Published in the “Predictions 2019” Issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence
Under the title, “Nurture the Heart’s Understanding”
In bookstores November 1 – December 31, 2018

Lady Portia and Count St. Germain

Star Hinman, Spiritual Messenger for
Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Copyright 2018

Channel’s Note:

The Energies of the 2018 Triple Eclipse Sequence Will Strongly Influence 2019
(The three eclipses of July 12th, July 27th, and August 11th, 2018)
The Rate of Change Is Speeding Up!

Lady Portia and Count St. Germain have told us that these spectacular energies of the Triple Eclipse Sequence have ushered in a new era of powerful changes for the earth and all her life!  These types of “energy events” will continue to occur, each one increasing in its intensity, over the span of the next twenty years, and transforming the earth into her new lightbody which will emerge in the year 2038.

The effects of these energies cannot be overstated, and it is important that we human beings recognize what is coming, so that we can develop strategies to stay in harmony with these energies as our bodies, and, indeed, all levels of ourselves, are being transformed!

This is an exciting time, and a productive time for humanity, but we do require knowledge and preparation in order to evolve into these “new versions of ourselves” harmoniously, and with grace and humor.  For this reason, Lady Portia and Count St. Germain have been kind enough to answer our questions on this topic at a recent event, the transcript of which is included below.

Live channeling at an event

It is very good to be with you once again, and we are enjoying your humor, because we do like to have a good time as well. We are often laughing and joking over here on “this side of the veil,” so it’s very good to see you doing the same, because there are so many who are very serious at this time on the earth, and many people are not having a good time right now. This is quite obvious to everyone on the earth and all of us. We realize that this is one of the main challenges before humanity! There are so many people who are taking a majority of what is happening now very, very seriously.

I can tell you that within the next approximately twenty-year period, if you think these changes which have been produced by your “triple eclipse sequence” have been exceptional and these energies have been unusual, then brace yourselves!  This is only the beginning of, I would say, roughly a twenty-year period (until 2038) of this upshift in energies of the earth in very dramatic fashion.  And I’m sorry to have to say this so abruptly, but humanity will just have to adapt to this, there is no other alternative!

Yes, you will all have to get used to this rate of change, because you see, this is only the beginning stage of this dramatic upshift in the intensity of these energies. This is occurring due to the fact that, as I’m sure all of you are aware, one thing does build on another, and this fact is especially obvious when we are quantifying energy and describing it in this way.  These upshifts are of a geometric nature, as your mathematicians would say. It is not an arithmetic progression, because you are dealing with crystalline energies (fifth dimensional energies) and the special properties which they bring.

It has moved into what is called a geometric progression, which means that the increase in intensity, to put this in very simple terms, can be very dramatic.  Due to the effects of this process, there will be many adaptations which will be necessary in 2019, and human beings will find it necessary to make many of these types of adaptations during this period of many years when you will be constantly experiencing things of the magnitude which you have experienced for the first time during this “triple eclipse anomaly” which has come upon the earth during July and August of 2018.

And so, I will tell you, you are in for a wild ride on earth here in the coming year, as well as the coming decades.  There will have to be intense shifts and adaptations made by the human beings that continue to live on earth and to progress with her as she evolves into what are, as you know, higher and higher levels of herself – even as you evolve into higher and higher levels of your being, your psyche, as well as your physical body.  You see, everything is changing! Every level of yourselves is updating constantly, and with every heartbeat you are significantly different from the “you” that existed even a few seconds before!

I feel that it is only fair and reasonable to give some warning about things such as this, because human beings, I have found, are much more adaptable and willing to change, willing to adapt, when they have some foreknowledge about the possibilities of what is coming. It does not matter how you look at this, just so long as you recognize that you are entering an extensive and all-inclusive period of change which will leave no part unchanged – that is a good way to put it!

Suggestions for Navigating the Changing Energies of 2019
“The Year of Opportunity”

First:  Avoid Taking Things Too Seriously

You have asked about how to navigate these times, and so, what I would tell you first of all is to continue to have a good time and not take things too seriously, and feel free to enjoy yourselves, because this is very much a part of spirituality, as many people have learned, and for some it is a rather long and strenuous lesson to ever come to this point of understanding that when people are very serious and believe they have to take things seriously in order to be spiritual, this is actually very counterproductive. I just want to say that I would put that in my list of things that could help one to successfully navigate the changes that are coming in your fast-approaching year of 2019.

