Published in the March 2018 Issue of the Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE

Lady Portia and Count St. Germain

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2017

Dearest Ones,

We know the challenges that you have all faced as a result of volunteering to incarnate on Earth — and, for many people, these have been extremely difficult and painful experiences.  However, our message to each of you is that YOU ARE VICTORIOUS!  Know that amazing new and higher frequencies of Light are now anchored on Earth – due to your efforts – and progress IS being made, contrary to all outer appearances.

As you face this “daily diet” of mass murderers, terrorist activities, hatred, and violence – be assured and KNOW that the Divine Plan IS being advanced steadfastly on your planet!  There is no power stronger than the Light you wield, and this Light IS advancing the cause of Freedom for yourselves and for Earth.

For eons of time, the Earth has struggled under the weight of these fallen energies – but NOW the Light dawns – moving Earth inexorably toward her destiny, as a Planet of Light – a Shining Star in the Firmament of Heaven!  Absolutely nothing – no so-called “power” – can stop this progress now, dearest ones, so keep your focus on Light, peace, and love – and as you hold this focus, know that the important work is done for Earth.

This seems so simple – but we bring you this Truth to clarify the picture of what is occurring on Earth.  As the Light advances, all that is less than Light is gradually being pushed to the surface and revealed to your consciousness – since that is what Light DOES!  It illuminates the darkness – which is gradually diminished – to be replaced with a different reality based on love.

No, this will not happen overnight, for this is a gradual process which evolves day by day.  Be aware that, as the darkness struggles to maintain its hold on Earth, it “acts out” in these many violent acts.  Why?  In order to instill fear in the populations of Earth, for it is a well-known fact that the most effective way to disempower human beings would be to cause a reaction of fear.

Know that allowing yourself to go into a state of fear can separate you from your Divine Source energies.  When you experience love, you are ONE with all of us in the Ascended Realms!  You are ONE with your Source energies and fully empowered!  That is why it is so vital for humanity to receive this message NOW – when you are facing such turbulence in the outer world, designed to capture your attention and divert your focus from your true source of power and the effective use of your consciousness to advance the cause of Freedom, Justice, and Victory – for yourselves and for the Earth!

We in the Ascended Realms support your efforts, and you are NOT ALONE in this mission to free the Earth from the grip of darkness!  You have all undertaken your own personal missions, through your freewill choice to BE the Divine Representatives on Earth.  Through your efforts, you are restoring Earth’s birthright to BE the planet that she was created and designed to be!

We work as a TEAM with all of you – the Lightworkers for Earth – and this is a part of the Divine Plan, which is to have you, the representatives of Light, incarnate on Earth, and through TEAMWORK, this is how we are successful.  This TEAMWORK is a necessary and vital piece of the Divine Plan to restore Earth – because, as Ascended Ones, we are not allowed to directly intervene in the course of Earth’s evolutionary progress.

However, we CAN work in cooperation with those of you who are incarnate on Earth – to advance and complete the Divine Plan to restore Earth on her rightful course in the process of her ascension.  It is the Divine Plan for Earth to once again exist in fifth dimensional frequencies and consciousness, and to outpicture all that is created through the energies of love, freedom, and victory – which is a New World experiencing joy, peace, and prosperity for all.

This is the vision for Earth that we hold, those of us in the ascended spiritual realms, who work with you daily to formulate, advance, and manifest the ideas and conditions which encourage and support this shift from fear to love!   Be assured that this process WILL free the Earth and all her life from the grip of darkness.

We invite each of you to work with us CONSCIOUSLY, dearest ones!  Do not be dismayed by the images of violence before your eyes, for this, too, shall pass from the Earth and be but a distant memory, and a footnote on the pages of the history that you are, even now, writing for the Earth!

We are your helpers, your guides, and sometimes, yes, even your inspiration on the Path to Victory which you have chosen – for yourselves and for the Earth!

Know this, dearest ones, and BE AT PEACE,

We are Lady Portia and Count St. Germain

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