The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2018

A Timely Message from The Pleiadians
on “Consciousness Control”

Beware the attempts by those who would control human consciousness on earth – for this is going on today throughout your political, economic, social, and mass media systems – to name only a few manifestations of this phenomenon. Fear, hatred, suspicion, and aggression are all being wittingly created and foisted upon human beings for the purpose of having you forget or ignore who you are and what is inside you – your divine Creator presence!  If those in positions of power can keep all of you focused on the outer dramas they are creating – instead of having you realize that you are, indeed, a part of the Creator presence in human form – then they will have succeeded in carrying out their hidden agendas.

Who are these “puppet masters” from the other realms who wish to control earth and all her consciousness? They are “the dark ones” – the manipulators who have interfered with earth’s evolutionary process since the beginning of time on your planet.  And they fight for control – because you are evolving, dear ones, and getting VERY close to realizing who you are, and where, indeed, you came from! And when this happens, their control will be finished.

They love a good story, and they create many of the these in order to get your attention and divert you into meaningless confrontations – both politically and otherwise. How do they do this? By getting your attention! Human beings, by your very nature, are drawn to the dramatic – and the more emotional this is, the better you like it. Have you ever noticed this about yourselves? Well, we have, and we are not the only ones, unfortunately, who have this bit of information about you.  Those who would manipulate and limit your consciousness for their own selfish ends, know this – and use it to manipulate consciousness both here and in other star systems.

The Destiny We See for Humanity

Now this is not a serious situation – at least not in the present – because you are very quickly succeeding in raising your consciousness OUT of the levels where they can control you! It is called growth! It is called evolution! Despite everything they can do, you are evolving, you are becoming smarter, and you are starting to catch on to their tricks! And guess what – they are getting desperate, because you are no longer so easy to manipulate! When they try to pull the wool over your eyes, you simply look the other way. And so, they are “scraping the bottom of the barrel,” so to speak – looking for things that will “work.”  But, in the meantime, you are still evolving – and you are doing it very quickly now! What used to take very long periods of time, now takes you only days or weeks to accomplish.

“Why is this happening?” you might ask. Well, many people are asking this question now, because they have become aware of what is going on, and they are witnessing the phenomena that are happening. Well, we will give you some very good news! You are finally becoming truly multidimensional beings in your day-to-day consciousness! You don’t have to go into deep states of meditation to reach these levels of what used to be called “altered states of consciousness” – because you ARE in altered states of consciousness all the time! It is a permanent shift – and it’s not going away!

This level of consciousness, where you are aware of other dimensional realities, has become your “normal reality” – for many of you – and you are the leaders in this process. You are the “forerunners” for the rest of humanity, as all of you are “moving into the unknown,” so to speak. You are the ones who will experience this, and be able to describe this state of consciousness to others, who may not yet have had these experiences. And, when they hear this information, maybe the doors will be opened in their minds, as well!

So, this is your “job” now – this is what you are being called to do – because someone always has to be “first” in this type of thing. Someone has to volunteer to lead! So don’t be shy! When you have these experiences of “seeing beyond the veil,” or remembering your experiences in other lifetimes – TELL SOMEONE, for goodness sake! It will help others to hear this, and to know that they are not “weird” or “crazy” when they begin to have these new and unusual levels of consciousness and experience.

It is actually a very helpful occurrence for human beings – when this begins to happen – because you open up levels of your own abilities that perhaps you did not realize that you have. It’s like opening a door and discovering many other “rooms” in your “house of consciousness.” And there are many abilities that come with these advanced levels of consciousness. You will discover that you can do things which you could not previously do! You will know things that you never knew before. It’s very exciting!  And it’s a very enjoyable time for humanity.

Ascending to the Top of the Mountain!

Think of it in this way: It’s like walking up a trail on the mountainside, and finally you get to the top!  And what you see is not just more of the mountainside in front of you. When you get to the top, your view changes completely! You begin to see an endless and beautiful expanse of clouds and sky – a magnificent vista! You can see into infinity and perceive the enormity of what has opened up before your eyes! Distant views, distant horizons – it is limitless! It is beautiful! And it is YOURS to explore!

