Jeanne d’Arc

Star Hinman
Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2017

I am Jeanne, the one that comes to you now, bringing these messages of love and truth to all of you, beautiful ones, who walk the Earth in these days of trial and turmoil – but also radiant beauty!  You walk the path of heart, dearest ones, with your heart leading the way, even as I led my soldiers in battle.  So I would tell you to think that it is your heart that leads you now!  Let it be your heart that you allow to choose the path before you, the path that you will walk, because all of you are going to be faced with so many choices!  I can see the time coming for all of you when you will be faced with important choices in your lives, and you will wish to know which path to take.

Many times, this happened to me, and I was forced to choose the path that would lead to my destiny.  It is a time of destiny for all of you, dearest ones, and my heart goes with each of you when I think of the choices that you will be making — and, at times, the choices that will be coming for you in your lives.  Let it be the courage of your heart that leads you forward on the path of Victory.  Even as you see these ones in the Ascended Realms who are leading you forward, trust in them, even as I trusted in the ones who led me on my path.  Through the obstacles in my life, I was never alone – but always within the radiance of their beautiful hearts’ love for me.  I was saved many times by the power of their love which lead us to victory!

Yes, many times, in the midst of battle I heard their voices – saving us, pointing the way.  And it will be the same for you.  All of these beautiful ones will attend you with such devotion, such love, and you will be led, each of you, to the victory which is possible for you in your lives.  Hold to this truth!  Hold to the banner of this truth in your lives and on your path forward, and you will not be deserted by the Angels of the Lord, for they did not desert me.  Even in the darkest days of my life, they were constantly with me, for they do not desert humanity!  The love of their hearts enfolds all of you, and you are safe, always, within the great presence of their love.  And they will lead you to victory – to the greatness which is within all of you – for I can see the beauty that is within each one of you.  I can see it being brought forth by these beautiful ones who attend you now!

Hold to this truth, dearest ones, and my prayers be with you – to carry you to the great victories which await you on your path, the path of your heart, where your soul leads – attended always by the Lord Jesus and his Mother, even as they attended me in every day and hour of my life.  And so it will be with you, beautiful ones!  The time has come, and the day approaches for your great victory in the light.

Let it be so, through the power and love of our Lord and his Mother, Mary, the source of our life, beloved one.  My prayers and my love go with you through every step of your journey, dearest ones.

Adieu beloveds,

I am Jeanne

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