Second:  Expect the Unexpected

And I will say that there will be quite a few challenges in this year, and some of the main ones will be things that you do not expect, because there will be unforeseen developments in many realms across your society, and that will be the main thing that will be upsetting many people, this lack of stability, and the feeling that you cannot rest one moment until the next unexpected occurrence happens.  Now whether this is in the weather or the political arena, or in earth changes, or these unforeseen, sometimes violent events that seem to continue to happen on your earth, this will be a busy year for all of this type of activity!  And you may as well know this now so that you can begin to prepare yourselves and to fortify yourselves, and to find these successful strategies, I would say, that are going to help you to keep your balance, personally, as each one of you navigates through this very interesting as well as challenging year of 2019.

You certainly will not be bored! This is going to be one of the most interesting years you have ever had as far as many new developments beneficial to humanity in such things as communications, and of course in the areas of manufacturing.  There will be unexpected things like this that will make many people’s lives easier, because some of these inventions that are going to be brought forward have been in a state of development for a very long time, and they will finally come to market, or be developed to the place where they are marketable in this year.

Third:  Sense the Energy and Flow with It

And you will have much entertainment if you have a sense of humor, and you may find many of these things to be as amusing as we do, because obviously we do not take things seriously, because we do find that to be counterproductive. You are learning this as well, that when human beings become very project-driven, or you are working very hard on your lists of what you must do, or working on accomplishing what you have written on your list of what you think should be done, then this does interfere with the natural flow that starts to happen when you simply “tune in” to the energies of the day and allow the day to unfold and “unfurl its energies and its opportunities before you.” And then you can take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you, you see? Then you are working with energy – you are not fighting against it or trying to “push” the energy.

When you learn to flow with it, I find that to be much more productive, and that is the way many of us over here have learned to operate. It is to sense which way the energies are going, how they are flowing, and then to simply bring ourselves into synchronization with the energies – rather than try to create from some mental idea that has popped into one’s head, and all of a sudden people think they should be creating a certain thing. Often, they work very hard trying to create on the basis of some idea that has simply popped into their head, here or there, it does not make any difference where it came from, but the point is that it did not come from spirit, it did not come from the higher realms.

You have to get “in sync” with the natural flow of energy in your world, because I will tell you quite directly that there is a flow of energy that runs through your planet, it runs through your bodies, and it is a spiritual energy as well as an earthly energy. When you learn to balance both of these energies, then you create this perfect balance between the energies that are coming from the spiritual realms and what is appearing from, shall we say, the more material realms of the earth.

Many of us on this side have studied this for a very long time before ever mastering some of these techniques. It has to do with recognizing the natural flows of energy that are happening in your earthly realms and attuning yourselves to these flows of energy instead of, through the ego, you see, trying to make one thing or another happen because of some mental idea that you have, such as, “This is what should happen at this particular time,” because some person has said this, or some great guru has said this, or some authority figure has given this information.

And so, it is all about bringing the ego into synchronization with this natural flow of the way energy operates on earth and recognizing how to bring oneself into harmony with what is actually happening on the earth, and what is going to happen regardless of whether one surrenders to the process or fights against it.  Unfortunately, that happens many times, as well, that people get a certain idea of what they think is spiritual progress, or what is material progress, and what should be done at a certain time, and you see there are all these ideas that would lead one astray! You see, this is what you have to watch out for as a human being, because there is so much thought energy being created “out there” in the world, and you are in the midst of this “soup” of this thought energy, and all of these “thought pictures” that people are constantly creating.

Fourth:  Align with Your Higher Spiritual Nature

You must learn how to center yourself and not take on so much of this outer mental energy, because it is very confusing to your higher spiritual nature when you do not give the proper alignment to the higher spiritual nature that is often trying to speak to you and get your attention in order to lead you forward in a certain beneficial direction.  But when people fight with this, and think that they “know better” than what is spiritually being presented to them, then things began to go awry.

