Published in the December 2014 issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!
“Predictions 2015 & Beyond”
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
With a Message from The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light
Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger
Copyright 2014

A Message from Lady Portia and Saint Germain:

The Earth is moving into a time of intense challenge and change for the Lightworkers on Earth! You will each be challenged to move your consciousness into connection with the deepest levels of strength, guidance, and certainty within you – as the Earth literally shifts beneath your feet!

As the Earth herself enters higher and higher energies, you, yourselves, are being carried into new and untold realms for humanity – and this is not without its challenges for you. Each of you must now be willing to change in order to follow the programs being outlined for each of you through the individual assistance you are receiving from your spiritual guides and teachers. Yes, each of you is now having intense guidance in your period of transformation, and it is vital that you contact all levels of who you are to both hear and be instructed by your higher knowledge on your path forward by all levels of yourselves – physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional – and the perspectives which they bring – because each of these levels has specific information and wisdom about how to respond to the many changes in your inner and outer worlds which lead you forward. You are being stimulated and inspired to grow and change from the deepest levels within you!

This process will be an immense challenge for many of you – to keep your balance as earthly, though highly spiritual, beings who are capable of raising your level of awareness to the highest spiritual realms of knowledge, wisdom, and guidance in order to do the work you have come here to do – to BE the guiding force and Light Bearers for many. You will each learn how to bring forth from the deepest levels within you all that you have learned on Earth through many lifetimes, and also through your experiences within the spiritual realms, in order to bring guidance to others – by your living example of how to live in Light and keep your connection to the highest spiritual realms amid the chaos and confusion in the outer world – for many of the earthly systems such as politics and economics will be thrown into disarray in preparation for the time of great change which is approaching.


It is well known by your scientists who observe these things that, as a system approaches the time of shifting from one paradigm to another, there is the prerequisite appearance of a time of chaos – as the previous organization dissolves in preparation for the formation and appearance of the next level of being. This is what is happening for you now, those of you on Earth, as so much is shifting and changing in the political and economic situations – to name only two of these. The old order of things is being gradually dissolved in preparation for the appearance of the NEW – those things which will serve you much better in the outer world.

Why do we tell you this? To prepare your consciousness to keep the higher spiritual view as all of this is unfolding around you – so that you will not be consumed by fear and experience being disempowered in your immense capabilities to assist this change by responding with love. We would see you focus on holding your center, where you know who you are and what you have come to Earth to accomplish during this period of her “Shift of the Ages” from one paradigm to the next – from third and fourth dimensional awareness into the new time of freedom which is dawning for this planet – fifth dimensional awareness in the New Golden Age of Peace for Earth.

We do not need to tell you that you have come here with a mission! And that is to BE the Divine Change-Makers for Earth and your fellow human beings! You are the ones holding the patterns of perfection and change within your very DNA codings, and you bring all the information you need to accomplish your individual part of the Divine plan for Earth, encoded deep within you. So it is very important that you do not doubt yourselves and your innate capabilities at what is a crucial time of change on Earth. Hold the Light that is within you paramount in your consciousness as this process of change unfolds on Earth – and the progress is made! Doubt and fear have been called “the great destroyers,” and for good reason! So we would prefer to see you avoid these as much as possible in order to assure your full access to all your abilities — and therefore have the use of them.

Those of us in the spiritual realms are counting on you to remember who you are and what you have come here to do – which is to support this process on Earth by being absolutely unmovable from your center point of Truth with its foundation in love, wisdom, and power. You are each learning how to hold, unmovable by outer events, your center – where you know how to combine the three of these elements — love, wisdom, and power — in order to unleash the magic that is within you. Nothing is stronger than the human being who has learned how to successfully merge the three of these elements and express each one of these in balance with the other two, because they work in synchronicity within you to make you an indomitable force for good on the Earth. And each one of you needs to know the importance of this information — so that when you express love it is strengthened by the inner characteristics which it holds, wisdom and strength.

