“Made In the Image of the Lord”

Lord Jesus
Christmas Message
December 2013

Star Hinman, Channel for Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters

Dearest Saviors of Earth,

Your mission is at hand for the Illumination of those who are living on the Earth!

Those who consciously hold my Light have come to BE the saviors for Earth, and your moment is NOW!  Never has the need been greater for the Light, for your love, blessing those of Earth.  We in the Heavenly Realms bring you peace in this sacred hour on Earth.  We support your work daily and hourly!  Know this, and FEEL our presence, dearest ones, as we walk beside you daily.

You are never alone to face the challenges which confront you now — as the day draws near for the transformation of the consciousness of mankind to the truth of your Christed presence!  Each one of you holds this Sacred Light within your Heartflame, and the brightness of this blazes forth, ever more brilliantly day by day, as you are lifted higher by those who attend you from the angelic realms.

Your mission is to bring the Christ Light to the Earth now – by BEING the outward manifestation and Earthly symbol of this Divine Perfection as you consciously align with the Source energy within you, and bring forth this Divine Light to shine once again upon the Earth.  You are the Wayshowers to Humanity – and you have come with this mission for the Dawning of Peace across the Earth – for the restoration of consciousness that, not only are you Divine, but also your brothers and sisters across all foreign lands.

Be at peace as you hold this knowledge, this Image of Peace, for ALL humanity – who so need to hear this message now!  The time of transformation is at hand!  And all humanity shines forth with the radiant Light from within!  The skies are filled with Light, as are you.

“Made in the Image of the Lord — Learning of Your Divine Origins”

The Day of Peace emerges from the pages of the annals of time as the Book of Knowledge is once again opened to humanity – and you shall know of your Divine Origins!

You are not only human, dear ones!  You are also Divine!  This Light is emerging through the consciousness of humanity, to blaze forth through your hearts and minds, and lift you once again into the Heaven Realms of consciousness – from which you have come.  The Flame of Knowledge which blazes within each of you now consumes the darkness of ignorance, as you once again perceive your Divine Source and your true identity.

You are perfection!  Made in the Image of the Lord – the Divine Source which has created Heaven and Earth, and all life!  You are Divine, dear ones, children of the Most High, and no power on Earth has the ability to change this fact – to alter your identity – or your knowledge of this Truth!

As you remember, as you come into possession of this knowledge, your world shall be transformed – and the Era of Peace for Earth shall dawn across the skies and through the consciousness of humanity.

The Era of Peace IS dawning!  And YOU are the Wayshowers on Earth to bring this Light – to bring this love to all humanity who hunger for this now.  You are the Christed Ones upon the Earth, charged with this Knowledge – the Wayshowers of Destiny in this moment which is filled with such promise for the transformation of Earth!

My blessings and my love constantly go with each of you, to support you on the mission to Earth,

You have known me as Jeshua, Jesus, and Lord Sananda

*          *          *          *          *          *          *

Star’s Note:

“Manifesting the Divine Truth of Who You Are!”

The challenge for all of us now is to remember the truths which have been brought forward in this message about our identity and origins, and to consciously call forth our Divine Source energies from this sacred place within us, the Three-Fold Flame which blazes in our Heart Center.  This is comprised of the pink flame blazing with the feminine polarity of Divine Love, the gold ray of the Christ presence and wisdom of Creator, and the sapphire blue ray of the masculine polarity of the power of the Creator presence.

As we consciously remember to call these forth daily and hourly, our lives and four lower bodies — physical, etheric, mental, and emotional — will be visibly transformed by this Light, love, and the manifested Truth of our Divine Being!

If you like, you may use the following wording:  I decree that my Original Divine Blueprint of Perfection in Human Form is manifesting within me now!  And I will not be moved from the consciousness of this Truth by any outer events or circumstances.

I stand in the Truth of My Being, as in that moment when I was breathed forth from the Heart of God.

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