan of freedom for humanity, designed to bring the foundation building blocks of consciousness into the realm of human experience – in order to expand human consciousness enough to open the door for the New Age energies to begin to be anchored through the bodies and minds of human beings.  Every great plan has to start somewhere, and this was the beginning of Lady Portia and Saint Germain’s “Enlightenment Project for Planet Earth” — to alter the genetics of a few volunteers so that we would be the open door for the entrance of the new frequencies into the Earth plane.

She was right!  This plan, executed through the efforts of all of us who volunteered — and it turns out that there were thousands, sent from many star systems all around the galaxy — has been amazingly successful – because the energy downloads continue to come and be anchored through everyone who is now choosing to participate in this plan.

All of humanity has been able to participate in this plan, from the very beginning, simply by being open and willing to accept the new frequencies of energy coming to Earth in order to transform humanity into the “New Age” humans who will be able to hold in their bodies the higher energies of the fifth dimension.  Our bodies are even now in this process of metamorphosis and transformation from carbon based into crystalline frequency bodies.  This is what will ultimately facilitate the creation and outpicturing of the new “patterns of perfection” on Earth – as humanity learns to create in the outer world based on the heaven realm energies of divine love, abundance, peace, joy, and perfect health.  Pain, death, and suffering, as we have known it, will end when the plan is finally complete.



It is well known how information and energy can effortlessly be transmitted among living beings on this Earth!  Witness the fact of how — once “critical mass of consciousness” is reached within a group – the information transfer becomes both effortless as well as instantaneous to ALL other members of the group.  This is just as true for humans as monkeys who are learning how to use a new tool in order to accomplish their goal of obtaining food!  Once a set group of individuals has mastered the art of bringing in new energies and ideas, this higher paradigm for the species is instantaneously transmitted to all – through the interrelated nature of multidimensional DNA consciousness.  It is as though each particle of the DNA material is a tiny “radio transmitter” which is always “ON” and broadcasting the new frequencies of Light and information to all other particles of corresponding DNA, wherever they are located.

In this way, we are all broadcasting stations of our own individual frequencies – constantly updating each other with the latest information – whether this is originally downloaded by one or one hundred individuals.  Those of you who volunteered for this mission to Earth were the forerunners of the New Age of consciousness on Earth – and you, by your dedication, continue to support this mission.



Because you are able to hold the highest frequencies, which are constantly being released to Earth in a steady stream of enlightenment, these energies – containing much knowledge and information – are constantly being made available to all the inhabitants of Earth, who benefit greatly from this exercise in receiving and transmitting Light frequency activation.

And this will not end!  It is only in the beginning phases of making the changes which are necessary for Earth – and now many of the beings who incarnate on Earth are also bringing advanced genetics from many star systems around your galaxy.  So this is, and has been, a very large project – and, I will say, somewhat of an experiment for Earth – because this type of thing has certainly not been tried elsewhere on this scale and magnitude.

And it is being quite successful!  Many are now benefiting from this project – which was begun by a relatively small number of volunteers – proportionally measured and compared to the vast numbers in the population of your planet.  The results of this will be good!  It has accelerated by decades the genetic progress of current generations – so that, we feel, we will reach the goal of achieving critical mass for the successful anchoring of the highest frequencies necessary to manifest fifth dimensional reality on this planet by significantly fewer generations than was previously expected.

And this is by design – this was the original purpose of “The Enlightenment Project for Planet Earth” which we expressed to these first volunteers who began this mission long ago.  It is a plan which, once begun, must come to fruition – because there is no power that can stop this now.  The salvation of Earth has been assured – by your dedication and your work – all of you who have originally volunteered for this mission, and all of the others, countless thousands of you who have come on board since the mission began, and who now continue the work by consciously aligning with the Light, receiving the latest downloads to your energetic frequencies and DNA patterning, and successfully transmitting all of this material to your fellow human beings.

We are delighted to be able to tell you that you have already succeeded beyond our fondest hopes – and, yes, even our “wildest dreams” to use a phrase from your language to express this!  Well done! To all of you who have, through great personal sacrifice and the immense love in your hearts for humanity, been successful in this mission of “Saving the Earth!” we say, “Well done!”

Much love, as well as our personal regards, to each of you,

Lady Portia & Saint Germain


Channel’s Note:

Although popularly considered to be fiction, articles such as this one may more accurately be described as works of “soul mythology,” because they are remembrances of other times and places, experiences in multidimensional reality, which many people are having now – as the consciousness of humanity is being so successfully expanded by “The Enlightenment Project for Planet Earth,” begun by Lady Portia and Saint Germain long ago.

The world is very well acquainted with objective reality, or the world as seen through the lens of the left hemisphere of the brain, where everything can be quantified, weighed and measured, and determined to be either correct or incorrect according to our previously-accepted human agreements regarding what is “truth” in the outer world.  On the other hand, there is the world of myth and song, where our soul is able to sing to us a different song, comprised of the notes and images from deep within us, the source of this often being the heart, and the right hemisphere of the brain — which is capable of reaching far beyond what we are able to see with our physical eyes and discern with the other physical senses.  To feel with the heart and to know with the soul – this is the new vision of “reality!”

Often, as human beings, when we remember or attempt to describe experiences in non-ordinary or multidimensional reality, the information from these experiences is then filtered through the brain and nervous system of the human body in this reality, so that these experiences are “remembered” and described to us by our current nervous system couched in images which we, as people, are able to recognize and accept as true “reality.”  The intelligence of the soul speaks to us in a language we can understand!

And, in closing, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the many Pleiadian volunteers who have so selflessly supported this mission by traveling in their lightships to the portal of Earth for the purpose of assisting with the many genetic and other upgrades and repairs which were necessary for those of us who were the human volunteers in this project.


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