This Article Appears in the 2017 Predictions Issue of the Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE
Available in Bookstores 1 November – 31 December 2016

By Lady Portia & Count St. Germain

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2016

A Message to the Lightworkers:

Dearest Ones,

Immense energies are now being released for the enlightenment of planet Earth and her populations which will continue to have ongoing and increasing effects during the year of 2017!  This situation will contribute to a virtual avalanche of unexpected circumstances and events as many astrological alignments and solar activities continue to combine with many cosmically-generated waves of light energy which will be specifically designed to virtually “bathe the Earth” in these extremely high vibrational energies from the fifth dimensional realms and above.

Yes, Light IS returning to your planet in ever-increasing waves and frequencies – but this does not mean that “a perfect world” will be instantly created, and that all of your challenges will suddenly disappear.  Know that this is a strong growth period for Earth, where many people who have felt that they were “lost and wandering in darkness” will perceive, perhaps for the first time, glimpses of divine Truth and Light and begin to experience receiving the information and guidance which is constantly being offered from those of us in the ascended realms.  The “veils of maya,” which previously have interfered with this level of communication, are quickly thinning, and our promise is that you will soon both see and experience the results generated from this activity of Light.

During this period, many people will catch their first glimpse of what the Earth will look like in her ascended form, and thereby perceive the reality of the New Earth which is emerging from the shadows and darkness which have held her – bound in darkness – for eons of time.  Therefore, this is a very auspicious moment for the Earth and humanity as you begin to take these first steps with confidence – knowing that you are going to be successful in manifesting what you have always known was not only possible, but is now seen to be swiftly approaching for manifestation on the Earth.

As we have stated, this is not to say that all your challenges will immediately disappear – but it does promise that there will be much more support in the levels of Light and Truth which are now, and will continue to be, returning to and existing on your planet.  You will no longer feel mired in the heavy levels of dysfunction and disharmony as you have experienced in previous years, when sometimes you felt as if everything was being turned completely upside down with no foreseeable end to this situation in sight!

The Earth has ascended in her frequencies to a level where this sense of support is quickly becoming the predominant energy of the planet, and this does provide a constant and immense comfort and support system for those of you who are working toward manifesting the New Earth – which will be, as you know, a place of peace, beauty, and love for your fellow human beings.  Yes, the challenges will continue, but they will not be so overwhelming to many in the population as they have been – because you will see with your inner sight this shining “Beacon of Light” – the image of the New Earth, which is even now being formed in the mass consciousness of humanity.  This will be strong enough to override many of your fears and doubts, so you will both have and experience much more support in holding the light as these many changes continue to be made on your planet.

The time is NOW for each of you to strongly focus on this emerging light, and begin to hope for change in a positive direction!  This seemingly simple process will gradually create a thought form which will provide a powerful new momentum within human consciousness.  Know that this process will work miracles towards the creation of the peaceful planet that you all desire.  The tide is turning!  And the way will be clear before you – since no power on Earth can any longer stop this process which is now leading to the full manifestation of the new and enlightened Earth.  She will be resplendent in her beauty, and will hold the ascended fifth dimensional energies of harmony, peace, love, and abundance for all.  You are succeeding beyond our fondest expectations for all of you!  Know this and be at peace, dearest ones!

You will know that things are different when you feel the new energies being released to the Earth in 2017.  There will no longer be the extreme levels of doubt and fear, which often cause you to wonder if you are being successful – as you, the Lightworkers, participate in this huge “Enlightenment Project for Planet Earth” which is being orchestrated from the ascended realms with the participation, often consciously, of those of you on Earth.

You are not alone!  You are never alone!  And many who have felt and endured the pain of isolation will now join with many other like-minded souls to form groups of Lightworkers who will then be exponentially more powerful and effective towards manifesting the new paradigms, based on truth and love, that are necessary for the creation of the New Earth.

All of these things are now occurring, or shortly will be occurring, and they will lead to this new “Crescendo of Light” which will occur in your year of 2017 – which will surprise many who did not see this coming!  Nevertheless, it WILL occur and be a tremendous boon and support to the Earth and the Lightworkers who have often felt that they were “laboring in darkness.”  Optimism will rise, confidence will soar, and you will find that you are developing a new resilience to the effects of all these challenges, such as the terrorist acts and violence which have often occurred during 2016.  These will, unfortunately, still continue to happen from time to time, but they will not affect you so deeply as they have done previously.

