“Times of Challenge – Times of Change”

Published in the October 2014 issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!

Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger
Copyright 2014

The beauty and strength that is within each of you is being tempered and forged anew by the flames of challenge and change which, even now, enfold and engulf your planet!

The Earth herself is being forged anew – by the great changes which are occurring deep within her core. She is transforming beneath your feet – and in so doing, each of you receives the benefit of this, and you are stimulated to change as well. This is, indeed, a time of great challenge for many – as even your physical bodies feel the effects of all of this and are stimulated to grow in their abilities and change so that you may hold, outpicture, and BE the physical representatives of change upon the Earth!

This is interpreted in your human experience as a huge challenge for many – who are dealing with this in ways as innumerable and countless as the stars in the sky. What we can tell you is that there is no “one way” which is “correct” for each person — for you, dearest ones, are each as individual as the stars in the sky — and for each of you, your pathway to the exploration and expression of the divinity, individuality, and purpose encoded within you is completely unique to who you are now, and to your pathway going forward.

It is, indeed, for each of you, your return journey to the stars — as you uncover the mysteries of creation encoded within you, encoded within the very cells of your physical form — as led by the energies which you hold. And for many of you, your very origin is among the stars — within the many systems of worlds existing in the great cosmos of which you are an integral part.

Though you seek “the path” do not follow the paths of others! You must seek and find the Pathway of Light written within your most intimate codings in the “Secret Place of the Most High” – the divinity codings written, even now, within your remembrance of the oneness with the All That Is – the state of oneness which you knew before physical incarnation on this beautiful “Star of Light” – your Earth. She is becoming the outpicturing of the true light patternings which she holds, from the Ancient of Days who first brought this light to “The Dark Star,” as she was called.

Many of you remember these times and these challenges – when beloved Sanat Kumara descended to Earth from Venus and held the Light for her transformation, even during her darkest hours. And it shall be the same for each of you now, as you have “The Remembrance of the Light” – because that is truly what is occurring on your Earth during these times of such trial and tribulation for many of you.

Even as a diamond is formed through great heat and pressure deep within the earth – transformed from the element carbon as it is re-formed in its atomic structure into the magnificence of the diamond, able to hold higher frequencies of divine light and energy, and to outpicture this in all its radiance – even now this process is occurring within each of you! This process is being stimulated by the new and emerging circumstances of your lives, and all the new thoughts and mental images which we bring to you – to encourage, support, and maintain your progress toward the NEW versions of who you are – as all that is hidden within you is being revealed to your conscious minds in order to form the diamond which you are!

We do not say that this process is easy, for indeed it is NOT! At times this path seems fraught with danger, but know that often this is only the outward mirroring of your fears – pictured in the ways you choose to interpret the great changes that are occurring within and without, inside your being and outside, in the outer world. In reality there is nothing to fear. Indeed, fear and doubt are “the great destroyers,” because they cause you to question yourselves and doubt what you know to be the truth within you.

Fear is not the path of light – and many are discovering this through trial and error as they venture in and out of states of fear where they temporarily allow their fears to take control of their emotions and, more importantly, their minds – for the mind is the gateway to the emotions, and these two together are the “builders of form” within your lives in the outer world. As the thoughts which you form within your minds are clothed with the energies of emotion, they become active thought forms which may then go forth and produce physical forms in your outer world.

Fear has no consequence to the trained mind, able to hold its focus on truth and light – and many are learning through experience this vital fact of existence. Steer your minds from fear wherever possible and focus only on what you KNOW to be of truth and light, and your paths will be ever so much easier upon Earth – for you will not be allowing yourselves to be dragged down by the weight of this into needless suffering! None of you any longer are “required” to have, or benefit from having this experience of human suffering – so do not feel that this is so. Many have had these experiences with religious dogma of being told that suffering was somehow beneficial, necessary, or even “noble” upon the Earth, but this was never true of mankind – and it is certainly not true now! Fortunately, many of you who have been in these old religious traditions are now discovering that this is so, and claiming the freedom which is your birthright. You have truly gone past this point in your human evolutionary experience, and this is the happy message of hope and faith which we wish to instill within each of you now – to maintain the “Pathway of Light” within your souls and your human experience – in order that your pathway of evolutionary progress on Earth may be ever so much easier, and much more enjoyable for each of you. The times of trouble and torment are behind each of you now – IF you will let it be so! But many of you fall victim to, and come under the repeated influence of, your memories of how things WERE, and therefore experience the associated fears and emotional suffering which these memories often bring.

We tell you now that you are beyond this point in time on the Earth, where these things had power to manifest and take control of your minds and feelings – and when you unknowingly allowed this to happen. You are – each of you – different now! You are older, wiser, and you have much more experience of life on Earth, and you know how to successfully respond to these many challenges – instead of simply reacting, by rote response, to outer events.


Arise, O Messengers of Light!
Into this, your finest hour upon the
Your Destiny awaits you!

We challenge each of you now to AWAKEN and take command of your lives and experiences – through bringing forth the conscious knowledge of all the hidden talents and abilities which are within you! You are not who you were – though many of you have great fear of this prospect – that the painful past will somehow, once again, engulf and control you, through the old images, beliefs, and emotions which your memories contain.

We tell you now this important truth – which many of you seem to have forgotten: These memories have only the power over you which YOU allow them to have! YOU are the ones NOW who have the “Power of Destiny” to choose the paths that you will walk, the thoughts and beliefs about “reality” which you will hold, and the emotional realities in which you will choose to participate.

We challenge you now to REMEMBER! Remember your power to change – and to once again realign all that is within you to the Truth which is YOURS – deep within your memories! It is a deeply held and integral part of you, within the DNA codings of each cell in your bodies! You cannot escape it, because it is you! This is not some random thing which comes and goes, appears and makes itself known only to disappear, leaving you feeling victim to helplessness once again.

This is YOURS – so intimately connected with you by the divine fire codings within each cell of your structure that it cannot be lost – though it can be temporarily obscured by the clouds within your consciousness of doubt and fear, which in reality are powerless over you – unless you, by your free will choice, choose to give them your energy, and thereby the power to affect you.

This is your choice – in present time, in the Eternal Moment of Now, your only place of power – for your power does not exist in what you think of as “your past.” It is only NOW – in this moment of choice – when the tremendous power for good which you hold may re-emerge from the clouds of past memories which have held you bound in fear – to emerge once again, as the sun always rises, each day, to bring the light to mankind and Earth to BE the VICTORIOUS ONES upon Earth who bring the light of a new day by fully knowing and embodying that light – unbound and unfettered from the chains of fear and doubt – to once again BE the Freedom that you ARE!

We bring you, in love, this message of Truth,

Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters

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