Published in the December 2013 issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE! 


 The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light

Star Hinman, Channel for Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters

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Channel’s Note:  This is the transcript of a live channeling before a group on September 10, 2013.


Well, hello there!  There are many of us here with you this evening, yet I am the one allowed to step forward to address you.  We are those whom you have called “The Pleiadians,” and we have come to speak with you and to bring you healing energies because we can see that this is so necessary for many upon the Earth now.  We are quite aware of how to do this work for mankind because of our close association, genetically, with all of you. So, Lady Portia has called upon us to be with you this evening as a result of the many challenges which the bodies of humanity are having now on the Earth.  We feel that we may be of some assistance with this, to bring the genetic upgrades — but also to bring you much perspective with what is going on for humanity and the Earth — because many of you are in a state of wonderment or confusion.


Although you are experiencing the effects of all of this, yet you do not have the complete picture of what is happening on the Earth — and this will be revealed more and more as time goes on.  What I can tell you, at this moment, is that you are in the beginning stages of a many year expansion in your consciousness, which ultimately will lead you to the places within yourselves that you can all remember!  Many of you have these feelings, these memories, and you have been somewhat frustrated because you feel that things are not quite right upon the Earth now. This is because everything is still being adjusted, to bring forth the time which you remember, when your genetics match the energies of the Earth and all is in 5th dimensional frequencies. This is why all of the adjustments are being made to your genetics now, and this is what is upsetting many of you on the physical levels of who you are — because sometimes this does just take a period of adjustment before everything smooths out once again.  And some of you are a little reluctant to take the necessary time to allow the body to rest, after these adjustments are being made.


And so what we can recommend to you, at this moment, is to recognize this higher process that is going on for all mankind now, not only yourselves. This is a very broad-ranging project that we are doing for the Earth, to see how quickly you can move forward.  Some of you are very challenged by this, obviously, but others are having great benefit from this process.  And so, it is about, is it not, keeping the balance between when this is too much of a challenge for certain ones or not enough for some others.  We do try to keep a balance here, so that everyone is receiving some benefit and so that no one is being unduly stressed by this process.


What I would recommend to you is that, when you feel that these adjustments have been made, you allow the body to rest for the next day –and this will allow a much faster integration of what has been done, rather than to carry this forward over days and weeks by stressing the body by too much activity after one of these adjustments.  A little time is what is needed, and these rest periods for the body — particularly at this time, and for the next few months on the Earth, these will continue at a very fast rate.  And that is why I have been allowed to come in to speak to you about this, because we want you all to understand that there is nothing wrong with your physical bodies if you are having these symptoms which you have spoken about and other difficulties in the functioning of your body, because this is a normal effect of what is going on within you at this time.


Now, we are not responsible for all of this.  Some of this is your body‘s natural response to the changing Earth energies.  The rest you can blame on us! And this is a happy state of affairs, because none are more qualified to work upon human genetics than us — because you are of our genetics.  We are closely linked, in many ways that you do not yet understand, but you will!  This information will be gradually revealed to mankind as time goes on and the mass populace is ready to hear of the intimate connection between our genetics.  This will be of great benefit to humankind when this information can be fully revealed, because it will answer many of the questions which your scientists have had regarding human genetics, you see. Much of this is unnecessarily a mystery to them now and that is only because they are persisting in examining human genetics by the presently-existing physical means and equipment, rather than by the advanced technologies which we will be able to bring and to furnish them, at the proper time, when the evolutionary leap has been made in consciousness to allow the acceptance of something such as this.


We are waiting for the opportune moment to advance genetic science upon the Earth by light years, I would say, because that is what is going to occur.  And this will mean the end of many, if not all, of the maladies which are presently the affliction of the physical bodies of many who are on Earth now.  We have the answers to all of this, but we have not been allowed to comunicate this to the mass populace — and so the suffering which you have referenced, in the earlier speaking with us, is continuing to the present day.  Yet, we feel that, not only is this unecessary, but the time for the ending of this is close at hand.  And that is why we are pushing the timetable somewhat, to have more open communication with the human populace — because we can see the benefit which would accrue to humanity, by the opening of communication lines, not to mention the huge downloads of informational frequencies which could be opened to the human populace.  It is a very large picture that I am looking at here, because this would revolutionize human consciousness as you know it.


You stand upon the edge of something which you do not even perceive.  What we can bring to humanity, in the way of expanded consciousness, could best be described as exponential!  And we await permission from your governments, in order to freely contact the population of Earth, in order to make these changes which would instantly end the suffering which many of you have been experiencing.  And it would open doorways in human consciousness, of which there is no adequate description which can be given at this time, which you would fully understand.  But I can tell you that it would be exponential change in mathematics, in science, in astronomy, in medicine — all of the disciplines, all of the knowledge bases upon Earth would be upgraded to the point of then being non-recognizeable as to what they were before.


This is where you stand now in your consciousness, those of you who are upon the Earth and incarnate at this time.  It would mean the ending of suffering, as you know it.  And that is why we are so focused on bringing this information to humanity in as expeditious a manner as is possible, because we do not wish to see our brothers and sisters suffer unnecessarily – because, at this point, truly it is unnecessary, with the technology which we have and which we are willing to bring to you, as quickly as possible.