What I am telling you now, and what I am outlining, is where many people are going to find themselves in the coming year, because lessons arise for people to study and to learn. This is not haphazard, instead this is an orderly progression of lessons that are presented to human beings. You will have an opportunity to learn many things in regard to what I just told you, if you will pay attention this year.

Fifth:  Be Flexible and Willing to Change Your Habits

In order to be successful in this process, you will have to change many of your familiar habits. You will have to be flexible and allow your energy to flow in different ways. You will have to become spontaneous and not try to “plan out” everything that is done to the most minute degree. People always have a propensity to do this to a certain extent, and that is one of the main things that some people may need to overcome.  It is this propensity to overthink things before you take action that often holds people back, because then the whole process becomes very stifled and artificial.  And so, there is a lot to be said for being spontaneous and “in the moment,” or, as people so often describe it, “going with the flow” of information that is being presented to you, such as opportunities that suddenly seem to “come out of nowhere.” And then, you see, hopefully you will have the sense to open the door and step through it into a new world of opportunities and unfamiliar energies!

Sixth:  Allow Yourself to Move into the Unknown

Now, sometimes this is a little unsettling to people. It may even be frightening. It may be difficult to allow yourselves to move into the unknown without analyzing everything before you take that step. However, many people that have delayed in this process of mental analysis have missed some very beautiful opportunities in their lives that were presented on the spur of the moment.  And this is another thing that is going to be happening this year, things are going to be developing very fast and happening very fast!  Sometimes you will feel as though you are in a veritable kaleidoscope of many energies which are swirling very fast and moving at an unbelievable pace, and it is going to be hard for many people to keep up with the pace of this! They will not be able to do it, because they will not release their grip on the handrail of what is familiar programing and patterning enough to have the necessary spontaneity to follow that still small voice of your intuitive nature – your foreknowledge of the events that may be happening all around you – and move into unknown realms of experience!

Seventh:  Seize the Opportunities and Act Quickly

And so, you see, you are going to have to be really “on your toes” quite a bit this year, because things will not wait for you to make up your mind about whether or not you want to seize the opportunity! Perhaps the doorway has opened, but it may be a momentary occurrence, so to speak. If you do not move forward instantly, you will miss the opportunity. Some of these will be very important opportunities for people, so it is a very sad thing to see people miss some of these opportunities that are coming to them, and I don’t want to see this happen!

That is why I am bringing this very important message to all of you – to allow yourselves to be spontaneous, in the moment. When something feels right, do it! And do it NOW! Because the pace of things will not allow you the time to think and mull it over as you have done in the past, you see. It is all about this unusually fast pace of the coming year, and many people will not be accustomed to this. They will be trying to operate at the pace that they are familiar with, where they had the luxury of mulling things over for weeks or months before they finally decided that they wanted to make a decision and to take action on a particular subject or opportunity.

Well, this will not be happening in the coming year! Those who wish to take inordinate amounts of time before they will commit to making a decision will miss many important opportunities. That is precisely why I have chosen to bring forward this very important message to you, in order to make you aware of the pace of the energies, and, more than anything else, the pace of the change of the energies – because it will be one way one day and the direct opposite the next day!

Eighth:  Be Flexible!  Trust and Follow Your Intuitive Guidance

And so, this brings us to our next point: you will need to be very flexible, my dears, in how you are operating within this “energy soup” where you will find yourselves, which will be composed of so many things happening so quickly!  Things will be changing so rapidly that you will need to have the ability to make up your mind very fast and be able to commit to a course of action wholeheartedly and very quickly, simply on the basis that it feels right to you. Do you see how important your intuitive feelings will be as a guidance system in this year, because this is what you can rely on, I would say. It is this ability to sense, to feel what feels right to you, what feels to be the right path, and then to wholeheartedly commit your reserves of energy and your resources to this pattern, to this path — whatever it is – simply on the basis of how it feels to you. Does it feel good? Does it harmonize with your energies? Do your energies harmonize with the energies that you are considering moving into?

