Jeshua (Jesus) – Easter Message

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2017

Beloved Ones,

Even in the midst of turmoil, there exists within each person — at the very core of your being — the essence of peace!  Know this, dearest ones, and use this sacred knowledge to BE the essence of peace in the world – even in the midst of the many circumstances of strife and turmoil which exist on the Earth now.

The Prince of Peace

I am often called the “Prince of Peace,” because I radiate the “essence energies” of peace in the midst of turmoil – and you may do the same, beautiful ones, even as I so often did while on Earth in my physical form.  You may know that I lived in a time where there were often the circumstances of political and social unrest, and the energies of negativity and hatred, similar to the challenges which you are all facing now — in your world.

This is the perfect time for each one of you to practice this ancient art of balance — as has been so often taught, for the benefit of human beings, in many of the wisdom teachings which were given in the ancient “schools of knowledge.”  When I lived on Earth, this was a well-known technique among those who received this knowledge in the great centers of spiritual truth, where these things were taught and known.

It is ancient knowledge, yes, but it is completely appropriate, and so necessary, for this to be implemented in the present day – when many are swept into waves of turmoil, animosity, and vengeance against their fellow human beings.  Know that YOU can act as agents of balance, peace, and love – for all your fellow human beings on the Earth, who do not yet realize how to balance these energies.

Yet, you know that the way is often challenging and steep – a boulder-strewn, uphill climb — for those of you who follow this path!  And the time is short for humanity to reach this “pinnacle of knowledge” – the mountaintop of serenity and peace, which exists, eternally, above the loud voices of unrest and dissent — where many hold their consciousness in these present days of challenge for humanity.  Know that this present level of dissent is not without its challenges!  It draws many into disagreement.  Therefore, it has often been said, “Blessed are the peacemakers,” because blessed are those who bring peace in the midst of turmoil!

The Temple of the Holy Spirit

Many on the Earth today do not realize that they are being drawn into these areas of confrontation and strife.  They are the “blind” – the spiritually blind — who, without fully realizing it, await the illumination of “the Savior within.” This Savior is the energy and wisdom of their own Christ presence, which can lead them to peace, in that sacred place which exists within all human beings!  It is a holy place within the hearts of humanity, where they may connect with the energies of their Divine presence.  It has often been referred to as “the Holy of Holies,” and in the ancient temples of my people, there were actual rooms dedicated to this sacred concept and this ability of humanity to travel within themselves to this sacred and beloved place of worship and unity with the Divine.

And the very essence of this message is that this sacred place, this Temple of the Holy Spirit, exists now – within each one of you!  It is this sacred space which lies deep within the Heart Flame energies of all humanity!  And you may each be the Way-Shower for many, of how it is possible for you to reach this sacred place!  It is a great benefit to the human being to realize that this place DOES EXIST within themselves.

It is easily accessible – when you have the knowledge that it exists!  For this sacred knowledge is the KEY which unlocks the doorway to Peace – and the experience of Divine Love, Oneness, and the “Wholeness of the Human Spirit.”  These energies exist within the Three-Fold Flame of Divine Perfection – within the sacred heart of all humanity.  Mother Mary has been a great teacher and benefactor to all humanity of how you might reach this “Secret place of the Most High” within your spirit!  Within your heart!

Go there now, beloved ones, and meet with us!  Commune with us – and receive the divine blessings of your soul – as you meet with all the divinity which exists on this level of consciousness.  Know that you are not limited to the levels of consciousness on Earth which often contain the manifestations of strife and discord.  These are often, unfortunately, so prevalent on the Earth today.

Free your spirit now — to know and experience your Divine heritage!  Go into this “Secret Place of Divinity” within your Sacred Heart Flame!  Be free, dearest ones, to meet with us there – and receive the love that we bring and bestow upon you!

Be at peace, beloved ones, in this knowledge — and “The Truth shall set you free!”

My love to each of you,

I AM Jesus, Prince of Peace

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