We feel that these changes will come within the next ten years on Earth, if not before. Ten years is the outer range of this time frame.  We are aiming for a much earlier date to begin our work with humanity, but there are still certain negotiations that need to be made with certain governments on the Earth before this contact can be made, and be made known to the populace.  There has been contact for many years now, with those that are in government positions — but the information that they have received has been used privately and for the benefit of a few, when we would prefer to have this benefit the mass populace.


That is why we are eagerly awaiting permission to openly contact the ones who will be the actual beneficiaries of this knowledge.  And we are becoming much more open in our communications with human beings, obviously, by being here with you and speaking to you in this manner.  And there will be more who will be contacted about these matters over the next year, as time permits, and as we come into contact with ones who can receive the information which we have to offer and to altruistically make use of this for the greatest good of the mass populace — because that has become the focus of our work at the present time.  It is first, the dissemination base for this information — and that is what we are creating now, the network of individuals who will be receiving this information as a precurser to more active contact with the mass populace.  And that will come in time, but we do not wish to rush this process because all of this must be done in steps and stages, as the human psyche is able to adapt to these new experiences and to signify to us that they are ready for more –because we are not going to push this to the point of overwhelming the societal structure, as we see it formed and operating now.  We do not wish to “upset the apple cart” I believe you would say on Earth.  We wish to work with the structures, the norms, the customs, and the ability to receive, understand, integrate, and use what we have to offer.  So this will be carefully calibrated.  When we see how this is being received, then we will be able to make the necessary adjustments — because we do not wish to place stresses or strains on either your society or the human consciousness.


We are experts in working with humanity.  We have done this for a very long time, unbeknownst to the mass population.  And we have intimate knowledge of the human being because you are very much like us, you are of us, you are created from our genetics, as you know, I’m sure.  So we are intimately linked, in more than just genetics, also in our ability to feel emotion and in the ways that we think and process information.  And that is why it will be very easy for us to communicate with the human population in order to upgrade certain systems, as have been mentioned, upon the Earth –because these are outmoded and antiquated, and the only reason, I can see, that they have not already been replaced with something that would serve man to a much higher level, would be the power bases that are in control of your cultures.  The information is there –it has been there for a very long time, for the upgrading of much of this, but because of the selfish nature of some who are in control of this information, it has not been made available to your benefit.


And that is what we are wishing to change, you see.  That was our original intention — it was to benefit Earth by, once again, realigning with the human psyche and delivering some of this scientific information which would relegate much of this, what you have now, to the past, in the way of technology.  But this was stopped by those whom you are not aware of at this point in time. But we do not feel that this will happen again because now it is possible to make certain adjustments, to ensure that the knowledge we bring will be given to you, and it will benefit you — those whom we intend to assist by our presence and by the technology which we may share with all of you.  This will not be many years in the coming!  It could be very fast — it could be next year or the year after that.  It is an unknown, at this point in time, when this will actually be allowed to happen — because the negotiations are still in progress at the present time, when I am speaking to you.  And that is part of the reason I have been allowed to speak to you this evening — it is because plans are being laid to bring all of this to the forefront in human knowledge.  But we await your governments, to have their response.


And so I have brought you this knowledge and this perspective this evening, and I hope this has been enlightening and instructive for you.  It is our intention to open doorways in consciousness so that you can conceive of things that you might not otherwise have thought of, because all of this is coming at a very rapid pace!  It could appear, and the human psyche needs to have some advance warning of this, to be allowed to prepare to receive the greater knowledge, which will then free them from many of the artificial constraints on their awareness, on their intellectual levels as have been instituted in the past.  You will become aware of all of this that I am alluding to, as it is gradually revealed to you — the machinations which have been done to control humanity and the level of your consciousness.


You are on the verge of a breakthrough with all of this, where you will soar unfettered into the higher realms of consciousness, from whence you have come.  And you will feel very at home when you arrive there, because it will spark your memory of places you have been and things you have known, only temporarily forgotten now, you see.  But once this begins to enter your consciousness, you will find it easily remembered from forgotten times, when you were with us in the Pleiades.  Many of you come from this place and have these memories, just beneath the surface of your consciousness, as this one here (the channel) has spoken to you about. We wish to awaken your full memory of who you are, and to have you experience the conscious use of this knowledge in order to awaken the multidimensional awareness which is your birthright, dearest brothers and sisters.  We await the moment of your return to consciousness!


Blessings to each of you. It has been our joy to be with you this evening, and I hope that this talk has been instructive to some. Good evening.



Channel’s Note:   In their comments about us “remembering“ a future time for Earth, the Pleiadians say:   “Many of you have these feelings, these memories, and you have been somewhat frustrated because you feel that things are not quite right upon the Earth now. This is because everything is still being adjusted, to bring forth the time which you remember, when your genetics match the energies of the Earth and all is in 5th dimensional frequencies.“  They are speaking about our experiences in multidimensional reality, and the fact that when we have been in other realms, perhaps with them, we have been instructed about the present time on Earth, in order to prepare us for the mission which is now at hand, to assist the Earth and all her life to move into the realms of Divine Perfection, fifth dimensional reality, where there is much peace, love, joy, abundance, and the experience of perfect health.  Within the framework of these instructions, we were given images containing much information about this time on the Earth.  These images and memories are now emerging into the consciousness of many now upon the Earth!


The Pleiadians are “awaiting permission from the governments of Earth“ before openly contacting the populace of Earth because it is their intention that this process be completely peaceful and without any elements of fear or violence, so that this will be a “totally beneficial experience,“ as they have said.


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