Ninth:  Be Willing to Make Quick Responses

And much of this will be about your ability to sense energy and vibrations, because, in this process of moving very quickly, you are not going to have the usual amounts of time to mentally think about this and to consider many alternatives, and to mentally analyze all of these different opportunities, and then to come up with an answer. There will not be time for this! You will need to be able to trust! That all-important word, trust — to be able to trust your intuitive faculties enough to be willing to follow them in an instant, you see, because there will be some very important opportunities coming forward for many people that will require quick response.

Begin to Practice & Integrate This Information NOW!
For The “Year of Opportunity:  2019”

I am just preparing you to be able to operate in a new “energy soup,” I would say, because so much will have changed by the time you are in the energies of 2019!  You will not have time to figure it all out when this year starts! You will need to spend your time now preparing and thinking about how you will allow many things to change.  Many of the ways you have analyzed information will need to change. Previously, you have not allowed yourself to perhaps make a snap decision and move forward based on the way something feels.

You see, if you start to practice this information now, you will be prepared with this new modus operandi, I would say, in the new year. But if you wait until the new year to begin, this will be more challenging, because you will not have the necessary time to analyze all of this and decide how you are going to change your programs, to change your mind and your thinking, to change what you are willing to allow yourself to do in these new energies and these new opportunities!

And there will be many opportunities for many people – if not everyone, you see, because this, in many ways, will be “the year of opportunity,” as you have never seen before! It will be rich with untold opportunities for many, many people – because you are breaking free of so many of the restrictive patterns of the past, I would say! And this is happening for everyone – it is amazing what is happening! This is happening very fast. It is a tremendous change for many people, and yet, they do not fully recognize the opportunity and what is going on, many times.

And so, sometimes they resist the new and unfamiliar energies – because it is new – because it is perceived as threatening because it is unfamiliar.  And this is, unfortunately, the way many people in your population operate due to programming. It is simply programming that causes people to believe that they have to overthink something before they can make a decision – even if their gut is telling them to move forward NOW!

So, you see, many people are going to miss things because they are overthinking before acting, when everything within them is saying, “This is a good path for you, this is a beneficial path!  Move in this direction and things will be well.” But they do not move in that direction!  They begin to think about it, and as they are thinking about it, all of the energies shift and change.  And by the time they have made up their mind and made their decision, you might say that the doorway has closed, because the energies have shifted yet once again.

It will be that fast! It will operate in that way on your earth in the year 2019, because so many things are shifting and changing so quickly. You cannot expect anything to stay the same – to be as it was – to operate in the “same, old way” that it used to operate. And this is the mistake that many people will be making – trying to operate on the basis of old information, old programming, old experiences, old memories, you see. You must delete all of this and start afresh, because you are in crystalline energies!  You are in higher energy that does not operate the way many people are familiar with things operating.

Many people who do not adapt by changing their patterning, changing their habits, and changing their beliefs will be left behind in this “soup” of new energies that you are moving toward! Things will not be operating the same as they have done, because different energetic principles are coming into play in these new and higher frequency energies where you will be existing. And so, it is almost as though people will be saying, “Well, things used to operate this way, and so I can’t understand why what used to work for me no longer works!”

Many people will be very confused by this type of thing. They will be very angry, they will be very upset, they will be depressed, they will be beating their heads against the wall trying to understand what is happening!  And all the while, the people that have a higher spiritual understanding of these things, and are willing to change their patterns and programs, they will be the ones who will be able to make use very well of these new and higher energies.

It is as though everything will have changed while you weren’t looking! It is going to be that fast! And that is what makes it so difficult for many people on earth to really understand what is going on, because you have never seen anything change this fast before. This does not usually happen this way on earth. In the past, things have progressed at a certain rate, a certain pattern – and that is what people are used to, and that is what they expect. And some people are very resistant to changing their mental and behavioral patterns — and how they interact with energy, I would say. And that is a very good way to describe it, “the way they interact with changing frequencies of energy.”

This is going to be, in many ways, a physics problem for many people – because you would need to be a physics professor to really explain this in the way that some people would like to hear it explained.  But I am putting it in common parlance so that everyone can understand what I’m talking about. I am not going to put it in physics terminology, because then very few people would understand what I’m saying. And that is what we are wanting to do here: it is to describe these multidimensional energies in terms where the normal person, the “man on the street,” so to speak, the average person in your society, has the ability to follow along with what I am saying and to understand all of this.

