An Opportunity for Self-Discovery

Published in the March 2016 issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE!

Lady Portia & Count St. Germain

Star Hinman, Spiritual Channel and Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2016

Sometimes in your lives, the higher spiritual power – or “fate” as you often term it – steps in to give a lesson! At these times, life’s circumstances may become unexpectedly difficult, or painful. Sometimes it seems as though the very Earth has shifted beneath your feet, and you have the sensation of being a “stranger in a strange land.” You may feel the need to begin to focus on your inner reality more than external events, as you search for the reasons behind all that is occurring for you.   Intuitively, you may feel that change is coming into your life in unknown or unexpected ways and that you are somehow being “transformed.” It is not unusual for those so affected to feel totally “out of control!” When this happens, you are being shown “the eternal mirror” – which is always waiting for you – though, most of the time, it is just out of sight. But, at these times of destiny, you are brought face-to-face with yourselves – to see what lies below the surface of your “outer consciousness” and your “day-to-day” reality. This is the “looks-within” place, where “fate” brings you — to see “what lies below!”

The Prisons of Routine, Belief, and Personal History

In the “looks-within” place, you are given a glimpse of destiny and the sensation that a higher spiritual power is working in your life. Often, this experience can be quite disturbing to the outer mind which deals with the routines of living. These are the routines which you have set up for yourselves to organize and manage your lives — and so to keep a predictable equilibrium in your consciousness and within your emotions. Sometimes these routines can become extremely limiting to the evolving consciousness unless there is a constant process of review and the elimination of that which no longer serves your highest good.

Also, without fully realizing it, you can lock yourselves into a prison of the stagnant and outdated beliefs you hold about your identity and “who you believe you are.” Human beings are constantly defining themselves, whether you realize this process or not! The key to personal progress and your ongoing evolution into the larger, deeper, and more spiritually refined elements of yourselves is your conscious and constant review of the beliefs that are forming your sense of your own identity, as well as directing the choices, responses, and the actions you are taking in your lives.

Consistent self-review is the key to growth and progress toward the goals you hold for yourselves in your lives. Without this process of review, it is all too easy to overlook the important ways in which you may unknowingly limit yourselves. As has been said, “Constant vigilance is the price of freedom!” Of course, this statement applies to your personal lives as well as to your interactions in the societies in which you live. Bearing this in mind, it is beneficial to remember and review the past until lessons are learned – lest we repeat the same missteps over and over again fruitlessly. However, there comes a time in the personal evolution of each individual when it becomes most beneficial and, indeed the path defined by wisdom, to have a release of this material and to focus one’s consciousness solely on the present in order to further one’s progress.

Personal history can, at times and for certain individuals who are being called to a higher consciousness, become no more than an unnecessary diversion and a burden on the system if it is carried forward. At these times, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is time to release the burden and be free! Free to move, unencumbered, into a new and lighter level of consciousness and being! This does not mean that you do not continue to love the people in your past and enjoy the loving memories that you have made. It only means that you release the burdens of pain, trauma, and other non-beneficial or karmic entanglements that you may have known on your journey toward the lessons and the new information and perspectives that you have acquired and now possess.

A Meeting with Destiny

Sometimes, going to the “looks-within” place is like entering the heart of a volcano – where everything is in flux – and your emotions become free-flowing and unpredictable, going outside the normal boundaries which you have set up for yourselves! What is the purpose of the “looks-within” place? It is to show you parts of yourselves, valuable parts, that you never knew existed! The path may be rocky and difficult – unpredictable and uncomfortable for the parts of you that crave predictability and stability in your lives! But if everything were always static, solid, and predictable, you would not learn the lessons afforded by the fluid, spontaneous, and totally unpredictable nature of the “looks-within” place – which is designed to show you what you have never known about yourselves: all the talents, the strengths, the innate levels of knowledge and feeling that you often suppress or ignore because they are deemed to be “strange” or “dangerous” by the parts of yourselves that like routine and stability.

If everything were always “routine and stability,” you would soon get bored with this diet of sameness and repetition – where you might re-create, over and over again, on the familiar patterns which seem to promise safety. Life is not always predictable! Sometimes the higher spiritual forces, often called “fate,” are seen to be stepping in – to upset the applecart so that you will see and experience things that you have never before known about your inner reality landscape, and show you the magic that can happen – the “inner alchemy” at work – of who you really are, and more importantly, who you can become!

