Published in the March 2017 Issue of the Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE
Under the Title:  “How To Become Your Divine Counterpart on Earth”

Lady Portia

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger
for Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
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“You will all attain this level of mastery where you are

the divine parts of yourself fully conscious and fully operational.”

Greetings my dears!

It is our joy to be with you this evening and to review all of these important concepts as you have been hearing, because this is what indeed transforms what you might think of as the ordinary human being into their divine counterpart—one who is able to have the higher divine knowledge and indeed the abilities that go along with this higher understanding and matching with these higher levels of energy in the body and all that has been talked about here.

We will just review a few of these points with you and perhaps things that have not yet been said so that you hopefully will have a very clear and complete knowledge of what must be done: the steps, the place to which you must bring yourself in order to incorporate more of the divinity, which is your divine birth-right within the human vehicle, this physical housing of the soul. Because this is a very good way to explain this—that the soul, the divinity (the parts of you that are of the Godhead energies) is irrevocably housed within this human form, this human container which is able to move about the planet and indeed have much knowledge and ability of how to operate in the human realm.

The Human and Divine Within

And so the first thing we would tell you is that you must always have great respect and understanding that in many ways you are the perfect coming together of two parts of yourselves, the human and the divine. And it must always be this perfect balance of these energies operating within you. Now on some days you will feel that you are much more of the human than the divine, and on other days perhaps you will feel as an angel incarnate on the earth. That is certainly possible for all of you.

And what we would tell you this evening is of paramount importance. It is this understanding, this knowledge, in fact at one point it was considered to be an esoteric secret on the earth that you are indeed the blending of these two energies, one from the heaven realms, as it were, and the other existing firmly within the realms of earthly reality.

And if you can but understand this simple concept that there are two seemingly very divergent parts of who you are operating in one physical body, this will eliminate much of the confusion that often exists with human beings who do not understand that these are two very different energies which are blending, they are merging in this miracle, which is the human being, this higher consciousness housed within this physical vehicle, which is able to walk about on the earth and to be what it will. And so many people have taken many lifetimes to come to this simple understanding that you are human and yet at the same time you have this divine component to your being.

Now some people have deliberately turned off this ability to know this, and to be this, and to exhibit this blending of the energies. So that is their choice, that is their free-will choice to be in this state of utter confusion, having turned off the connection to their higher being. But this is certainly not what we would recommend to any of you, and I do not expect any of you are interested in doing this type of thing. We would not recommend it. It is not one of the higher states of consciousness, certainly.

Absorbing  Higher Spiritual Energies

But what you are all experiencing is how it feels to absorb very much of your own divine energies, now coming in through the crown chakra and manifesting throughout the body and filling the chakra system so that you are achieving this divine balance with the human parts of who you are.

And this is very good because it is a stretching exercise where the more you can absorb these higher spiritual energies into the physical vehicle, it does stretch your abilities to constantly keep and hold more of this energy, so that the body is able to absorb and to attract and to constantly hold greater and greater levels of what is your own higher spiritual energy.  As what has been said here, that this is your own energy. It is from these parts of you which do exist in the higher realms of energy frequency far beyond the material realms of the dense sort of matter that you are more familiar with in the earth plane energies.

And so, simply to have this understanding that you are intrinsically and innately a blending of these energies is most important because this is the springboard of knowledge where you can learn to fine-tune your abilities to constantly be recognising, to be monitoring in each day how you are balancing these energies so that you will have this innate consciousness, this body consciousness awareness developing, where the body will recognise the benefit to allowing the flow of these higher energies. And it will begin to attract these higher levels of your energy automatically, so that this is not something that you will have to keep thinking about or monitoring eternally.

How the Energies Balance

Once the body gets used to this, I would say, it is very easy for there to be somewhat of an automatic operation of the basic systems which are in charge of achieving and maintaining the balance between what you would think of as these two levels of energy of the higher, the lower. I’m sure you’ve heard the term: “As above, so below, and as below, so above.”

This is what this is referring to my dears: It is the attraction of these energies one to another, so that they do tend to blend and they do attract each other. So it is impossible to keep them separate because they have this innate attraction mechanism where once a being is incarnate in a physical form, the higher soul energies of that being are immediately and eternally attracted towards the physical vehicle to create in each moment what would be the perfect balance for you in that very moment of the balance of pulling from the spectrum of these energies.

