The Angels of the Most High

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2017

This Message Given in Response to the Events in Las Vegas, Nevada


Be comforted, dearest ones, by the knowledge that many in the Ascended Realms even now draw near the Earth – to comfort all of you who have been touched by pain and grief for those who lost their Earthly existence, their human forms, in the violence which has occurred in your city of Las Vegas.

This place has volunteered to become a great “crucible of Light” due to the thoughts and prayers of your entire country, and, indeed the prayers of the whole world – which even now surround the area where this violence has occurred.

You are blessed to have the presence of Angels and many Ascended Beings, who now draw near to Earth – to provide the blanket of their comfort, their love, and the healing grace of their presence to many who suffer with the knowledge of this loss of these dear ones.

The tears of Angels fall upon Earth – as we see your pain.  We are not somehow “above” feeling for those of you who suffer with this loss of your fellow human beings.  Yet, we bring the soft essence of flowers, who are the healers of the nature kingdom – and, as these petals fall upon your eyes, to dry your tears and caress you in your grief, know that the Comforter is here.

And Lord Jesus (Jeshua) is with each of you now – to bring the comfort of His Presence and His Great Light, to shine upon each of you and assuage your pain and the sorrow that you feel at these events.

We are the Angels of the Most High Living God, who approach you now and wipe away your tears, beloved ones.  Be comforted by these Great Ones, and know that, yes, even this shall pass – and the gifts of this time shall yet be revealed to humanity – in the opening of hearts which had turned to stone.  For many who could not have been reached in any other way yet may see the softening of their hearts toward humankind, as their tears fall for those who have been lost to Earthly life.

Know that there is a purpose to all things in Heaven and Earth – and yet shall the full purpose of this event be revealed to humanity, as the higher spiritual purpose comes to be known in the minds of men.  Time will heal the wounds that many of you know from these things . . . as the years pass, you will know the Truth of what we speak to you Now . . .

Yes, there is a purpose to all things – a Heavenly purpose to even the most tragic Earthly events.  And, as it is in Heaven – so shall it BE on Earth . . . as the cycles of time turn the Ages, and complete the Divine Plan on Earth.

Adieu beloveds

“Many a heart has been broken – only to be made whole again on a Grander Plan.”  And you will see the Plan emerge – those of you who BELIEVE!

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