It is a meeting with destiny where you may be feeling “out of control.” This feels dangerous – and so you often pull back and try to regain your footing on the familiar ground of routine and what has worked for you in the past – only to discover that the path backwards has disappeared, and you cannot find your way back! This can be terrifying to the mind which wants to be in control, but the path forward leads to unknown vistas of great beauty and the ecstasy of freedom! Those who have the courage to allow this process to lead them to the new vistas of knowledge, and the understanding of their deeper selves, find that they gain a new footing on firmer ground – greater than what they have ever known or previously experienced! Many people are having these experiences now, because they are often both heralded and stimulated by these higher energies of the New Age of Aquarius which is presently dawning on Earth. Many of you will be finding that these higher frequency energies do stimulate this type of dramatic change within individuals.

Encounters with Dragons!

Do not fear the “looks-within” place, or resist the circumstances that are leading you to this new and beautiful vista from which you may view the hidden knowledge within you! It is a path of personal growth and change, dearest ones – a necessary experience for learning who you are and what you are capable of accomplishing. The fears, the “dragons along the path,” will challenge you to face them – and to see, ultimately, that they are but illusory projections of the parts of your mind that prefer the “known” to the “unknown.” Have courage! Confront the dragons! And, as you are victorious over fear, they will then offer up the precious gifts that they possess: the gifts of hidden knowledge — things of great value! These are the treasures that you will have earned, through your strength and perseverance!

Throughout history, human beings have created fables and folk stories which recount epic journeys involving the hero’s encounters with, and ultimate victory over, fearful dragons and monsters! These are the dragons created by the human mind. Your mind creates these creatures, these thoughts, so that you can experience calling forth your strength from the deepest regions within you, to overcome them! The purpose of all of this is to give you the opportunity to learn that you alone have the power to slay the dragons of fear and falsehood which would otherwise hold you as a prisoner of consciousness! This calls to mind a maxim containing great wisdom: “Know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free!”

Sometimes it happens that individuals, for reasons of their own, need to go to the very bottom – the depths of their consciousness – to confront great and fearful challenges, and even encounters with death — before they can rise again, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes! This is, outer appearances notwithstanding, a sacred journey — which often includes an experience of rebirth – undertaken by initiates and adepts alike for their further learning and soul development. Do not fear the “looks-within” journey – though it be fraught with seeming danger! For the soul who perseveres on this journey ultimately uncovers knowledge of great power. Confront and slay your dragons! Discover the “prisons of consciousness” – the false beliefs which have held you prisoner! Slay the dragons of false beliefs! Discover freedom!

The Sacred Grail of Knowledge

The “looks-within” place only appears to be dangerous. In reality, it is a place of great beauty – containing treasures which are of great value to the evolving consciousness. So do not be afraid, dearest ones, to go to the very depths of your soul’s experience in this quest for the “Sacred Grail of knowledge!” If you do persevere, you will find the great treasures which are hidden in the “looks-within” place. We heartily recommend this journey to all of you! And when you see that the hand of fate beckons, do not ignore the call which leads you to unknown lands, adventures, and the treasures of inner experience and knowledge.

Be aware of what seems to hold you prisoner. What fears do you allow to control your consciousness? In the “looks-within” place you will ultimately discover the truth of who you really are – leading to your experience of Freedom, Victory, and the joy and ecstasy of experiencing, while you are yet on Earth in human form, your Divine Being made manifest within you. This is what beckons you to begin the journey!

What are your personal “dragons?” What are the fears that you have allowed to limit and control your consciousness? In the “looks-within” place, you will discover this – and much, much more! Where is your strength? Where is your courage? Find this in the “looks-within” place!

As we have often told you, “Once you can look into the face of your worst fears about yourself, and know that they NEVER WERE TRUE, nothing else can ever control you!”

We joyfully accompany each one of you on the inner journey – to discover the secret knowledge of your heart – your true identity and freedom!

We are Lady Portia and Count Saint Germain

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Channel’s Note:

The “looks-within” place has been variously described as “The Room Full of Mirrors,” “The Hall of Mirrors,” and other similar phrases. It is a sacred experience given to human beings to create moments of opportunity in our lives when the curtain is drawn back, the veil is lifted, and we are able to perceive ourselves in deeper and more meaningful ways than we may have previously experienced.

There are certain times in the cycles of our lives, the seasons of the year, the phases of the moon, and various astrological alignments which enhance our ability to enter the experience of the “looks-within” place, though it is certainly not limited to these times. In the balance of yin and yang energies, the yin phase of energy is most conducive to going deeply within our consciousness, because yin energies are characterized by such qualities as stillness, quiet, and receptivity. For this reason, the winter months are often the time of reflection for many people, particularly the winter solstice which occurs between December 21-23rd in the Earth’s northern hemisphere and between June 20 -21st in the southern hemisphere. For this same reason, the New Moon with its yin energies also enhances this process.

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