Jeshua (Lord Jesus)
Christmas Message, December 2016

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & the Ascended Masters
Copyright 2016

Beloved Ones,

Know that I come to each one of you, blessed beings on the Earth now, with my open Heart of Love – to enfold, bless, and heal all wounds that you may have suffered in this time of such division and turmoil on the Earth.

Your prayers have reached my ears, and I respond to each of you now with this message:

The great “Time of Blessing” is coming upon you now, at Christmas, even as you reach out your hand in peace to your fellow human beings!  Know that I AM with you – even when you feel lost and alone, as though you wander in darkness!  Even in these times of such distress, yet is there great Light coming upon the Earth – and ALL who walk the Earth, all humanity, all creatures great and small – will feel this Light.

The time of Light is coming!  For at Christmastime you will receive a great blessing of Light, as never before upon this planet.  As hearts focus on peace and love, the heavens will open to shower their Divine Light on all the Earth – and you will be forever changed in the radiance of this Light!

Minds and hearts will be opened, as never before – and, indeed, “the blind shall see and the deaf shall hear” with their spiritual gifts of sight and hearing.  Minds shall be opened to know the Truth, and this will dispel the darkness of doubts and fears that cause man to turn against man.  The radiance of this Light shall heal many a heart that has not known peace and the Divine Perfection which is your birthright.  Humanity’s birthright of perfection shall be restored, and the wounds from eons of time spent in darkness shall be released – and healing shall come upon you all – even as you love me, and love each other as you love me.

I hold you in the radiance of my Light, as a blessing bestowed by my Heart of Love, radiating the love that I feel for all humanity now on the Earth, doing the work of God – to restore this blessed planet to her rightful place in the Firmament of Heaven.

Blessings and love to each one of you, dear Lightworkers on the Earth!  Your work is not done, but it IS nearing completion.  Know this, and be at peace.

I AM Jeshua, Lord of Light

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