Published in the February 2015 issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!
Jeshua (Lord Jesus)

With Saint Germain’s Instruction on
the Use of the Violet Transmuting Flame

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & the Ascended Masters
Copyright 2014


Wintertime Venus/Moon Conjunction Photo by Peter Klein

For those of you on Earth, at this time of your celebration of Christmas, the message from all of us in the Ascended Realms of Truth and Love is this:

You have the power to shift the Earth from a planet of fear and violence to one of love for your fellow human beings – simply by being who you really are, a peace-commanding presence on the Earth – and by shining your Light and using your God-given abilities of love, wisdom, and power to command “peace to all beings on the Earth” at this sacred time of the year, when the etheric realms of Earth open to receive the Heaven realm energies at the time of your Winter Solstice through your days of the celebration of Christmas – when my Light is able to shine brightly on the Earth through all of you who love me.

You are the “chosen ones” to do this work for Earth – not by some outside force or master, but by your inner heart call to serve the Light as long as you are in physical embodiment. Yes, to all outer appearances the Earth is a dark and dangerous place at the present time – but this is only because the immense Light which you ARE, and which resides in your hearts, has not yet been fully released onto the Earth plane reality.

But it is happening! Never doubt this for an instant – or the immense power of the love which is within you to transform all outer forms and appearances into the higher levels of reality which exist within them NOW. Yes, this exists now! It is waiting to be called forth by the love of your hearts, and through the dedication of your mind and will to this sacred service for the Earth. For within each atom, electron, and molecule of life, existing within its sacred fire core is the Divine Blueprint of the fifth dimensional perfection of the Heaven realms. You are powerful beyond your knowing, dearest ones, when your heart, head, and hands are all aligned toward one common purpose. Then you become Chalices of the Light on Earth – to benefit humanity – and, indeed, ALL life on this blessed planet.

You are the Saviors of Earth! Did you realize this Truth about who you are and the Divine origins of each one of you? For you hold the Divine essence of your Creator within your heart – each one of you – forever! It is the gift of the Divine Creator of All to place the wisdom, power, and love of this gift within you – at the moment of your incarnation on Earth – and all that you need do is simply to call upon this Light and power to break through and consume all dark energies in order for this to happen.

You are Divine! You are charged with this immense power which IS the Savior of Earth – and this power flowed from my heart to ALL of Earth, yet while I existed physically on the Earth. And now YOU, each of you, dearest ones, are my representatives on the Earth – in physical embodiment – to be enlightened and to consciously carry this Light and the Truth about creation which it contains to all humanity.

Truth and Freedom are your birthright as sovereign human beings incarnated fully aware and fully present – conscious Beings of Light upon the Earth! Do you realize who you are ARE – the representatives of all that is Divine – now come to Earth to do the work of the Creator of All-That-Is! This is your heritage and the Truth which is stamped forever within the Secret Place of the Most High which exists within your sacred heart center.

You are Divine! Fully realize and manifest this Truth in every waking moment, dearest ones. Open your hearts to all creation – and let your Light shine!

Blessings to each one of you, precious souls upon the Earth,

I am Jeshua – the One who stands with you — now and forever!

Go in Peace

 *         *         *         *         *         *         *

Star’s Note:

The phrase “heart, head, and hands” refers to the powerful Trinity of the energies of the crown chakra of Wisdom and Illumination at the top of the head, the center of Divine Will and Power at the throat chakra, and the Divine Love of the heart center energies. These three aspects of Divinity are represented within the sacred heart center energies of each human as the Threefold Flame of Divinity – which is the gift from our Creator of our Divine heritage and identity. The Threefold Flame is comprised of the first ray of Divine Perfection which is the sapphire blue ray of Divine Will and Power, the second ray of Wisdom and Illumination which is gold in color, and the third ray which is the crystalline pink of Divine Love.

Since the hands do the bidding of the will, we have the symbolism of the phrase “heart, head, and hands” – referring to the three chakras: the heart center, the crown chakra at the top of the head, and the throat chakra.

The Beings of Light are recommending to us that one of the most important things we can do at this present time of such challenge on Earth is to respond to this situation by learning to activate and fully use in a constructive way the beautiful energies of each one of these three chakras which represent the first three Rays of Divinity. In this way we are able to take the position of being the conscious representatives of Divinity on Earth.

One of the most effective tools given to humanity for the clearing of all lower energies is the use of the Violet Transmuting Flame – which was so often brought to Earth by Saint Germain in his many incarnations and successfully anchored into the Earth plane reality through his selfless service to humanity. The Violet Transmuting Flame can be easily invoked by humanity to come forth from the Ascended Realms and blaze us free from all lower energies existing in the four lower bodies (physical, etheric/spiritual, mental, and emotional) as well as the chakra systems — both the 7-fold planetary spine and chakra system as well as the 12-fold solar spine and chakra system.

Saint Germain recommends that when using the sacred Violet Flame, it is beneficial to hold the thought and give the verbal command to “shatter and consume all lower thought forms and energies” by the activity of the Violet Transmuting Flame. “Visualize this, see it, and know that it is done!” He is saying to us. “If you wish, you may invoke the Violet flame as a huge blazing flame nine feet around you in all directions and see this flame consuming all negativity and dark energies which have entered into, or are attached to, the energies of your four lower bodies and auric field — and know that this clearing extends to even the cells, atoms, and electrons and the information they contain.”

It is important to do this spiritual clearing work daily – and, by aligning with the Light, to fully energize ourselves with the highest energies coming from the Ascended Realms. Three meditation documents for this use, which may be downloaded and printed, may be found on the “Creating Sacred Ceremony” page of our website at www.starbird1.net

They are: “Creating Your Sacred Space,” “The Light of A Thousand Suns Meditation,” and “The Invocation of the Violet Transmuting Flame.” Through the use of these documents, you are guided through an alignment with the fifth dimensional energies of the Ascended Realms and the Beings of Light for clearing, healing, and aligning all that is within you.

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