The “Year of Hope” approaches!  And the entire energy of Earth will begin to swing in this direction!  Your success is now assured, dearest ones, so you no longer need to cling to the ways of the past, which sometimes involved the reactions of fear and doubt when you observed violent outbursts of activity.  Your success in the light has already been achieved in the higher Realms of Cause!  And, as you know, once something has manifested in the Realms of Cause, no power on Earth can prevent its full manifestation into the physical realms of earthly reality.

We salute you, dearest ones!  You are the dedicated Lightworkers who, through your courage, perseverance, strength, and diligence have now brought forth this new level of manifestation of that which is based upon Truth and Light for your planet, the Earth.

Know that you have our constant love and support,

We are Lady Portia and Count St. Germain


*          *          *

Channel’s Note:

Inspiration of Light from the Higher Realms

Divine Assistance in 2017 — The Year of Light:  Many people are reporting that they are beginning to experience what might be referred to as “the inspiration of divine light” from the higher realms.  This simply means that we are each receiving divine assistance from the Beings of Light who are enfolding us in their loving presence and instilling high-frequency light energies within our four lower bodies, (physical, etheric or spiritual, mental and emotional), either while we are sleeping, resting, or in a meditative state.  Of course, in order for this to happen, we have requested this assistance from the Beings of Light.  Often we are not consciously aware of having done this because the call for assistance has come from our higher soul presence.  This process is designed to assist us to move to higher levels of well-being and awareness by increasing the amount of light energy held within our four lower bodies and also raising the vibratory frequency of our energies.

The Beings of Light are saying that the purpose of this divine assistance to humanity is to help us prepare to make the shift from our present levels of energy to the higher vibrational states of energy which we will shortly be experiencing as the Earth and all her life continue to move into the ascended energies of the year 2017.  Lady Portia is giving us the message that 2017 will be “unlike ANYTHING that has gone before!  The radiance of Divine Light is even now poised to transform your blessed planet, the Earth, into her new form:  her new Light Body!”

Suggestions from Lady Portia and Count St. Germain

These suggestions are designed to help us “stay on track” in 2017, and not be “pulled off our centerpoint” by various unexpected occurrences:

Lady Portia recommends that we RESPOND rather than REACT:
“Consciously choose your response to events and circumstances, dearest ones, rather than automatically reacting to these things in accordance with old, outdated habits or beliefs which have been programmed into your system through repetition, without ever questioning as to their effectiveness or appropriateness for the new situations you are experiencing in present time.  Therefore, we would recommend that you arrange to have occasional periods of self-review which will afford you the opportunity to release these old, outdated belief systems – and to replace them with something which better fits your current level of energy and awareness.”

Count St. Germain recommends that we create an unbreakable connection with the Divine Source energies within us for strength and certainty:
“Focus your consciousness toward keeping an awareness of the Divine Source energies within you and connect strongly with this, since this connection is what gives great benefit.  For example, this will make it possible for you to know many things, such as the most beneficial path forward in your life when you are faced with seeming obstacles or difficulties.  These things can always be turned into great learning experiences.  They are opportunities – never obstacles!”

The Enlightenment Project for Planet Earth

As the energetic frequencies of Earth are rising, we are each being called to higher and higher levels of service in this “Enlightenment Project for Planet Earth,” which is being directed and coordinated by Lady Portia, Count St. Germain, and many other Beings of Light who wish to assist the Earth and all her life during this important period of our evolutionary progress.  The purpose of this project is to assist the swift creation of the New Earth, which will come to full manifestation in the New Golden Age of Peace on the planet.  This New Age is being founded upon the divine principles of truth, peace, freedom, justice, love, abundance, opportunity for all, and a sense of oneness and equality among all races and peoples, just to name a few of these qualities.

Lady Portia and Count St. Germain are saying to each of us now:
Know that you are a valued member of this team, dearest one, and believe that you will be successful in the creation of all that we are working to achieve.

Your Victory in the Light is assured!

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