“From the highest to the lowest and the lowest to the highest.” And we are speaking of energy frequency here when we say “lowest” and “highest”, so that you understand the reference that is being made.

And so, we want you all to understand the overall picture of how these things balance themselves so that you do not feel this is something you need to put an inordinate amount of attention on. Once you set this up, once you get the flow of these energies working in the physical body, then you will feel this automatic balancing mechanism take over, and then it is very easy to simply put your mind on other things. And you can be thinking about many things at once if you wish, and still this mechanism will be maintaining its perfect balance for who you are in that exact moment of your outer world circumstances, this interplay of what is going on deep within you being surrounded by your outer world circumstances.

And so, there is so much intelligence innately within the very delicate parts of how this mechanism functions that, as you have more experience with it, I expect that you will begin to feel and observe how these processes work within you. Because this is one of the most important things that a neophyte can learn, and you are all certainly not beginners with this. But you are all at the place where you can benefit immensely from being aware of these energies and just noticing if you’re allowing them to balance automatically, as they were originally designed to do.  Because this will be one of the greatest benefits that you can achieve is to: first, observe this mechanism and to learn how it feels and how it works, and then to gradually accept the automatic operation of the system because it does have the intelligence innate within it to balance your energies, human and divine, exactly to the requirements of the outer circumstances in which you find yourself.

Jeanne d’Arc

So, yes, I suppose this is one way that Jeanne was able to maintain this connection even in the midst of battle, as you have noted, because she did not have to think about this. This had become an automatic response within her body, so that she was perfectly able to put her attention to these other matters which were surrounding her and to focus on many things outside of herself and yet the perfect balance was maintained, as you might imagine, at all times for her.

And this is the benefit of constant practice with this system. Because you will all attain this level of mastery in the physical vehicle where you are the divine parts of yourself fully conscious and fully operational within the very human outer casement, as it might be said, of the body. So then you have the full use of the higher faculties that come with this knowledge of the divine portion of yourselves, fully encased in human flesh and blood. And this is quite an interesting thing for us to fully observe when it is operating at such a high level of efficiency and activity as it was when she [Jeanne] was incarnate on the earth.

Studying the Mechanisms

And so much can be learned from this type of thing, I will tell you. We are still studying the mechanisms because this is such an intricate interplay of energies that we study this in order to fully learn on these deeper levels of how spirit and matter intertwine and achieve this miraculous level of communication between spirit and the material form.

And many gurus and saints have become masters simply by the study and the understanding of this subject and these levels of knowledge. So it is certainly a good subject where one might place their attention if one is interested in the subject of achieving mastery in the human form. Many have achieved the status of guru or saint simply by being aware of the momentous fact of calling forth into oneself the higher spiritual aspects of the soul presence into human form.

And this is certainly what I would recommend to all of you is, if you wish to approach these subjects which are certainly of a very esoteric nature, to avail yourselves of some of these books, such as the books which are written on the subjects of these secret doctrines and the Mystery schools. Because some of this is indeed extant in many of the books that are available now on the earth, which hold these hidden levels of knowledge, which the saints, the mystics, the sages have uncovered in their own studies of this material.

And some of you are beginning to study this type of thing, and I expect that you will delve further into this material uncovering much, which will eventually be what is leading you on this path toward your own mastery of these subjects. And it is a worthy pursuit. Count St. Germain and I would both highly recommend the study of the secret doctrine material, not specifically because of what is in the books, but this is what is going to open the inner doorways of knowledge within you. It is so interesting how this works that the pursuit of knowledge, the search for the answer is often a circular pattern which leads the consciousness, after a fruitless search in the outer world, back to the understanding that the answer you have sought is within you, your own self, from the very beginning.

And that is something I have personally experienced many, many times, and this is what I feel is one of the things that contributed the most to my fortunately being able to achieve the level of mastery. It is the constant search for meaning and understanding in the outer universe, which eventually leads one back to a total appreciation that all has been encased within the self from the very beginning. And so, it is often “a mystery contained within a riddle, which is held within an enigma”. And so it goes, dearest ones—the eternal search for meaning and mastery in human life.

Blessings to all of you, searchers on the path of life.  Our blessings to you to hasten towards the fruitful resolution of the search.

Good evening and Namaste.

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