The Wisdom of Ampara, “The Weaver at The Loom of Life”

In Memory of Annie

Published in the April 2017 Issue of the Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE
Under the Title:  “Live with Purpose”

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2017


Channel’s Note:

This message comes from a sacred place of great beauty and enlightenment.  It is the dimorphous place where Earthly life fades into Infinity – where spirit takes flight from physical form – where our soul is set free from the bounds of physical reality, and its many limitations.

As our soul soars into the unknown, we expand in consciousness to meet the Divine.  These messages come from that place – and the immense wisdom contained there.

The Message from Ampara, “The Weaver at The Loom of Life”

“Live with Purpose”

Know this, dear ones, that the soul is infinite, but its time on Earth in physical form is measured in days, hours, minutes — and the precious seconds that are allotted to each of you, for your journey on this Earth.  We in the spiritual realms notice that you often lose sight of this, as the daily routines and obligations of your lives press in upon you, and would consume your attention, so that you do not feel with your heart what the soul is calling you to do.  These are the things that are truly valuable and have meaning for you to accomplish.

Listen to the heart and soul – feel with the entire being, and access this great wisdom to guide your lives and give them meaning.  Time is short – the hours are fleeting – and the days are numbered, each of them!  Live with the wisdom of this truth, not in fear, but with a purpose driven by this knowledge.  Keep your eyes forever upon the goal your soul has set for you, and you will accomplish all things.  Love the physical body and give it loving care, listening to the great wisdom contained within.

Do not allow your consciousness to be consumed by petty cares and concerns.  Constantly see the bigger picture!  Feel your passion for accomplishing your divine purpose!

“The Weaver at The Loom of Life”

It is not possible to go back and change the physical events of the past, and their memory is forever etched within you.  However, know that you each stand at the “Loom of Life” – forever weaving – forming your present and future, even as you live each day.  So many of your choices are unconscious, yet they bear tremendous weight in forming your lives.  Strive for consciousness, and the ability to live in peace.  Know that you are the eternal “Weaver at The Loom of Life” – forming each day, as the gift of life is given with each new sunrise.

“The Sacred Prayer of Life”

And Ampara, “The Weaver at The Loom” gives us this simple prayer:

 “Great Spirit, let me live my life, so that when I come to the end of my Earthly road –

Only Love Remains .  .  .”


In your lives, know that it is never “finished” until it is truly finished, and you depart for the spiritual realms.  And I, “The Ancient One, The Weaver of Life,” say this to you now:

If you feel that you have done things in your lives that cause you sadness, do not despair, beautiful ones!  Weave on!  And create the beauties that your soul shows to you.  Weave on, in beauty – and with love.

Know peace!  For you are the “Eternal Weaver at The Loom” of your own life!  This sacred knowledge will free you from all pain and regrets — for what is past cannot be changed – except by the colors you now choose – weaving all past painful experiences, mistakes, and regrets into a larger tapestry – with greater beauty, meaning, and purpose.

Weave on!  It is never finished until you have drawn your last breath in Earthly life!  Weave on!  Create the beauties that only you can see!

You are now “The Weaver at The Loom” – and I am Ampara – Great Weaver of Life for mortals on Earth.

Live with Love, beautiful ones!  Nothing that has been done by you cannot be woven into a greater tapestry, revealing the Divine Perfection inspired from the higher, Heavenly Realms of Peace, Love, and Infinity!

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