You tend to think of these as separate things because that is how your mind can understand the separate qualities of love, wisdom, and power. But we tell you that within the higher spiritual perspectives which we hold, we see and experience these as the ONE unit of consciousness which, in truth, they are – not three parts acting independently of each other – but one integrated unit of consciousness. This may seem a little strange to some of you, to approach the subject in this fashion, but we tell you that this is the path to the level of mastery which you seek, and which is so vitally needed to be understood and used consciously NOW on your planet. This will lead to the betterment of your circumstances while these wars, and the violence which they bring, seem rampant on the Earth, thereby having impact in the daily life experiences of many of you through their effect on your mind and emotions. So please take a moment to consider this, and allow your minds to wrap themselves around the concept that the three of these seemingly separate expressions of human consciousness are, indeed, ONE in the ways in which they operate within you.

YOU are the ones who must step forward with the Courage necessary to break the bonds of the old ways, to break the grip of negativity and hatred on human consciousness. We know that many of you have recognized the need to play this role on Earth now. You know your moment is here and your purpose is being made clear to you. You have waited lifetimes for this moment — for this challenge to appear! And now we ask you to step forward from behind the veil – to allow yourselves to be SEEN for who and what you are – the “Warriors of Love” – and to do the work that you came here to do — to hold the frequencies of unconditional love for your brothers and sisters who struggle with the dark energies of war and violence – so that they may complete the process of their learning on these topics and be lifted into the higher energies of Peace and Love.
We bring you the perspectives that you will need, moving forward into your experiences of the next year on Earth – 2015.

Our blessings to each of you,

Lady Portia and Saint Germain


A Message from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light

You are learning how to broadcast a new frequency on Earth – those of you who are learning how to move forward in the Light – and the energies who are expressive of the dark don’t like it! They will try to disrupt your consciousness and trick you into focusing your powerful awareness and your ability to create peace in the world instead toward situations of war and chaos. But we think you are not so easily fooled – because you already know where that path leads! You know that wherever you focus the power of your consciousness, you are also magnifying the subject of your focus and giving it your energy through your mental and emotional concentration. In so doing, you may unwittingly create more violence in the world by focusing on war and violence. And since we know that this is NOT what you would like to accomplish, we bring you this message that, above all else, it is important that you hold your focus on the powerful and beautiful energies of your heart center, the place of love within you, and radiate your energies from this point – thereby sending them out to the entire world. This is true creativity!

Hold your focus in the face of all obstruction, obfuscation, disinformation, and attempts to divert the focus of your attention from peace and harmony. You are powerful beyond your knowing – as we stand with each of you – to magnify and focus the energies of unconditional love which you are emitting and consciously sending out to all life on Earth, and to the Earth herself – Gaia. It has been said that “God needs a body” in order to be effective as a “change-maker” on Earth – and this has never been more true than at the present moment! So be aware, and do not allow your energies and your focus to be manipulated and controlled by those who would control Earth through the use of dark agendas.

We suggest that you set aside some time each day to center your awareness in your heart and to realize how creative, powerful, and beautiful this center of consciousness is within the human being. This is your opportunity to begin to change the world by expressing this consciousness of unconditional love to all beings on your planet – regardless of how they are “acting out” because of the fact that they are in a state of fear and violence. Realize that, by doing so, you will be effectively disempowering the scattered, fragmented, and polarized energies which they are unconsciously emitting. It has been said that one Lightworker, acting from the knowledge of their connection with their Divine Source Presence, can change the world! This is how powerful, loving, and beautiful you are when you stand in, with, and for the Light of Truth on this planet! You CAN change the world – if you KNOW you can!

You are “of us” and we are “of you!” We work with each of you who will allow it, intensively, at this important time on Earth – to bring more Light to this planet. Be aware of who you are! You are the humans who are spoken of in future time, as the ones who shifted the balance of power on Earth from dark to Light – through the INTENSITY of your Love!

We are the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, and we bring you this message – in order to see you fully empowered on the Earth!

* * * * * * *

Channel’s Note:

When the Pleiadians say that they are “of us” and we are “of them,” they are referring to the fact that, long ago in human history, the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light seeded the genetics of Earth with the Light codings which they hold – thereby raising the consciousness of humanity into the knowledge and awareness of our Divine Creator Source and endowing us with many of the higher abilities which are unfolding within us at the present time – as we expand our multidimensional awareness to understand the place of our true origin in the stars.

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