It is knowledge that is opening before you – to explore – to know.  And you can use it to expand your horizons, and to expand what you believe you can do and accomplish in your lifetime! All limits are being dissolved, and your consciousness is now free to expand into hitherto unknown realms of exploration and ecstasy.

This is exciting, isn’t it? Well, this is what is happening for all of you who are on this path – of expanding into multidimensional consciousness. It will be different from anything you have known before!  And this is happening for many people who are alive on the earth now. Your consciousness is expanding, your genetic codings are mutating, and your bodies are evolving!

Ascension’s Effect on the Four Lower Bodies

You are, without fully realizing it, becoming far less “dense” in your physical body than you were in third dimensional reality. As you move up the scale toward fifth dimensional reality, the atomic structure of your body is changing as your energetic frequencies rise.  You are becoming more “etheric” every day, and less dense, so that you can hold these finer and finer energies, of which you are now comprised.  And your chemistry reflects these changes in other ways as well, to allow you to hold more of the finer etheric elements and essences of physical matter.

All of these important changes in the physical “you” are reflected as the appropriate changes in the finer energies of your etheric, mental, and emotional bodies, as well. All four of what are referred to as your “lower bodies,” which are the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies, are becoming comprised of finer and finer energies which are capable of holding higher vibrational energy.  And you are transforming very quickly, indeed! You are on track to reach several important “major milestones” on your spiritual trek toward the huge expansion which will take place in 2038.

Images of Future Time

No one has yet fully realized what this means! The world you will see in 2038 will be NOTHING like the world you have now – which is struggling with some very fundamental questions about who you are and what you want to create with the abilities you have. You are in for a “mass awakening” in the coming years which will leave many people astounded and wondering what happened, why this happened, and, most importantly, HOW this happened!

In future time, the earth will change, as well, to reflect your new consciousness! There will be new climates in many places on earth – and places which were uninhabitable in years past will have temperate climates able to support life. Oceans will no longer be exactly where they are now. But these types of changes are “normal” for earth – at least, from our perspective, they are. We have seen many things like this occur over vast expanses of time, because we have been observing earth for a VERY long time – as you might have guessed.

Some of you will live to see the beginnings of many of these things. The rest of you will have to make “the return trip” (reincarnate) to continue your observation of all these exciting developments.  This process will continue into a future which would read like science fiction to the humans who now inhabit earth. It is an exciting future, indeed – and one which will expand into limitless probabilities – even as you do the same!

We tell you of the “future times” – but this is what you are even now “writing,” with every decision you make. Decide wisely, dear ones – for your future is in your hands!

We are the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, and you are beloved


Channel’s Note:

People often wonder what happens to all the negative, low-vibrational energy which is created due to the efforts of these manipulative beings which the Pleiadians often refer to as the “puppet masters.”  Why do they care about creating and perpetuating this type of energy on earth?  What are they getting out of all of this?

The simple answer is that there are off-planet intelligences which use this low-vibrational energy as their sustenance.  To them, it is “food,” and so they wish to continue with this process.  However, the good news coming from the Pleiadians is that this entire scenario is in the process of being thoroughly and permanently disrupted, as human beings evolve into higher-vibrational versions of ourselves – where we do not respond with fear to these negative creations and attempts at manipulation of consciousness.  In the future times which the Pleiadians describe to us, this process will have completely ended, and will no longer be able to affect the earth or any of her lifeforms.

In the meantime, the Pleiadians tell us to neither hate nor fear these misguided beings, but to recognize them as being created by the divine Creator of All Things.  They are a part of creation – just as we are – even though, to our eyes, they have lost their way.  The surest antidote to their efforts to instill fear is the energy of love!  Perhaps this is why we have often been counselled by the wisest among us to love our enemies!

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