And those of you who do have an understanding of this, you have a background of being able to understand spiritual concepts and spiritual energies, and observe the interplay between spiritual and human energies.  You will be one step ahead in this process, because you have a certain background of information which will make it possible for you to be one step ahead, I would say, in your ability to understand how multidimensional energies function, and the differences between third, fourth, and fifth dimensional energies — and how each one of these functions.

They are quite different, and that is the disparity that I am wanting to describe to you so that you can understand this process of moving to higher dimensions of energy. For many people, it is moving from third dimension to fourth, and then fifth, and each time you change dimensions, energy changes the way it operates. And so that is going to be very tricky for many people to comprehend, but that is the basic tenet of what I feel really explains the difficulties that many people will have in the process of understanding these principles and adapting to the changing energies.

If you think of it as moving from one dimension to another, I believe this really does help people to comprehend what is changing and how it is changing. And so, that is what I would recommend for many people – to think of it in this way – and I believe that perspective will make it much clearer and easier to understand, particularly for the beginning students who will have quite a bit of difficulty just jumping straight into this and becoming familiar with all of this information right away, because it is a process, as all of you have done.

You know that one thing builds on another, one concept builds on another. As you build your spiritual knowledge, then you are able to move to clearer and clearer understanding as you rise up through these levels of energy.  And then, you do have to revise your concepts and be willing to change and see things based on a different format of energy.

It is the people who do not realize how energies are changing, they are the ones that are going to have the greatest difficulty with this, because they will not have the basic foundation that is necessary in order to organize all of this information. But I believe that many people will be able to follow along with this description. They may not have the entire picture of what is happening, but they will have an intuitive understanding. And through what you might describe as “the understanding of the heart,” they will resonate to these energies, and so they will do very well with this, even if they do not have the “head level” or mental understanding of it. They could not describe to you exactly what is going on, but they will know how it feels to them, and what feels right for them to do as these energies are changing.

And so, I believe I have described to you basically the path forward into some very interesting times where, shortly, you are going to find yourselves in some very different energies and much higher levels of consciousness, because you might say this will be available to everyone.  However, not everyone is going to be able to access all of this.  But the ones who ARE able and willing to open to these higher levels are going to have some very interesting experiences!

They will be drawn forward to the higher levels, because when one is not afraid and is willing to “go with the flow,” you might say, and to explore higher energies, then these are the ones that are really going to be successful in this process.  This will happen because they will not be dragged backwards by old, programmed responses to change or dragged back by fear responses, or any of this. They will simply rise into these higher energies and experience where they are, when they are there.

And that is the best way to deal with all of this, it is by simply experiencing exactly where you are at any given moment in time, instead of mentally trying to manage your responses or experiences, and to, as you say, “go with the flow” of what feels right to you on an intuitive level. And for many people who are successful with this, it will be because they have learned to operate on a very intuitive level, and not to over-think things, you see. So that will be a very valuable gift to have as you are changing dimensional levels in your consciousness, and you are growing by leaps and bounds, and allowing your experiences to change – even as your responses and reactions to the normal circumstances of life are evolving and changing, as well.

And so, I believe that I have given you a very good roadmap as far as making some valuable suggestions as to the strategies and techniques where you may find success in dealing with the extraordinary process of change which you will experience in your year of 2019, for truly, it will be unlike anything that you have seen before. The pace of life will be so fast, you will not have time to think and over-analyze everything before making a decision or crafting a response — as many people have become familiar with doing, because that was their habit. Quite simply, that is what they have become accustomed to doing.  But now, it is necessary to change your strategies, as everything around you changes. And that is what I have found – what I have learned — in the process of my own evolution in consciousness. And so, that is the best perspective, I believe, that I can share with you at this time to “prepare you for what lies ahead,” so to speak, as you move into the energies and experiences of 2019.

Our best wishes to all of you, as you move into what are certainly going to be unknown and unexpected realms of consciousness.  We are Lady Portia and Count St. Germain speaking with you now, and it has been our great joy to share these moments in your time and in your reality with you, blessed ones.

Good evening and namaste

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